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Where to look for help with Social Media MarketingIf you never found a social media marketing team to help you with your business, you probably don’t know where to start searching. Most people assume that a simple Google search is enough to find a service, but most of the sites that show up in the results pages are either low quality or scams. Finding a truly professional social media marketing service can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you find the right team for your business.

Ask Other Business Owners

If you have been in business for long, you have most likely networked with other professionals and have probably found that many resources lie in simply knowing the right people. In fact, if you haven’t networked with other professionals, you are probably missing great opportunities. There is a possibility that the people within your network can point you toward a social media marketing team.

Search Facebook Pages

Where to look for help with Social Media MarketingFacebook has its own search system, and due to Facebook’s massive user-base and increased usability for business purposes, many quality marketing teams operate through or have a Facebook page. While Facebook’s search algorithm is not as relevant as Google’s, if you search deep enough, you should be able to find a great team by sorting through the most professional team or business pages.

Check References

You wouldn’t trust someone you have never met before to babysit your newborn child, so why would you trust a company to represent your new business in the social media realm? Established social media marketing teams will have testimonials from previous clients. You can do some further research by finding a way to contact previous clients and ask them about their experience with the marketing team. Do not be surprised if you find a team with fake testimonials. Some people do not have enough integrity to stay completely honest. New teams will probably be tempted to post fake testimonials to give their site a more authoritative presence.

Manage Your Own Social Media Campaign

Where to look for help with Social Media MarketingYou may be wondering why you should manage your own campaign when you are clearly looking for a team to manage it for you. By managing your own campaign, you invite social media marketing teams to advertise their services. They will see you managing your business’ campaign, and in turn, explain the benefits of allowing them to do it for you. Of course, like the previous tip, don’t just trust the first service that advertises itself. Always do your research.

You may need to invest in an adwords campaign before you will attract social media marketing services. Adwords not only increases your visibility toward new customers, it increases your visibility toward competition and third-party services.

Google Search

Where to look for help with Social Media MarketingWhile it might sound too simple to go about finding Social Media Marketing help by just Google searching for a marketing team, it actually can be very effective. Any professional marketing team will understand the value of having a great online presence, meaning they will appear as one of the top results on your Google search. So as long as you use the correct search terms, which will vary based off your needs and location, you should be able to find a reputable company.


As an ending thought, it is also worth noting to refer to business magazines and websites. These sources often advertise various services and products that can help the average and professional business owner. However, one of the cons of this option is that most of these advertised products and services are expensive. If you are on a budget, you may want to use the other tips instead.


Katelyn writes for Flame Virus, a Bit9 product, which helps protect users websites from spamers.

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