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The Affiliate Lab Review (Life-Changing Advice From a Real Student)

Home / Learning / The Affiliate Lab Review (Life-Changing Advice From a Real Student)

The Affiliate Lab Review (Life-Changing Advice From a Real Student)

Home / Learning / The Affiliate Lab Review (Life-Changing Advice From a Real Student)
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Founded in 2017, the Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity is a step-by-step blueprint for growing an online income via successful affiliate sites.

It teaches you how to find a profitable niche and grow a site using bulletproof search engine optimization tactics.

What makes The Lab so unique is that it’s based on evergreen business tactics plus SEO strategies proven to work from real tests on real businesses – hence the name of the lab.

The private mastermind group has nearly 4,000 successful students, many of whom meet regularly around the world.

The Affiliate Lab Review Summary

The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity is a step-by-step blueprint for growing an online income via successful affiliate sites. It teaches you how to find a profitable niche and grow a site using bulletproof search engine optimization tactics.


Pros of The Affiliate Lab

  • Based on proven data, you can grow with confidence and peace of mind
  • Beginner-friendly, so anyone can follow along and grow a site brick-by-brick
  • Thriving mastermind group full of helpful advice, motivation, and networking
  • Constantly updated so you stay on top of the latest SEO techniques for free
  • Airtight reputation – nothing but praise in the students’ group

Cons of The Affiliate Lab

  • Production value is not as good as competitors
  • Some students may find the scope overwhelming
  • Recommended tools require subscription costs (true of most courses, however)

Quick Verdict

Buying The Affiliate Lab was the best business decision I’ve ever made. The blueprint, tactics, and community helped me build this very site you’re reading now.

But the best part? It gave me my freedom back and connected me to the people I now consider some of my best friends – Matt and Jay included.

Instead of figuring it all out on my own, The Lab gave me a simple roadmap, clear plug-and-play instructions, and an awesome community of like-minded entrepreneurs to network and hang out with during my free time.

It may not be for everyone – it’s a HUGE course, it’s not cheap, and it’s a long-term play.

But if you’re ready to build an online business and change your life forever, The Affiliate Lab is the best investment you could make. I’m the living proof of that.

The Affiliate Lab Review example one

Hey, you. Yeah, you.

Welcome to my review of The Affiliate Lab.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first:

  1. Yes, that’s me in the back – to the right in the green Hawaiian shirt. Don’t ask. I was having a bad day.
  2. Yes, that Scottish guy kneeling in the front row is rocking the most badass kilt ever worn in Thailand.

OK, now on to less important things about affiliate sites and making money online.

Joining The Affiliate Lab community was a life-changing moment. No, Matt is not sitting next to me holding a gun to my head and forcing me to type that. I’m 100% serious (send help, please).

Every person you see in that picture up top bought The Affiliate Lab and lives in Chiang Mai more or less because of Matt. The Affiliate Lab community is like a tiny SEO family (awww).

The Affiliate Lab community example one

We still have weekly meetups to this day in 2024. Hell, there's one I'm going to today.

Some of us even get out of bed and go outside once in a while:

The Affiliate Lab community example two

I guess Matt was too (lazy) busy that day to join us…

I don’t want to sit here and bore you with random SEO BS. Literally every other article just tells you the same boring facts about the lab. You can find that anywhere.

I’d rather just show you how f****** awesome it is to be part of The Affiliate Lab family.

How many course instructors hang out with their students…at their own houses?

The Affiliate Lab community example three

That’s Kyle Roof, one of the most famous SEOs out there in 2024. Then Matt Diggity, the Founder of The Affiliate Lab, and myself – all hanging out at Matt’s house for Christmas.

If you’re anything like I was, you’re looking for more than just an SEO course – you’re looking for freedom.

That’s really what The Affiliate Lab is all about: achieving the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, and making life-changing money while doing it.

It sounds cheesy, but I feel blessed to live the life I have now.

I wake up in paradise, jump in my pool, go co-work with some of my best friends, go to my $3/day gym, and eat amazing Thai food all day. Sometimes I even jump on a 1-hour flight to an island for some R&R:

The Affiliate Lab success example one

I would 100% NOT be here if it weren’t for the lab.

I think all of us in The Affiliate Lab have a similar story. Matt was an engineer in Silicon Valley who HATED his job.

Me? I ran a marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh City. Hated it. I’m just not the 9-to-5 office type. I need freedom.

I got into SEO back when it was easy. I flipped my first sites for 6 figures when I was around 17 years old. I had to hide money from my parents so they didn’t think I was a drug dealer.

But then SEO got hard. You couldn’t just rank a site in your sleep anymore.

So I did what every level-headed teenager would do: panic, move to Ho Chi Minh City, and open a marketing agency with some friends near the world’s smelliest fish market, Vinh Kanh.

I did what I’d always promised to never do: trade my freedom for a stable income.

It was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made.

The whole time I was grinding away in that office, I wanted nothing more than to get back to the way I used to live.

But a lot was standing in my way:

  • Affiliate SEO was WAY harder than it used to be
  • There was a ton of disinformation from fake gurus, so I wasn’t sure who to trust
  • I didn’t want to give up the safety of a steady income (even though it was a grind)

Thankfully, I still had a lot of friends in Chiang Mai who convinced me to buy the course and give it a shot. If not for them, who knows where I’d be now?

I closed the agency down, packed my things, bought The Affiliate Lab, and moved to Chiang Mai. It was time to be free again…

…it still is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made:

The Affiliate Lab success example two

Here’s how The Affiliate Lab took my SEO game to the next level and earned me my freedom…

As I said, I got into SEO when it was easy: slap a site up there, spam some links for like $5, rank, repeat.

Then Google got smarter.

There’s more money to be made in affiliate marketing than ever before, but it’s harder than ever to get into the game, too. It’s too hard to do it alone. 2012 cloaking sites ain’t walking through that door.

And after a few years as a desk drone, I was back at square one.

The Affiliate Lab not only gave me an updated blueprint, but it also let me skip all the trial and error that makes 90% of new SEOs quit.

