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During the last few years, we have written some really useful posts. The best posts retain value even after time passes. However, as we publish new content, these posts get buried. Now we decided to create a resource page that gives you a shortcut that material:

UPDATED June 25, 2018

Content Creation, Blogging, and Growth

These posts give you ideas how to create better content and distribute your message. Content is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. This means that the first and most important thing you have to learn is creating epic content!

  1. daily writing habitHow to Create a Daily Writing Habit for Life
    The most important skill for a content marketing professional is the daily writing habit. Find out how you can become a daily writer and take our 30-day writing challenge to get you started.
  2. Content Writing Tools to Take You from Good to Great
    Use all the tools that help you become a better content creator. Eliminate mistakes and typos. Make sure that your content is easy to read and use tools to keep you on track. Here are the most important content writing tools.
  3. How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client
    Is it possible that sometimes you run out of ideas? If so, make sure you take a look at this article to get your creative juices running again and start using a process that will keep the ideas flowing.
  4. 22 Blogging Tips That Will Get You More Visitors
    Process and checklists get you consistent results in blogging. I have compiled a list of tasks that you need to consider to deliver great content every time. Using these tips will make you a better writer.
  5. 22 Steps to Write a Blog Post
    Checklists make perfect! There are a lot of steps in the process of getting your post from your head to the readers. Keep your head for important stuff. Take the checklist and tick off boxes as you publish your content. It will make your life easier.
  6. blogging frequency trafficHow to Get Your Blog to 30, 000+ Visits per Month
    Here’s a look at the early days of Dreamgrow blog. How we got to the first 30k readers. This was the early days, since then we have grown 10 times. Read how consistency will get you results you desire.
  7. 17 Easy Tricks How to Write Catchy Titles and Headlines
    Headlines are the most important part of your content. People will share a great headline even without reading an article or watching a video. Make sure your headlines are really good and use the formulas in this post.
  8. 5 Essential Social Media Writing Guides You Must Apply
    Writing content can be hard! We are here to help you with pointers that will make it easier. Incorporating the tried and true tactics into your writing process will make you a better writer every time.
  9. How to Write Long-Lasting Blog Posts
    Content is not news! You need to create articles and videos that last for years. If you don’t then you are wasting your time. Find out how to create content that will work for you for years to come.
  10. Why Businesses Need to Blog?
    Hopefully, most businesses are getting the idea that content will help them grow. But if someone needs convincing, then you can get arguments from this blog post.
  11. content atomization social media bombContent Atomization: How to Build a Social Media Bomb [Infographic]
    Make sure that you get the most mileage out of every piece of content you create. Atomize your content into different formats and promote them separately to get the maximum results with minimum effort.
  12. The Content Grid: Content Marketing in a Blink [Infographic]
    What content to use in which step of the sales cycle. Here are the infographics that help you match different types of content to different steps in the buying process of your customers.
  13. Content Marketing Is Dead: 2017 Is All About Storytelling
    There’s so much content! Is it possible that you should drop everything and start advertising in newspapers? Not really! Here’s how you can change your approach to content, be relevant to your audience, and get results even in the saturated content universe.

Social Media Examples

What other have done that you can learn from. Facebook pages and campaigns, and YouTube channels. Learn from others improve and get the results you deserve.

  1. 26 Great Facebook Landing Page Examples
    facebook cheat sheet coverGet inspiration from the best. Find out what apps and tool can you use on your Facebook brand page.
  2. 22 Inspiring Examples of Facebook Page Designs
    What to put on the cover of your Facebook page? Don’t be static. Change the cover image frequently using the ideas you can get from the best examples.
  3. 11 Awesome & Inspiring Facebook Campaigns
    Take a look at the campaigns that have moved people and inspired engagement. Be remarkable with your Facebook promotions. Get inspiration from these examples.
  4. 14 Must See Interactive Youtube Ads
    Youtube is much more than just the place to store your videos. With enough creativity, you can get results that amaze and engage your audience.
  5. Facebook Cheat Sheet: Sizes and Dimensions
    Are you tired of your designer asking for Facebook cover dimensions every time you make a new cover? Here’s the answer. Send them this post, and they have the latest Facebook dimensions every time.

Social Media Monitoring and Analyzing Tools

There are a lot of tools available for monitoring social media and analyzing results. Start with the free tools and see if something is missing, then you can decide what paid options would you need.

  1. free social media monitoring tools55 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools
    There are a ton of tools. We have selected and tested some of them. This list is the result. All tools have some free functionality. Dig in and find out what works for you.
  2. Top Instagram Tools Every Marketer Should Use
    Get the tools that help you better understand your audience, monitor your post engagement and analyze your results. Here’s a list of Instagram tools that do some of your work for you.
  3. Free Facebook Landing Page Creation Tools
    Adding apps to your Facebook page can be a source of engagement for your audience. You don’t have to hack your way through this process. Here are the tools that help you create interactivity on your page.
  4. Best Plugins to Increase Social Media Traffic to Your Site
    Viral hits are mostly not the results of your activity on social networks. Virals start with other people sharing your stuff. Make it easy for them. Here are the sharing tools for your website.

Social Media Research, Trends, and Statistics

Where is social media and content marketing going? What should be measured? What works? Here are some post that give you ideas. Make sure you measure the right things. Set up your Google Analytics to measure your social media and content marketing effectiveness.

  1. Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits
  2. Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps
  3. Measuring Your Social Media Success with Google Analytics
  4. HOW-TO: Tag Social Media Links for Google Analytics
  5. 48 Social Media KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  6. 15 Must-Know Facts on How People View Websites

Social Media Marketing Books, Reports, and eBooks

Lists of books and reports, B2C and B2B social media marketing. Take a look at some of these and you will get new ideas and tactics you can implement in your marketing. Links point to the location where you can download PDFs, register, or buy.

  1. Free Social Media and Marketing eBooks and Reports
  2. Free Social Media Marketing Courses to Boost Your Skills
  3. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Kindle eBooks
  4. Best Selling Social Media Marketing Books You Need to Read

Other Social Media Resources

Everything from Facebook advertising to planning your social media resources. Take a look at these posts and fine-tune your activities.

  1. 11 Reasons Why Your Email List Beats Social Media
  2. How to Use Social Media to Build Your Email List
  3. Free Images for Blogs and Marketing (39 sites)
  4. Top Reasons You Don’t Get the Results on Facebook
  5. LinkedIn Engagement: How to Engage Your Professional Audience
  6. How to Create a Kickass Facebook Campaign
  7. How to Create Your Social Media Strategy?
  8. Planning Social Media Resources
  9. Social Media ROI Backwards (for B2B)
  10. How To Measure Social Media ROI
  11. 5 Ways How to Measure Your Social Media ROI
  12. Social Media Manager Responsibilities
  13. Content Marketing Manager Responsibilities
  14. Top 19 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid
  15. 20 Tips to Grow Your Mailing List

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