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5 Practical Tips for Better Facebook Marketing

Nearly half a decade ago, many online marketers were focused on search engine optimization, paid affiliates, and link partnerships. However, with the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the dynamic has changed. Social media, after all, has an enormous amount of active users, with roughly 900 million using Facebook alone.

Naturally, given how large and accessible this pool of consumers is, marketers and advertisers want to direct their efforts at toward social networking sites as opposed to search engines and content driven pages.

This is true whether you are a large multinational conglomerate or just a small business looking to attract more customers. The following are 5 tips to help you develop and deliver a concrete Facebook strategy for your business:

1. Basic Apps

Often times business will shy away from purchasing apps because they fear the escalating costs. Nevertheless, there are some basic apps that can be incorporated into your business plan that are relatively cost effective. For example, services like Pagemodo and North Social offer a range of apps with some even available for fee. Many of these apps will help organize your page and also route consumers to your main website or a contact form so that they don’t clutter up your Facebook wall. These apps will also help provide additional information regarding your brand and present an engaging way for visitors to interact with your business page.

2. Leverage Social Plugins

A great way to enhance the user experience is to utilize Facebook social plugins. These plugins allow you to link Facebook tools to your website, such as like buttons, comments, and recommendations. Integrating a Facebook plugin also has the advantage of convenience. Rather than having to sign up through your website’s internal database, they can simply use their existing Facebook profile to login and comment on your web page.

3. Timing and Content

Posting things on Facebook is not enough. No one wants to visit a page that is uninteresting or has nothing to offer in terms of reward. To maximize the amount of publicity you garner, you must consider the type of content you are posting on your page. Look for trending topics and news and employ those themes in your post. Second, you must also try your best to time your posts during hours where there is heavy internet traffic. Users typically are known to check their Facebook page before they leave for the office, on lunch breaks, or when they return home.

4. Relevant Content

Content must not only be rewarding, but relevant to your business. A large discount can be especially deflating if it turns out it only applies to residents of a certain area. From an advertising and customer service standpoint, this can be a nightmare. Be sure to provide content that is localized, especially when limited by geography or other restrictions.

5. Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a program that helps you statistical analyze metrics that are specific to the social media giant. They are based on standard web analysis tools, allowing you to study the amount of traffic, the demographics, where they were referred from, and which content is the most popular. This data is invaluable for determining where your marketing strategy has been effective, and by comparing it to revenue statistics, whether it has translated into actual sales.


Steve Edwards writes on behalf of www. PublicLiabilityInsurance .org an online resource providing public liability insurance for the self employed.

Image Credit: 10chSean MacEntee

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