With The Affiliate Lab, I got:

  • Secrets Matt learned after thousands of tests on real websites. Matt never says anything unless he has real data to prove it. That’s why The Affiliate Lab is legit
  • Access to some of the best and brightest minds in affiliate SEO, many of them living within a 10-minute bike ride of my apartment
  • A proven blueprint to follow step-by-step. It’s so easy to get analysis paralysis or succumb to shiny object syndrome, so having that simple blueprint to follow made it so much easier to stick to the process. I enjoyed the process and all the little dopamine spikes from completing a section and working on my site in real-time

Once I had all of this, SEO went from really hard to pretty easy. It was still a lot of work, but I knew exactly what, how, and when to do everything.

Not doing too shabby now…

The Affiliate Lab success example three

The people in The Lab community have become some of my best friends. That was worth the price of the course alone, to be honest.

I mean, what other affiliate marketing course has a Secret Santa Christmas party?

The Affiliate Lab community example four

So, am I a bit biased about The Affiliate Lab? Hell yes. It changed my life.

I don’t expect you to drop a bunch of money on a course just because I tell you it’s a family.

The Affiliate Lab community example five

I’ve been in SEO since I was 12, and even I was a bit hesitant.

So, read up and decide if you’re ready to start your journey to something better – or if you want to keep doing the same thing all day, every day.

I’ll cover:

  • How the lab can help you become a successful affiliate marketer (based on my real experience)
  • Who the lab is for and not for
  • Some key advantages The Affiliate Lab has over other SEO courses
  • A detailed breakdown of how to grow an SEO site and how the lab helps
  • A sneak peek inside the lab

I’ll get to all of that in a bit, but let’s get the burning questions on your mind out of the way first.

Let’s Put These Questions to Bed NOW: Is SEO Dead, Does the Lab Work, and Does It Work for Beginners?

Nearly everyone I talk to who’s interested in the course asks me one of these three questions. I understand. There’s a lot of BS out there from clowns, fake gurus, and even SEOs making good money trying to keep out more competition.

I also get that ~$1,000 (but less with my discount) is a solid chunk of change to drop on a course. So let’s answer these questions now before getting into the meat of things.

1. Is SEO Dead? Can You Still Make Money With an Affiliate Marketing Business in 2024?

Affiliate SEO marketing example one

SEO is not dead. People have been saying it every single year since SEO started. Don’t believe me? Let’s check out the Wayback Machine from 1997:

Affiliate SEO marketing example two

So, the answer is yes, you can still make money with SEO and affiliate marketing.

I make a living in SEO. Matt Diggity makes a living in SEO. Everyone I know in Chiang Mai makes a living in SEO. It’s one of the largest and most lucrative online industries in existence.

It is harder to rank a site than it was in 2013, but also way easier to earn life-changing money in 2024.

Here’s why:

  • More users than ever:  Google now has 4.3 BILLION users annually. And the affiliate marketing industry continues to grow by 10% year after year.
  • More tools than ever: I had to duct tape my first sites together and they still looked like a Dali painting with lipstick. Now, there’s a tool for everything: SurferSEO for keyword optimization and content, ChatGPT for article outlines, Ahrefs for niche, and competitor analysis – you’re lucky.
  • More training than ever: There are tons of YouTube channels, websites, and training courses nowadays, and they’re based on real data from testing. When I first started, I was playing pin-the-tail-on-the-niche-site hoping s*** would work.

So, the barrier to entry might be way higher, but potential earnings are also way higher.

When I first got into SEO, if you were making $5,000 a month, you were a superstar.

Now, that’s child's play.

Every month or so, a new lab student joins the “Six-Figure Flipper Club.” That’s when someone from the course sells their site for $100,000 or more. Recently, Matthew Chappers joined the club after just two years in the SEO world:

The Affiliate Lab success story example one

7 figures after 2 years? That’s nuts.

There are currently ~85 students from The Affiliate Lab who’ve crossed the six-figure mark. Bonkers.

Back then, you could flip a site for 10-15x monthly profit. There just weren’t many buyers or ways to monetize a site.

Now, SEO sites sell for a fortune. Massive, big-money conglomerates are eating up SEO sites like candy for 6 and 7 figures every day.

Check this out:

The Affiliate Lab success story example two

$33,400 monthly revenue and $32,800 NET profit. Operating costs are NOTHING and profits are at all-time highs.

47x multiple (sites are usually valued at a multiple of their monthly profit) and ~$1,500,500 asking price.

The Affiliate Lab success story example three

A site about music going for a million bucks. Nothing special. Just music…

The Affiliate Lab success story example four

A site about ART, for the love of all that’s holy, is selling for $450,000.

SEO is not dead – good SEO content sites built on solid SEO principles are selling for more than ever before, and it’s way easier to monetize them too.

2. Does the Affiliate Lab Work?

The Affiliate Lab success story example five

No, it doesn’t. I’ve been lying this whole time. We’re all lying to you. All of these testimonials are fake.

I’m joking, but see how ridiculous that sounds?

If you want to know whether or not The Affiliate Lab works, check out other students who’ve bought the lab and had their lives changed forever.

Take Duc – not much experience, no budget, and a bit hesitant to try to build a site with Matt’s advice.

Boom. 11.3k traffic in 4 months. Do you know how much this will be worth if it already has 11k+ traffic?

How about Adrian here? He made 150k thanks to Matt and The Affiliate Lab.

The Affiliate Lab success story example six

Matthew Chappers followed the lab step-by-step and made $1,000 within 2 months without ever doing SEO before, then sold a site for more than $1,000,000 because of the lab.

The Affiliate Lab success story example seven

Csaba is killing it, too.

The Affiliate Lab success story example eight

Going on 4,000 members in the private group and not a single complaint. Just a ton of successful affiliate SEOs sharing success after success.

The Affiliate Lab member base example one

Yes, The Lab 100% works. If it didn’t, don’t you think we’d be complaining? Instead, we’re going to Matt’s house for Christmas because we love the guy so much.

If I bought a $1,000 course from my neighbor that turned out to be a total scam, I would NOT be going to his house for Christmas.

3. Does the Affiliate Lab Work for Beginners, Though?

The Affiliate Lab for beginners example one

Yes, the lab works for beginners. The Affiliate Lab is made for beginners.

There’s even a module called The Beginner Lab that teaches you all the little nuances you need to know before getting into SEO.

