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social-media-salesSocial media has indelibly changed the business world. Today’s networking sites provide unprecedented hubs where businesses forge connections with consumers, clients, and potential customers. Yet because it arose so suddenly and transformed the landscape of advertising so thoroughly, many companies are still struggling to bring social marketing into focus.

Although sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have proven invaluable tools for businesses in countless industries, measuring the results of social marketing campaigns nonetheless remains a challenge. Unfortunately, this means it is difficult to identify and remedy ineffective strategies. So if you are still grasping for a firm foothold in the fast-changing world of social media, here’s what you may be missing:

Selling vs. Networking

There is a fundamental difference between traditional sales techniques and modern networking-based marketing. Hawking goods directly to consumers on social media is a quick way to ruin any social media marketing campaign. Instead, sales managers need to develop a strategy for increasing product visibility while simultaneously increasing consumer-driven product discovery. This means driving traffic to your sales pages by connecting with people who are already interested in what you are selling, but haven’t yet discovered your business.

To do so, your company needs to connect with targeted audiences of potential buyers and inspire participation by offering them something of value. And while the traditional method of offering value focuses on coupons and discounts, today quality information is the most valuable resource on the web.

What ‘Social’ Means for Sales Managers

social-media-sales-managerSales managers are tasked with understanding their company’s market, capturing consumer attention, and forecasting the future sales landscape. When used correctly, social media helps sales managers study the demographics of their target consumers, obtain direct feedback about their interests, and discover evolving market trends as they emerge. But this can only be accomplished when social media campaigns consciously offer information, entertainment, or provocative content that appeals to those most likely to be interested in what your company sells.

The key and strategy is to form connections on a relevant non-monetary level (somehow divorced from your products, though still relevant). When the relationship is established, the person who enjoyed your social content is then likely to follow your links and see your products or services in a positive light; this is how social media make conversion rates skyrocket.

Having these kinds of strategies in place helps a sales manager job become a success, socially benefiting the business development, commercial management and regional sales, which are all crucial elements to this kind of job and holds a lot of responsibility. If you plan the social media strategy well, taking into account any pitfalls you are well on your way to understanding how a business can socially change with change.

Versatile Resource

Social sites can be versatile resources. So sales managers today should attempt to both shape consumer interest with thought-provoking content and also find ways to learn about their audiences in the process. The former expands your audience, the latter helps you target more effectively. One broadens your market; the other makes your marketing efforts more effective.

A New Relationship

Most importantly, social media has forged a new relationship between buyers and sellers. Modern companies reveal themselves to consumers through many more avenues than ever before, meaning business ethos and personalities are more important than ever. To appeal to the targeted audiences that make businesses successful today, companies must become better at interacting with consumers on a personal level.

The online marketplace evolves at an exhausting rate. And while it is impossible to predict the future of the Internet, it is obvious that social media marketing is here to stay, and that the days of blanket advertising are behind us. As more and more of our lives become digitized, quantified, and tracked, it seems inevitable that marketing will only become increasingly targeted.

If sales managers want to keep their companies performing on the cutting edge, tapping into emerging markets, and capturing the latest trends as they take hold, they will need to find creative ways to bring their businesses closer to individual buyers.

JennyB2Author: Jenn Beswick has previously worked as a sales manager through finding a job through the Telegraph Jobs. Within her role she used social media marketing as a strategy to improve sales. Now a freelancer and writer, Jenn looks forward to hearing how social media marketing has worked for you?

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