Winning Formula For Content Marketing

Winning Formula For Content MarketingContent marketing is gaining significance with every passing day, as companies are trying to develop the content that is profitable not just in the monetary terms, but also to get good ranks at major search engines. Fresh and unique content helps a website in keeping the visitors engaged and hence leading towards some desired response.

Content marketing isn’t a pull marketing process, but a push marketing process. The main objective of content marketing should be to attract the targeted audience and to retain them. However, the targeted audience should be well defined in advance so that the marketing strategies could be opted for accordingly.

In the lines below, there is given a proven formula for optimized content marketing. It includes certain steps and help building a content marketing strategy from scratch. Don’t just read, but get ready to follow!

What Segments To Target?

Winning Formula For Content MarketingWhat segments to target is the first thing to identify. It’s not just about the existing customers, but also the potential ones. Look at what they are doing; what do they want, what are their characteristics. These questions would help in moving the right direction to identify the right segments.

What Objectives To Determine?

The objectives that are important for the brand should be determined. Objectives should be SMART, not the illusions. Make it sure that the objectives shouldn’t be appealing for the marketing manager, but the targeted audiences as well as the search engines, that’s what experts of SEO services think.

What’s The Topic And Message?

After defining the objectives, the next step is to identify the main topic as well as the message to be conveyed through content marketing. The main purpose of topic and message should be to attract the targeted audience as well as to provide them with a solution. There should be a message to educate the audience for stronger relationships with them. It also helps in promoting the brand whether it’s of the products or the services. The content should carry the reflection of buyer’s persona, their characteristics, as well as the buying cycle stage they are in.

What Keywords To Target?

Winning Formula For Content MarketingAlthough, keyword research isn’t that much, it’s painful. Competitive analysis, research of the SEO keywords, and testing key phrases to attract the targeted audiences. It’s also important to know how different keywords are associated with the needs of the targeted audiences.

What Content Management Forms To Be Used?

Expert online marketers know what marketing forms are to be used for supporting the budding content. The content types to be marketed include articles, content creation, images, emails, blog posts, surveys, press releases, seminars, and the socially shared content.

How To Create The Content?

Now, the time is to tie up the content created and the message identified. The final content should be a masterpiece to attract the targeted customers by presenting what they actually need. The content should tell the audience what the organization is all about, should educate people, and create awareness. It should help in customer acquisition. Sloppy content should be avoided at all because it could repel the site visitors.

How To Promote The Content?

Winning Formula For Content MarketingAfter creating content, it’s time to promote that. You can go for social media marketing or influencer marketing. Influencer marketing help brand to connect with other social media influencers through brand friendly content shared at the platforms. It helps in sharing the content among millions of global consumers.

Several social platforms are available over World Wide Web to make the content accessible for the targeted audiences. It depends on which platform is preferred by the targeted audience, so that should be opted for.

The Process Needs To Be Repeated

The content optimization process should be checked at each step of the content marketing process. After you measure the results and define the issues, the process should be repeated. Start again from the topic and message identification step.

The above-mentioned formula is perfect for the expectations of online marketers about effective content marketing strategies, as recommended by SEO Glasgow experts. The main needs should be considered while formulating any strategies. To improve the organic visibility of the websites, SEO and content marketing tactics should be combined. Both the process and the individual steps should be focused for effective content marketing campaigns.

What’s your opinion about the formula given above? Is it effective for successful content marketing campaigns? What’s your input into this process?



Author Bio: Emma Jones, writer of this post, is working with SEO firm offering result driven services for SEO Glasgow and SEO Edinburgh clients. She is keen to know whatever new happens in the internet marketing field and always tries to provide the users with the latest and useful information.

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2 Responses

  1. Shawn says:

    This is a great overview of good content marketing! I would like to add that with great content, an appealing article title is important. Having an enticing meta description is key as well because that is the first thing that many of your customers are going to see as it shows up in organic search results. If you have great content and a good way to bring them in, you can do a fair amount of letting Google bring in your customers… This is of course if you do not pick keywords that are to high in competition and search volume.
    Thanks for the article!

  2. Rick Noel says:

    Excellent points Emma. The only thing that I would add is to shoot for the content gap or at least where competition makes ranking realistic, In other words, with the mass proliferation of good to high quality content now available online, it is now more important than ever, when researching topics to write on, to find a topic or an angle that fills a current void in the current online body of knowledge, otherwise, to get ranked, you will have to be the better than the existing content on the same topic. So when performing keyword research, factor in the competition for those keywords and the quality of existing content on page 1 of the SERPs for those keywords. Thanks for sharing.

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