Matt makes sure you have solid SEO theory and skills in place before getting to the advanced stuff. You can follow along as you build with baby steps until you’re comfortable enough to get cooking.

He starts you off with the absolute basics:

The Affiliate Lab Review example two

Then, he works you up to advanced knowledge he’s learned through a decade of experience and hundreds of tests:

The Affiliate Lab Review example three

So even if you’ve got a regular 9-to-5 desk job and have never done any business online, The Affiliate Lab shows you exactly what to do.

Think of it this way. If:

  • You’ve never even done SEO: Matt teaches you the industry, how to become a pro, and how to make money in most niches.
  • You’ve never done niche research: You learn niche selection, how to recognize good opportunities, and how to avoid common beginner pitfalls.
  • You’ve never written any web content: Matt shows you how to outline and create content as well as how to outsource to freelancers. It’s the exact SOP he uses to build his teams, so you know it works.
  • You’ve never made a website: You learn how to choose a theme and get web pages up quickly. I made a site using this training. If I can do it, anyone can.
  • You’ve never made any money online: Matt shows you how to monetize a site in more ways than just affiliate marketing. You learn affiliates, ads, and other creative ways to earn money from the ground up.

If you ever get stuck, The Affiliate Lab group is there to help (except me. I’m too lazy to answer questions):

The Affiliate Lab Review example four

So, is The Affiliate Lab good for beginners? Yes. It’s ideal for beginners, in fact. If you’re worried the course is too advanced, don’t be. There are hundreds of new SEOs in the lab and many are already making money.

Some have even already achieved total freedom.

5 Reasons I Recommend the Lab to Everyone and Why It’s Better Than Other SEO Courses

I’ll never forget the Chiang Mai SEO conference in 2018. Hands down the best SEO conference I’ve ever been to.

Matt gave a sick talk on how to rank affiliate websites, where he shared a case study about building an affiliate site from the ground up and selling it for $500,000+.

The reason I remember the talk so vividly is that he shared so many interesting ways to monetize an affiliate site that most other affiliate marketers would never think of – like renting out his Facebook pixel to the highest bidder or getting multiple affiliates into a bidding war for the top spot on his site.

That stuff was next-level.

He even showed us how to tactfully s*** on bad products and recommend a cash cow product at the end (and earn payments from the company while at it).

That’s the type of stuff you only learn from Matt and others in our community.

This leads me to…

1. With Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab, You’ll Learn Next-Level Hacks You Can’t Find Anywhere Elsewhere

The Lab is the only course out there based on hundreds of real SEO tests plus Matt’s 15 years of experience in the industry.

I’ve got Matt Diggity’s affiliate marketing course and I’ve taken a few other courses as well. Matt’s is the only one that made me think, “Wow, that’s a great idea,” multiple times.

Hell, I've covered all the best affiliate marketing courses and The Lab is still ranked #1.

There were so many golden nuggets like:

  • Affiliate links CRO (how to get more readers to click your links)
  • The custom-built niche grading tool (Matt takes his niche-hunting experience and turns it into a tool that helps you choose a winning niche)
  • Bonus modules on semantic SEO, content writing (my Achilles heel), hiring and managing teams, and generating AI content
  • Matt’s SOPs and checklists
  • Life optimization for SEOs to help you destress and increase productivity

The Lab is so much more than just an SEO course. It’s an entire masterclass on the business model itself, including:

  • How to build, rank, and flip high-competition affiliate sites
  • How to manage your team
  • How to write high-quality content
  • How to manage and optimize your life as an SEO
  • How to optimize your site to bring in the most revenue possible
  • How to grow your business into multiple affiliate sites
  • How to flip your site for the maximum price when it’s time to sell

Not only will you have all the evergreen business teachings, but you’ll also get super advanced hacks that can take your business to the next level. This is the type of stuff you only learn in $3,000 mastermind events or at prestigious conferences.

Every other course teaches you SEO and stops there. The Affiliate Lab is the only one that goes into this level of detail.

2. You’ll Learn How to Grow Affiliate Websites in the Best Way Possible

The Affiliate Lab Review example five

This is what makes The Affiliate Lab different from other affiliate marketing courses.

Matt says this less than 2 minutes into the course, and it’s a gem of advice that EVERY successful SEO lives by.

Most other affiliate marketing courses focus on shortcuts, cheating the system, and BS like how to buy cheap link packages off Fiverr to rank.

Matt does the exact opposite.

Instead of thinking of cheat codes or short-term solutions, Matt built The Affiliate Lab course to be EVERGREEN, meaning it’s based on legit online business practices that Google loves.

So while other people try cheating to the top only to lose everything when they get caught, you’ll have a legit affiliate marketing business that’s airtight (assuming you follow his advice).

The Affiliate Lab teaches you how to build a real business.

3. You’ll Learn Every Skill Needed to Succeed in SEO

Learn SEO Skills with Affiliate Lab example one

The Affiliate Lab course covers every skill you need to become a successful SEO.

That includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Niche selection
  • Links
  • Content
  • Team management
  • Productivity
  • CRO
  • Social media
  • Site structure
  • Affiliate negotiations

It’s like earning a master’s degree in all the practical SEO skills. You could enter as a complete beginner and exit with a complete toolset. A lot of students even end up going to do SEO work for others as a side hustle (myself included).

Super tacky sales copy incoming:

You’ll never have to buy another affiliate marketing course again!

It’s true, though.

Matt is the affiliate SEO expert, but he also gets other members of The Affiliate Lab community to make videos, too:

Learn SEO Skills with Affiliate Lab example two

Koray’s and Nick’s training courses are legendary. No idea who that Kevin Meng guy is, though. Didn’t even watch it.

I don’t know another course this comprehensive. For any skill Matt isn’t a certified boss in, he brings in someone who is to teach it to you. You don’t get that anywhere else.

4. You’ll Always Be Two Steps Ahead of the Competition

Updated Affiliate Lab Course example one

The Affiliate Lab course keeps you up-to-date AND one step ahead of competitors. When AI content exploded recently, we all had awesome new training on how to use it and scale it safely while the rest of the SEO world was scratching their heads.

Matt is constantly running tests and updating his skill set. And anytime he learns something new (a skill OR something about Google), he usually lets all of us know ASAP.

