Will There Be Timeline for Facebook Pages?

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UPDATE: Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages is now live! Read: A View of Facebook Timeline Brand Pages and How to Enable it Right Now

Facebook released its Timeline beta, an update to personal profile pages. Timeline is a great concept and a noticeable improvement over existing user interface. The new design enables you to better express who you are.

But what about brands and Facebook pages. In essence they are also profile pages and the Timeline logic should work there, too. The slogan should read “tell your brand story with new kind of profile”.


Fill this wide, open space with a unique image that best represents your brand. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your page.


Share and highlight your most important posts, photos and events on your brand’s timeline. This is where you can tell your story from beginning, to middle, to now.


Create and display apps that people can interact with and include in their timelines. Now there’s a new class of social apps that let your fans express who they are through interaction with your brand.

Integrating events, locations, check-in into a seamless flow of marketing communication could make your brand a lot more dynamic and engaging.

Please comment, do you think Facebook will change pages to Timeline-like format? What could be the down side?

Here’s how to activate Timeline on your profile.

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