Why Are The Celebs All A Twitter?

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Why Are The Celebs All A Twitter?Famous people realize that the powerful networking Twitter allows posting immediate status updates. With a 140 letter restriction, only brief, concise posting is accepted. The updates are followed by admirers and fans from all across the world. Because Twitter is real-time posting and updates, it is accepted as a go-to-source for up to minute information and happenings. Any topic that the public is talking about can be known at any given time. Famous people like the real-time updates because their schedules change from day to day, and Twitter allows their followers to know what they are doing.

Sales Promotions

Twitter allows famous people to have networking socialization with all their followers and make new contacts or add additional followers as their networking social site referrals grows. Most famous people also have their own website and Twitter allows them to build traffic to their sites with blogging and link postings. Some even use Twitter to post special sales promotions on their websites.

Promotional Advertising Solution

Everyday someone is coming up with a new idea for innovating Twitter for many uses. The Twitter ‘bug’ has definitely bitten and taken hold in the celebrity world. Famous people use Twitter as a promotional advertising solution to keep their name on the tip of tongues and using Twitter is so convenient. Before the internet and Twitter, most famous people had representatives that would promote them; and some still do. However, Twitter allows the famous person to promote themselves to the world without any additional expenses.

Retweeting To Influencers

A famous person’s followers can also forward tweets to their personal followers and information spreads like wildfire across the internet. When a famous celebrity has something incredible (or mundane) happen, the news can be tweeted and within the hour known all across the internet. Using Twitter, famous people can get feedback on their performances or recordings because the public view their tweets and make comments. Celebrities like being closer to the public as it is a way to gage their bankability and popularity; basically Twitter enables more personalized contact with their fans. Twitter allows a famous person to be ‘in touch’ with what their public or followers want.

Micro Blogging

The 140 character allows tweets to remain short, brief and to the point. The public can read several at a time because Twitter stops long messages or large files from being posted. Twitter is actually an informational, a news broadcast tool and if used to capacity can be a means to build reputations of famous people. Businesses have found Twitter’s marketing capability to be hugely successful. If you are a famous person, your name is your product, your celebrity is your brand and Twitter allows promotional opportunities better than any social network on the internet today.

A Ready Made Fan Club

The average person can get to know a famous person better by following them on Twitter, without ever meeting them in real life. For the entertainer Twitter allows them to tweet to thousands of followers and contacts. The financial benefit can be enormous because the more followers; the more the tweet is seen; the possibility of adding additional persons to their network. Anybody that is ‘anybody’ will have a twitter account because Twitter is a proven net-working social website. Name recognition is the cornerstone of celebrity and the currency of any brand. It is vital to famous people and Twitter builds their followers and contacts faster than any other social networking website; because of the ease of use and the speed of news and information.



While Twitter may not be providing the alcohol, they may soon be allowing alcohol marketers to jump on board the 140-character highway.

Due to age-verification rules, Twitter has always fallen behind Facebook when it came to being a means for alcohol marketers to, well, market. With Facebook, users must enter their age while signing up for an account, so alcohol marketers already know who they can and cannot market to.

Since there is not a great deal of information needed about a person in order to join Twitter, the social network doesn’t have the same type of advantage. Even to be absolutely sure, some alcohol-related Facebook pages would ask the user to verify their age before giving them access to the page. This seemed impossible on Twitter…until now.

Right now, a new tool is being tested that will allow alcohol marketers on Twitter to check ages. Twitter has recently partnered with BuddyMedia, a social media management company, who is creating a new tool to help bring age verification to Twitter. As of now, the tool is already created but is being tested on a few small groups in order to work out any kinks. The launch date of the tool depends heavily on the testing reviews.

How is the new tool going to work?

The concept is pretty simple. Any user who clicks on a brand because they want to follow it will be sent a direct message telling the user that their age needs to be verified first. In the direct message, users will find a link to a website that requests the user to enter their date of birth. The site even gives users 24 hours to fill it out (even though they don’t need that much time). And the best part is that once a user has verified their age for one alcohol-related brand, they don’t have to do it again in order to follow other alcohol brands.

Why is Twitter making the changes?

The FederalTradeCommission is realizing that digital is the place to market, and so they want to incorporate data from alcohol users in order to perform specific studies. Plus, many large names in the alcohol industry have stayed away from Twitter since they couldn’t verify the ages of their audience (and being caught marketing these products to underage individuals has a hefty price tag), so Twitter wants to get ahold of these companies in order to generate some more revenue.

Have alcohol brands marketed on Twitter in the past?

Some have. MillerCoors tried their own age-verification tool on Twitter and found success. They are even paying for promotional tweets and to be placed in the “Who to Follow” section of Twitter. HeinekenUSA ran three paid Twitter ads for Heineken and one for Dos Equis.

Since it is still new, though, many companies and brands are still figuring it all out. But once the new age verification process is rolled out, it may bring a whole new onslaught of users.


Patty Rogers is a writer and SEO consultant.  She likes to write in a clear, concise manner and gives tips to other social media & SEO consultants. href=”http://www.seobrighton.com”>SEO Brighton offer social media solutions for your business. In todays celebrity obsessed culture, twitter is vital to remaining famous as it is a ready-made fan club of followers where they can broadcast their products or services and increase their profitability.

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