That’s pretty much unheard of in this business.

So while everyone else is stuck in the mud, you’ll be learning new skills, keeping your site out of Google’s penalty box, and earning money before everyone else.

5. Say Goodbye to Analysis Paralysis, Stress, and Confusion – The Lab Makes It as Simple as Possible to Build a Site

Onsite SEO site building example one

This is just paint-by-numbers for affiliate SEO sites. It’s super easy to follow along.

Building successful affiliate sites is NOT easy. Most new SEOs quit because it’s too confusing, stressful, and complicated.

Imagine someone dumps 10,000 car parts on your lawn and tells you to assemble them. That’s what most SEO courses do.

The Affiliate Lab is a step-by-step blueprint where Matt shows you exactly what, how, and why to do things and in what order.

If I could sum it up, it would be clarity and peace of mind.

Instead of trying to piece every little thing together, going out of order, or just screwing it up, Matt shows you brick-by-brick exactly what to do.

That way, you won’t ever be free to wonder what to do next or worry that you’re “doing it wrong.” It squashes that stress and “imposter syndrome” feeling.

You can even start working on your site as you’re watching the course.

First, do this. Next, do this. OK, now add the site map. OK, add this page or that page. You just follow along.

Nothing is ever guaranteed in SEO, but this is as close as it gets to building successful content sites from the ground up.

3 Fair Criticisms of the Affiliate Lab

1. It’s a BEAST and Some People May Get Overwhelmed

The Lab is over 50 hours worth of training on topics ranging from SEO theory to how to build a dream team and eventually sell a site.

It’s a big, hairy beast in every sense of the term.

I’ve found a few people around the web complaining it was just too much, too fast, too soon. I don’t agree, but I think that’s fair.

Let me break it down a bit here…

Yes, The Lab is massive, and YES, it covers tons of different topics.

However, Matt delivers it in such a precise, digestible manner that you don’t feel like you’re getting blitzkrieged by an SEO army out of the blue.

Everything is broken down into modules, sections, and videos, and the course goes from absolute basics to next-level advanced knowledge. If you follow it step-by-step and take your time, you’ll be fine.

My advice is to watch it first, then watch it again and do it to your site as a follow-along. So when you’re about to do keyword research, watch the research demo. And when you’re setting up your site structure, watch that section.

Just take it slow and you’ll be fine.

2. No Refunds

As a student myself, this was a big objection for me. I always offer a money-back guarantee. So when I saw that Matt didn’t, I was hesitant.

If it’s proven to work, why not offer me my money back, Matt?

Talking to Matt, however, totally changed my mind.

For one, there are a ton of scammers out there who bought the course, ripped the vids, then started selling them for cheap elsewhere. Then, they asked for their money back. How would that make you feel?

Another thing is that many people were buying the course, not putting in the work, then blaming Matt and asking for a refund (while learning everything and growing new sites).

Not offering a refund is a way to keep people motivated to get the work done.

I wish there was a good refund policy, but I understand why Matt doesn’t offer one. This is his life’s work and a literal blueprint to financial and personal freedom for less than $1,000. Stop complaining. Good stuff ain’t free.

3. Production Value Is Average

When I think of courses, I think of massive Hollywood production-value courses like Dropship Lifestyle.

You know, all the footage of Hawaii, the instructor in a suit talking to the camera, guests sitting in front of a mic in an office teaching you about business – that stuff.

The Lab is just screen shares. No faces, no lights, no videos, no nothing.

And I don’t mind, because I’m not buying the course to see Matt’s f***** face. I want to learn how to build a site. Honestly, faces and videos would be distracting.

Normally, those guru courses just look fancy to distract you from the lack of substance in their courses.

It’s like they’re overcompensating or something. Know that guy who talks tough but is secretly really insecure? That’s most online income courses.

The Lab is just what it is: a confident, quiet tour de force in building sites – no Hollywood needed.

What’s Inside the Lab?: How to Build a Site in 2024 and How the Affiliate Lab Gets You There

I don’t want to break down everything in The Lab section by section. That’s boring as hell. You can find it anywhere.

So I’m going to Karl-ify this thing and do it my way.

I’m going to show you how to rank a site in 2024, then show you exactly how The Lab teaches you how to do it. That way, you see how valuable this course really is.

Let’s get to it… you know I normally charge for this, right?

1. Choose a Profitable Niche With an Acceptable Level of Competition

Choosing the right niche is life or death in affiliate SEO.

If you get this wrong, you won’t rank or make much profit no matter how much time, money, and effort you put into your affiliate site.

TL;DR – choose the right niche or just quit now.

I always look for niches that have a high impact on people’s lives and are evergreen, meaning they aren’t constantly updating or moving at the speed of light tech-wise (e.g., cell phones).

Choosing the right Affiliate SEO niche example one

Matt digs deep into exactly how to find a profitable niche and, more importantly, how to avoid money pits and lost causes.

In niche selection, he covers:

  • What to look for in a niche
  • How to find an “oh shit” niche and make bank
  • What to avoid in niches based on real successes and failures, both his own and from students (this is worth its weight in Bitcoin)
  • Which price range to avoid
  • How to reverse engineer successful sites, steal their blueprint, and make money faster
  • How to evaluate affiliate networks and which ones are better than others (again, something you can only learn from someone with real experience)
  • How to determine which products to sell by checking HOW they are making money, not just how much they’re making
Choosing the right Affiliate SEO niche example two

Then, Matt starts dropping atomic knowledge bombs like this:

Choosing the right Affiliate SEO niche example three

This is how you find a profitable niche every time.

Once I saw this lesson, my whole process changed.

Matt teaches you how to reverse engineer successful sites, look at their ROI, look at their profits, and use that data to confirm a niche decision. Genius.

Next, he breaks down successful sites that have sold for 6 figures or more and shows you the key things to look for so you can build a similar one:

The Affiliate Lab site evaluation lesson example one

With this lesson, you’ll know everything to look for when evaluating sites and can use that knowledge to choose the most profitable niches.

Congrats, you lucky bastard.

You’re avoiding niche hell and skipping all that hard work the rest of us had to put in to find ours.

2. Do Complete Keyword Research the RIGHT Way

New SEOs do research wrong 99.8% of the time. Source: I said so.

