Why You Need Fast Hosting

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Why You Need Fast HostingEver visited a website and bounced due to slow-loading pages? Most visitors expect a fast response time, and slow web servers are indicative of low professional standards. Businesses can greatly improve trust with both customers and search engines with fast cloud hosting. It might seem like a tedious part of business growth, but slow web servers can greatly affect a business’s bottom line. While there are several reasons for a fast website, some issues can be eliminated and the business revenue improved using fast cloud hosting.

Scalability for Growth

Even if the website speed is fine today, an influx of traffic can greatly reduce website speed as the business grows. Most companies set a goal for business growth whether from CPC ads, promotions, affiliate sales or search engine visibility. The marketing department must rely on the speed of the web servers while pushing for a faster business growth rate. Additionally, when the web servers fail, the expense of CPC ads can kill a marketing budget if the landing page is too slow to handle the influx of visitors.

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Search Engines and Website Speed

Why You Need Fast HostingIn 2010, Google announced that website speed and response time would be a small part of the quality signals sent to the algorithm. It makes sense, because visitors don’t want a slow, unresponsive website in the search engine results pages. Although it is a small factor in page quality, it’s imperative that the website responds to bot crawls. As the site becomes more popular, Google crawls more frequently. Google will even increase website crawling when the website code and content changes or when a business moves the website to a new host. With proper redirects and a fast cloud host, a website owner can avoid any issues from slow page response times.

User Experience

Website owners make a huge mistake when focusing solely on search engines. User experience actually ties into search engine rank, because search engines want to send traffic to a high-quality site. Engaging users plays into a metric called “conversion rate,” the ratio of paying customers to the total amount of traffic sent to a website. “Conversion rate” relies heavily on user experience, because it calculates salesmanship. User experience includes a fast response time when users browse the website. Fast cloud hosting improves this experience, and it can handle large amounts of transactions on the frontend as well as the backend database procedures.

Media Support for Newer Technology

Why You Need Fast HostingThe Internet caters to the latest trends in coding and technology, and part of this trend is high-quality images and media delivered to the browser. Technology changes at a higher rate than the ever-changing clothing fashion, so web hosts must always cater to the latest technology. High-quality images and media increase storage requirements and larger media files require faster server and network speeds. With a host with fast cloud storage, this isn’t a problem, so growing businesses can continue to implement the latest technology without slowing down the website.

Growing businesses shouldn’t have to worry about website speed, so having a fast web host means the business can focus on what is important – customer service and marketing promotions. With a fast cloud host, the business can sit back and rely on the website without knowing the intricate nature of the cloud.



Author Bio: This post is written by Rackspace blogger Jennifer Marsh. Rackspace Hosting is the service leader in cloud computing, and a founder of OpenStack, an open source cloud operating system. The San Antonio-based company provides Fanatical Support to its customers and partners, across a portfolio of IT services, including Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing.

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