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Advertise On Facebook With Confidence: Facebook Marketing Basics

If the thought of advertising on Facebook seems intimidating, you are not alone. With 800 million active users, this social media network represents a huge marketing opportunity to reach people and generate a profit. It is also unlike any other online advertising medium, and its uniqueness can be as daunting as it is exciting. Knowledge is power, however, and understanding some basic principles will help you see past the fear and recognize the possibilities of Facebook marketing.

We tend to think of advertising online in terms of search engines. Someone is looking for a product or service and during their query they encounter your company either in the organic search results or through a PPC ad. They click, land on your website, and hopefully complete the transaction with a sale or other conversion action. When you advertise on Facebook, however, users are not looking for your product or services and have no desire to be transported away from the Facebook experience. Instead, they are primarily on the site to interact with family and friends. Any events, services, or products they encounter while doing so must capture their interest and engage them in a meaningful way without disrupting their user experience. Fortunately, Facebook provides some excellent tools to help you tackle this challenge.

Facebook’s greatest asset as an advertising platform is that it allows you to run highly targeted ads that are more likely to resonate with the people who see them. By drawing upon the wealth of information contained within users’ profiles and their actions on the site, Facebook can help you target very specific demographics based on typical factors, such as age and location, and less commonly available information like interests and connections. Armed with the capability to tailor your ads to a very specific and unique group of people, you increase the chances of running compelling ads that are actually relevant to whomever sees them.

Once you have developed your ad, you need to decide what happens when someone clicks on it. This is perhaps the biggest obstacle of Facebook ads since users are there for an entirely different reason, one that does not necessarily involve leaving the site. You have a few options:

  • Users are redirected to your own website. While this may seem like the most logical step, this option tends to have a high bounce rate because it interferes with a user’s Facebook experience.
  • Users are sent to your Facebook fan page. Aggregating fans is great, but becoming a fan does not necessarily translate into a sale or other conversion factor. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what your new fans find when they actually reach your page.
  • Users are presented with an interim step, like making a purchase or filling out an application within the confines of Facebook. This has been fairly successful because users commit to an action before being redirected to your secure website to finish checking out or submitting an application.

Regardless of which option you choose, you should continually monitor your ads and make the most out of Facebook’s flexibility. Testing each strategy and seeing which yields the best results is a smart and comprehensive approach that will only help you better understand Facebook and consumers. In fact, trying new things is essential to any successful ad campaign.

One of the most critical mistakes people make when it comes to SEO or PPC, is “to set it and forget it.” The same can be said of Facebook, but to a much greater extent. Since you are hyper targeting your ads to reach niche demographics that will likely see them every day, often multiple times a day, even the most compelling ads will quickly lose their momentum. You should not only incorporate variety from the very outset, but also revise and refresh your ads on a regular basis. If you developed a killer visual once, you can and must do so again . . . and again . . . and again. The same goes for text. You want to offer dynamic, relevant, and unique copy on a regular basis.

The most important thing to remember when you advertise on Facebook is that there is no secret formula. Like with any advertising campaign, it will involve a great deal of trial and error. Unlike other ad platforms, however, it offers an abundance of information that greatly increases your chances of success. It is also a highly flexible online advertising medium that you can easily adjust to better connect with consumers. Do not be cowed by the enormity of Facebook and how it is revolutionizing advertising. Instead, embrace what distinguishes it from the rest. Start small but with bold intentions and soon you will be making the most of what Facebook has to offer.

If The Thought Of Advertising On Facebook Seems Intimidating, You Are Not Alone. Armed With These Basics, However, You Can Advertise On Facebook With Confidence.

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