It’s going to change your entire approach to this phase of niche site building.

Instead of thinking, “Which keywords do I need to rank a site,” you’ll be thinking, “How can I find the juiciest keywords across the entire spectrum so my site brings in maximum traffic that I can monetize?”

That way of thinking separates failures from success stories.

Performing correct keyword research example one

First, you’ll learn the basics of finding keywords across the entire awareness spectrum. Next, Matt shows you the same recursive research process he uses with LeadSpring (his own SEO business).

Matt describes how he found a site with terrible keyword research and bought it for $500. Then, after doing things HIS way, he got it up to $16,400/month and sold it for $300,000+.

That’s the process you’re going to learn.

In short, you’ll learn how to:

  • Sweep up all the main keywords for your niche
  • Find hidden keywords most other SEOs neglect
  • Use popular software to find hidden keywords
  • Think out of the box to find even more keywords

Jay – Matt’s right-hand man – walks you through how to find even more keywords by analyzing the URLs of all the domains Google ranks for a certain keyword.

This is some next-level stuff:

Performing correct keyword research example two

What I really like here is that The Lab doesn’t just show you how to do KW research – it also shows you how to evaluate the keywords to see if you can actually rank for them.

That way, you won’t waste your time going for terms you’ll never compete for (a huge pitfall for most SEOs).

3. Start Publishing Topically Relevant Content

Publish content of certain topic to become authority site

Google is a dumb robot.

But it’s smart enough to know that sites that publish a lot about a certain topic are usually more of an authority than sites that cover dozens of different ones.

I see this all the time: someone wants to start an authority site in a niche they love, so they just hit the ground running and start publishing articles about all different topics.

Have fun not ranking on page 1 for a single one of those articles.

If you want to rank affiliate websites, you need to achieve topical relevance.

If you’re a scuba diving website, don’t randomly write articles about wakeboarding. If you’re a keto site, don’t start writing about protein right off the bat.

This is how to create successful affiliate websites in 2024 and beyond.

The Lab is going to walk you step-by-step through how to structure your site as well as how to master silos (basically groups of different articles based on a closely related topic).

You’ll even learn exactly how to create the content and link them together to make Google happy.

Becoming authority site example one

This is such a confusing topic, yet Matt makes it dead simple.

All you do is just follow the diagrams:

Becoming authority site example two

Normally, most authority site owners shoot themselves in the foot on day one by getting this totally wrong.

Instead of that, you’ll have a rock-solid plan with simple-to-follow steps. Link this article here. Create this article here. Put anchor text here. Can’t ask for more than that.

4. Create a Lot of High-Quality Content at Scale

High-quality content lesson example one

95% of SEO content is hot garbage that looks like it was written by a used car salesman after a 3-day bender in Las Vegas. That’s because everyone out there just learns how to write for Google instead of writing for readers.

The Lab shows you how to write for BOTH. It covers both the right structure and keywords for Google AND how to write engaging web copy for readers.

That’s going to put you one giant step ahead of competitors (most courses DO NOT teach you how to write for readers).

Matt covers all your content creation bases with a little help from some content writer guy none of us have ever heard of.

He shows you:

  • Content Google loves: You learn optimal content length, keyword density, and structure.
  • How to create content at scale and outsource: You’ll learn how to template, research, and outline so you get great content quickly and with minimal time wasted on edits.
  • How to write high-converting content: In the bonus content writing module by Kevin Meng, you learn how to hire great writers AND how to write high-converting content.

So, while everyone else is playing pin-the-tail-on-the-good-content, you’ll be writing content that ranks and converts, all while saving time and money on freelancers.

Even if you’re a terrible writer (like I was back in the day), you can create high-converting content that ranks with the lab.

5. Get Your Onsite SEO Right FROM THE BEGINNING

Onsite SEO lessons example one

I think a lot of SEOs tend to overcomplicate onsite SEO optimization and make it seem like some voodoo black magic that only gurus can figure out.

You’ll learn brick-by-brick exactly how the LeadSpring team optimizes their content to repeated success. It’ll be easy to sleep at night knowing Matt and his team do the exact same things at their 7-figure agency.

If it works for them, it’ll work for you.

The reason this stuff is so important is that Google is still just a dumb robot that reads text and takes things literally. If your URLs, tags, and page title don’t properly reflect what it is you’re writing about, you’re killing your chances of ranking.

In the Onsite SEO Module, you’ll learn how to optimize everything perfectly. Matt even shows you real-life examples like this:

Onsite SEO lessons example two

TL;DR – Matt trims all of the fat and dispels tons of guru myths in this section. He just shows you a lean, valuable on-site SEO structure in plain English.

You can follow along at 1.5x speed and do exactly what he says to your site in real time if you’re fast enough. It’s that easy.

6. Steal as Many Featured Snippets as Possible

Now we’re having some real fun. It’s time to start stealing (legally).

Featured snippets are those little answers to queries at the top of the Google results page that aren’t really part of the main search results. They’re just there to give the searcher a quick answer to their question without needing to click anywhere.

The onsite optimization featured snippets section will show you how to steal the top spot in a way that Matt devised himself, so you can’t get this from anyone else.

With this, you don’t even need to rank #1 to be at the top results. You can just steal the spot from your competitors and get all that traffic.

Onsite SEO lessons example three

Basically, Matt shows you how to audit your competition, see where they’re weak, and attack them. If you improve your answer to the snippet, there’s a good chance you’ll steal that spot and all the traffic that comes with it.

Steal as many of these as you possibly can. Every little bit helps.

7. Build High-Quality Links From the Right Places at the Right Velocity

There’s so much noise about link-building online that it’s nearly impossible for anyone new to this game to determine what’s legit and what’s penalty bait.

Google itself spends millions on PR that is BLATANTLY LYING to you about link-building. That’s how tough it is to cut through the noise.

Links are the single most important factor in offsite SEO. Getting it wrong means your site either won’t rank, or it will – until Google penalizes you and banishes you to Hell (Page 2).

OK, building links is important. So how do you do it right?

