Why Businesses Need to Be “More Human” in Social Media

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  • Why Businesses Need to Be “More Human” in Social MediaHow to create content for social media that genuinely appeals to users through empowerment and personal/emotional marketing
  • How to prioritize social media messages
  • Transforming your business into a truly social organization

Before posting another Facebook, Twitter or Google+ status update, here’s one tip for you – get over yourself. On social networks, people couldn’t care less about your vision, mission and values and the technical intricacies of your products and services. They are jaded from being bombarded with hard-sell marketing messages 24/7, 365 days per and social media provide respite from all these. Definitely, they will tune you out if you’re messaging is all “We’re the Best, Buy From Us!”

Humanize Your Communications

Imagine one of your customer’s Facebook profile page. There’s her mother’s status update about being excited for retirement. There’s one from her best friend who’s all giddy because she lost 10 pounds in one week through yoga. An update from her son in college ranting about pulling an all-nighter to finish a paper.

Then there’s you, blabbering about why she definitely need to rush to your nearest store and get your latest product. See the disconnect?

No one’s blaming you though. It’s a natural instinct for businesses to be, well, all business. It’s not easy to transition from talking about margins and profits to feelings and emotions. However, if you really want to harness the power of social media marketing, it’s time to lose the business suit and put on something more casual.

Personal Marketing is Powerful Marketing

Why Businesses Need to Be “More Human” in Social MediaTake a look around you. Aside from offering great products, a common denominator across all of the most successful brand and companies in history were able to build personal relationships with their customers through marketing.

Social media provides you with an opportunity that previous marketers didn’t have – an extremely accessible platform used by millions of people around the world to connect you with your audience at a personal level. Here’s a caveat though. When we speak of personal marketing, we’re not talking about being intrusive. It’s about getting into your customers’ psyche – their fears, interests, motivations, inspirations and passions – and driving real and meaningful conversations constantly. In these conversations, keep the tone warm but professional. Keep in mind that you’re still a business so keep the dialogue it straightforward and appropriate while being relatable.

Empower Your Audience through Social Media

Empowerment is a strong word, but it should actually be the ultimate goal of your social media marketing efforts. When Mark Zuckerberg and his team were still conceptualizing Facebook, it was meant for Harvard students to know who are taking which classes, who are those in a relationship and those who are single, etc. Ultimately, Facebook empowered the world to have real connections online.

In the same way, one of your social media marketing objectives should be the empowerment of your followers. Rally behind their passion by creating a venue for them to speak their minds on a topic that they are passionate about.

Your Social Media Headlines Should Be Bigger than Your Brand

Why Businesses Need to Be “More Human” in Social MediaEven hardcore product messages should be built on a bigger story. In short, news about a new offering from your company may not be compelling enough. However, if you angle it towards the bigger issue or the bigger picture, then it becomes interesting.For example, no one really cared about diet sodas until the fad that “thin is in” came about. Again, the bigger story is almost always more interesting, more relevant and more persuasive and more thought provoking than your actual product.

Prioritizing Your Social Media Messages

Since social media is a “free for all” space, how do you then tier your messages for your audience segments? Do you prioritize acquiring new followers who you ultimately want to turn into actual customers or do you prioritize those who already know and have experienced with brand?

The ideal situation is to have a balance of both, but if you have to choose, prioritize engaging your audience who are already invested in your brand. Treat social media marketing more of a customer loyalty and retention mechanism rather than as a customer acquisition tool. The best scenario is for your current social following to spread positive word-of-mouth about your brand and customer acquisition will naturally figure in. But as mentioned, you need to have a good balance of both.

Transforming Your Business to a Truly Social Brand

Why Businesses Need to Be “More Human” in Social MediaMost of the time, brands would say they’re social simply because they have profile across all the top tier social networks. They have a team handling their social media campaigns and that’s it.

However, what it means to be truly social is a strong integration of social principles across the overall corporate architecture – from C-level executives, human resources, operations, sales and even legal. For a brand to be truly social and for it to be really human in social platforms, the entire organization, not just the marketing department should embrace the necessity for a strong social media presence.

At the end of the day, the goal of being present in social media is not about putting the spotlight on your business, but giving your marketing messages a human touch and empowering a community of individuals who share the same passion with your organization.


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