Like this:

  • Get relevant and trustworthy links
  • Get links from sites that rank that also have lots of links to them
  • Add the right anchor texts to your links
  • Build links at the proper velocity (i.e., not too fast if you’re a new site)
  • Don’t waste time on building links Google doesn’t care about

The Lab is going to show you quality link building down into granular detail. That way, you get it right and rank without risking your entire business to a penalty or wasting money.

You’ll learn:

  • Link-building theory
  • How Google’s algorithm works as it pertains to links
  • Link outreach
  • PBN linking
  • Different types of links and how to stay away from the trash
  • The right velocity to build links

My favorite part of the whole Offsite SEO Module is how Matt walks you through the different stages of your site in Google’s eyes, exactly which types of links to build in each, and how quickly to do it.

Building links lesson example one

This is super easy to follow and it’s the optimal way to do it without getting caught by the Google police.

I’ve seen tons of sites tank by screwing up their offsite SEO, especially link-building. This is where the lab is going to save your ass some trouble.

Instead of building links ad hoc and risking it all, you get a simple blueprint to follow from a person who has ranked and sold hundreds of sites. Can’t beat it.

8. Maintain Your Website, for the Love of God

The Lab goes above and beyond with website maintenance, showing you everything you need to do to stay in Google’s good graces.


  • How to add fresh content and what to focus on
  • How to use software to see what you’re ranking for and find out if it’s helping or hurting
  • How to choose focus topics that will help you rank for better key terms and boost rankings for other articles
  • How to keep track of links and get rid of the ones hurting your site
Building links lesson example two

Once you’re rolling and ranking for tons of keywords, others are going to try and leech off you and get some of that link juice. Don’t let them. Links from low-quality sites do nothing but hurt your rankings (usually).

9. Perform Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization lesson example one

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is basically taking one factor of your site and making it perform its duty as well as possible.

In other words, it’s following a set of best practices to optimize the amount of money your site can make.

You can optimize things like:

  • Getting more visitors to stay on your page
  • Getting readers to buy more products from you
  • Making your site faster
  • Making more money from affiliates

For example, if you agree to a 10% commission with an affiliate and start making tons of sales, you can go back to that affiliate and be like, “hey, man. I’m killing it right now. How about we bump up my commission rate to 15%?”

SEOs normally neglect CRO and focus too much on “easy” stuff like getting more links. But even just a small bump here or there could result in thousands of extra dollars when it’s time to flip your site.

In the Conversion Rate Optimization Module, The Affiliate Lab covers everything you need to do to CRO your site and more.

Some of the most lucrative tips you get are:

  • What to display to readers immediately on your site so they trust you and read your articles
  • How to pitch affiliates the right way to get higher commissions
  • How to get readers to click on your articles and offers
  • How to create calls to action that get readers to click

And again, here’s why I love The Lab. This isn’t all theory or speculation. Matt is an engineer. He only cares about data. He’s tested all these methods relentlessly.

So, when he tells you something works, it isn’t because he THINKS it works. It’s because he’s tested it hundreds of times with real customers and it’s worked. There’s no better proof than that.

10. Let’s Talk About Authority Sites for a Minute

Authority sites lesson example one

In case “authority site” is a new term for you, think of it as a broad site about a general topic, whereas niche sites are about smaller, specified corners.

A niche site is like “best keto supplements,” whereas an authority site would be about fitness.

So unlike niche sites that are about a singular focus and rank relatively quickly, authority sites are slow, lumbering beasts.

The advantage here is that if you build an authority site the right way, you can write about a whole universe of topics and rank those articles with speed and very little effort.

In his Authority Site Module, Matt focuses on tips that actually work to rank authority sites down to the granular level (beyond what most SEOs even think about).

Check this out:

Authority sites lesson example two

Matt starts by teaching you how to name your site – more specifically, the types of names to go after.

By the way, why do you think I chose DreamGrow for my site? The Lab, duh.

Most courses don’t remotely touch this topic, yet it’s one of the two most important aspects of growing an authority site.

If you build a site whose name is too insular, you’ve boxed yourself into a corner – which is the exact OPPOSITE of the whole advantage of authority sites.

Matt then moves on to site architecture, the types of links to build, how to create authority site content, and how to replicate success stories so you can grow using a proven blueprint.

Authority sites lesson example three

Once again, the level of detail is bonkers. Matt tears down the URL structure, the content, the interlinking, and even the business models of some of these sites to show you what they’re doing right and wrong.

When it comes time to build your own authority sites, you’ll know:

  • How to name yours to gain maximum flexibility
  • How to structure it
  • How to get the right type of links
  • How to create content that ranks and converts
  • What to avoid so your site actually makes money
  • How to milk authority mode for every last penny

The Authority Site Module isn’t my favorite, but it’s definitely the most exciting.

Anytime I dream about growing a massive site, I get an adrenaline rush. That’s why we’re in this business in the first place, right?

Affiliate Lab Bonuses: What Else Do You Get?

One of the biggest advantages of The Affiliate Lab over other courses is that Matt continuously updates it, both with new strategies learned from constant testing and by bringing in community experts to share their knowledge.

So anytime the algorithm changes or Matt notices a gap in knowledge, he updates his materials so you’re always ahead of the game.

Take content, for example. Matt is an SEO, not a copywriter. He shows you how to write content for Google, but The Affiliate Lab doesn’t teach you how to write great content for readers.

So what does Matt do? He brings in an expert copywriter to give you free training on how to write great copy.

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example one

This is a huge advantage for the lab over other courses. No other course out there even tries to stay this up-to-date or comprehensive.

Here are some of the best bonus modules:

Affiliate Email Marketing

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example two

Growing an email list and milking it for every penny its worth is how experienced affiliate marketers level up their sites safely (e.g., away from search engines’ greedy rules).

The Affiliate Email Marketing Module is a tour de force in creating lead magnets (free value to entice prospects to sign up), capturing emails, and making easy money on the backend once you do so.

Matt’s unique engineering-inspired way of teaching really shines through here.

Instead of teaching you “what is email marketing” and “basic email marketing,” the Affiliate eMail Marketing Module gives you practical, actionable information based on Matt’s REAL lead magnets and email campaigns for his sites.

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example three

First, he breaks down his most successful lead magnets to show you how to follow suit.

Then, he goes step-by-step on how to brainstorm, create, and use your own lead magnets to grow an SEO business in depth. He even shows you the exact way to sort topics for maximum inspiration and effectiveness:

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example four

You don’t get this depth of affiliate training anywhere else on the web. If you do this right, you won’t need to rely solely on Google search to grow a business (super risky).

SOPs and Checklists

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example five

Matt hands you onsite and offsite SEO checklists on a silver platter. Keeping tabs on fresh content, link velocity, schema, and title tag optimization is super important.

If you let it slip, it hurts rankings and gets really hard to clean up the longer you let it go. These checklists make sure you’re always in good standing and not letting your site get messy.

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example six

Optimize Your Life

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example seven

Look, anything that has Matt Diggity talking about drinking water with lemon and salt before doing yoga in the morning is automatically a 10/10 in my book.

This very short bonus module was actually a huge value for me. It helped me improve my morning routine so I could get work done before noon.

The Truth About Penalties

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example eight

In this module, Matt spends 30 minutes reliving the early SEO trauma of his sites getting NUKED by Google.

If you’re new to SEO, this is an ultra-valuable lesson on how to keep your sites safe from Google nuking that gives you the tools to future-proof your sites against algorithmic changes.

Based on his real experiences with his own site (and from others in the industry), he walks you through what to do when you get penalized and how to recover from it.

AI Content Generation Playbook

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example nine

You will be assimilated by ChatGPT. Resistance is futile.

I don’t mess around with AI content on this site. I love it too much.

But if you want to start producing tons of content for cheap right off the bat, this module will show you exactly how to do it so it ranks quickly WITHOUT risking a penalty.

Matt shows you how to generate content AND how much of it to generate to achieve topical authority:

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example ten

Outreach Playbook

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example eleven

Do yourself a favor and watch this bonus course BEFORE you start reaching out for links.

Do you know how much spam BS I get in my inbox every day?

“Dear Sir/Madam, I noticed that you have a site and so do we. Link?”

It’s infuriating.

I automatically block everyone who sends garbage like that.

Links are such an important part of offsite SEO, so you better get it right or you’re never going to rank. I know so many people who have 0 clues how to do offsite SEO right. Guess what? They never earn a dime.

Watch this to learn how to avoid key mistakes, find prospects, and do outreach the proper way.

The Content Scaling Playbook

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example twelve

We’ve talked enough about content, but let me run you through this bonus just to show you how much value you get in The Lab.

I don’t know who this guy is, but he seems to know what he’s talking about.

You’ll learn how to hire writers, train them, and the core concepts of writing great web copy – all in a short, no-fluff course you can finish in under 2 hours.

By the end, you’ll know how to hire great writers, how to not waste time on bad ones, and how to create content that converts.

Affiliate Lab Bonus Benefits example thirteen

Nice $3 street-stall sunglasses, bro.

Affiliate Lab Review: What Is It? What Makes It Unique, Pricing, and More

What Is the Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab is a blueprint for growing an affiliate SEO site and earning passive income by driving traffic from Google and earning commissions from affiliate partners.

It’s an A-to-Z masterclass covering every single SEO topic in painstaking depth, including:

  • Finding a niche
  • Keyword research
  • Link strategy
  • Content writing and production strategy
  • Site building
  • Site structure
  • Social media
  • Affiliate negotiation
  • CRO
  • Selling your site (if you wish)

Matt, Jay (his right-hand man), and other guest instructors walk you through each topic step-by-step. Starting off with the very basics, they build up to advanced techniques in a gradual, digestible way.

The Lab is the ultimate roadmap for finding a topic, starting a site, growing your business, and selling that business for 6 figures and beyond.

What Makes the Affiliate Lab Unique?

The key difference between the lab and competing courses is the obvious one: the instructor.

Matt is unique in the SEO world because he didn’t come from a marketing or business background. He studied to be an engineer and even worked in Silicon Valley before quitting.

But that borderline psychotic attention to detail and love of processes spills over into how he does (and teaches) SEO.

His obsession with testing has made the lab one of the only truly “proven” SEO courses.

Everything he teaches, he learned from direct experience either on a site or through a test of Google’s algorithm. He doesn’t care what people think works. He teaches what works based on empirical data.

That engineering background spills over into the lab in so many ways:

  • It’s easy to follow along because it’s done in a brutal, brick-by-brick way with extreme detail
  • It’s very processes-oriented so you not only learn the right tactics, but the right way to execute them
  • Matt gives you a lot of his processes, checklists, SOPs, and even a niche grading tool he made

On top of that, it has the best private mastermind community I’ve ever been a part of (Authority Hacker’s is really good too, though).

How Does the Affiliate Lab Help You Earn Money Online?

In case you’re new to this game, The Lab teaches you how to do affiliate marketing in a sustainable way. That means no shortcuts, “illegal” methods, or get-rich-quick scams.

Matt shows you how to build a site around a topic and offer products within that topic (e.g., supplements for a fitness site).

Then, you use SEO to rank for keywords that drive traffic from Google to your site.

In a nutshell, you’re growing an audience, then promoting other companies’ products in exchange for a percentage of the sales.

Who Is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is a borderline SEO celebrity living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. But unlike pretty much every other “SEO guru” out there, he’s a down-to-Earth, chill person.

His specialty is affiliate websites. He teaches tens of thousands of people around the world how to pick a niche, find an affiliate program, build a legit business, and flip (sell) the sites for 6 figures or more.

He also happens to be one of the most prolific conference speakers in all of affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Lab SEO guru Matt Diggity

Seems like every other month he’s in some far-flung city talking about SEO with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Affiliate Lab SEO guru Matt Diggity example two

And he even hosts his own conference in Chiang Mai at the end of every year (I’m going this year’s. Hope to see you there!).

Affiliate Lab SEO guru Matt Diggity example three

What really made me gravitate towards Matt is that he was so open and honest about SEO and was happy to share “secrets” that most other “guru-type” personalities kept hidden behind paywalls.

Matt is an awesome guy who just happens to be one of the most recognizable faces in the affiliate marketing world. He’s also kind of my neighbor now, but he lives far away enough that he thankfully doesn’t bother me very often.

Affiliate Pricing: Is It Worth the Money?

The Affiliate Lab Pricing example one

Is the lab cheap?

Yes and no.

$997 is a lot of money. So in that sense, no, it’s not cheap.

But think about the value you’re getting.

You’re learning exactly how to grow a site and build a business that could earn you 6 figures or more.

Plus, you’re getting bonus training on high-value skills to put you ahead of the competition, AND getting a network of nearly 4,000 people to help you grow.

All of that synergy could lead to powerful connections, insider deals, expert advice, and maybe even some friendships that last a lifetime.

Know why so many SEO courses are cheap? Because they SUCK.

Good stuff is not supposed to be cheap. Imagine you were sending your child to what was supposed to be one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

Then, when the bill comes, it’s only $100 for a semester. You’d be like, “Wait, I thought you were going to Yale or something. Why is this so cheap?”

Value, prestige, and quality ARE NOT dirt cheap. The lab is very affordable considering all you get, but it’s not cheap. And it 100% should NOT be.

With my link, you’ll get $200 off anyway. So you’re paying less than $800 for life-changing business advice. That’s NOTHING.

The Affiliate Lab Review: Conclusion

Congrats, you just read 10,000 words and didn’t pass out from exhaustion.

You deserve a pat on the back.

Imagine writing this thing? I’m taking a month off and going to the Maldives. I don’t think they have The Affiliate Lab there.

To sum this whole review up, The Affiliate Lab is hands-down the best, most comprehensive, practical, and actionable affiliate SEO course on the web.

There are SEO courses, and then there’s a step-by-step blueprint based on 15+ years of SEO experience, hundreds of real tests, and millions of data points backed by nearly 4,000 happy students all earning a living from SEO (and living and working from anywhere they want at any time).

But the best thing about the lab is the community around it. Being part of this network has made my life so much better than before.

I have access to the best minds in the business, and every time I have an issue, someone who’s had it before helps me solve it immediately. A few of them are even my neighbors.

And it’s not just business – a ton of them are now some of my closest friends. I want to share a Vin Diesel family meme so badly right now, but I made you a promise I don’t intend to break.

I don’t even have a sales pitch for you. It’s just facts at this point.

You’re here because you want a niche site SEO course that teaches you to how to rank, grow, and sell sites.

And you want to achieve freedom. Freedom to work whenever you want. Freedom to make your own hours. Freedom to live anywhere and work on a laptop.

That’s exactly what I’m doing now because of the lab. And that’s what the nearly 4,000 SEOs in the lab community are doing as we speak.

To do that, you need to learn how to:

  1. Approach SEO the right way
  2. Find a niche
  3. Find rankable keywords
  4. Make content
  5. Structure a site so Google can understand
  6. Get high-quality links easily
  7. Avoid mistakes all beginners make
  8. Future-proof your site against updates and penalties
  9. Grow a team so you can scale
  10. Sell a site for maximum money

The Lab teaches you ALL OF THAT and so much more.

Plus, it gives you access to successful SEOs that will help solve your issues, connect you to the right people, give you insider deals, and maybe even invest in or buy your sites when the time is right.

And it’s all backed by millions of data points gathered from real sites.

Also, Matt is a pretty cool guy. If you ever come to Chiang Mai, you can meet him in person. What other course gives you that?

So, you have two choices:

  1. Go it alone, listen to idiots online giving misinformation, screw it up, and keep living the life you’re living
  2. Get a proven blueprint from a real expert, get help from successful SEOs in a tight network, and achieve freedom using one of the only SEO courses that’s proven to work

And if you buy it now, you get 20% off for a limited time. Matt is moody. He’s never raised the price of The Lab ever. That day will come soon.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy The Lab sooner and did all the hard work myself. I could be WAY ahead of where I am now if I’d just done it sooner.

Get it now, and I’ll see you at the next Lab networking event! Drinks 100%… NOT on me.

Affiliate Lab Alternatives

I wouldn’t trust any other affiliate marketing courses for building affiliate sites aside from one (you’ll see in a second).

There are a few reasons. For one, I think they approach building affiliate websites the wrong way. They mostly focus on how to game the system, showing you what works in the short term.

The Lab shows you how to build a legit affiliate marketing business, with SEO being one of the main ways to drive traffic.

Other than that, none of them have the same advantages as the lab, since it has:

  • Backing by data
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Instructor accessibility
  • A private Facebook group that’s like a little family
  • Psychotic attention to detail

However, I do understand that the price tag of the lab might be a bit high for a beginning affiliate marketer.

Just remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. There’s a reason cheap courses are cheap: they suck.

With that being said, there are a few Affiliate Lab alternatives for affiliate marketers who need to save some money or just aren’t sold after I took the time to write 10,000+ words (damn you).

The only one I really trust is:

1. The Authority Site System (TASS) By Authority Hacker

I know Mark and Gael, the team behind Authority Hacker, personally. Their course is amazing. And just like the lab, I trust the creators behind it (something I rarely do).

The Authority Site System is super in-depth, including everything from keyword research, site structure, and content to processes, SOPs, and outreach.

The reasons it’s not on the lab’s level are pretty clear, though:

  1. The Lab has so many extra bonuses to fill gaps about topics like content, email marketing, and hiring a team. TASS has some of that, but a few of the extra training videos are paid add-ons. You get them for free with the lab.
  2. Mark and Gael aren’t as accessible as Matt. I see them once a year at most.
  3. Matt’s style of teaching is way easier to follow.
  4. The Lab’s private Facebook group is on another level. It’s helpful and way more active.

Mark and Gael do put a lot of time into updating their course every year, which I really appreciate. But nothing really compares to The Lab. Sorry.

2. Blog Growth Engine

Adam and Colin at Blog Growth Engine really know their stuff, and they are experts at building affiliate sites (and affiliate marketing in general).

Their production quality is better than anything else in the industry and their private forum is super active.

Now, for the bad stuff:

  1. Their course is for people who want to build an affiliate site around their personal brand, not necessarily a niche site. It’s the type of course you get if you want to build “Karl’s fitness reviews,” NOT a general authority site in any niche
  2. Their onsite and offsite SEO teachings aren’t nearly as in-depth
  3. Their forum is full of beginners trying to grow their own sites, whereas the lab’s group is full of super successful SEOs – so you’ll get high-quality help instead of feeling like YOU’RE the one doing the teaching
  4. It’s NOT CHEAP

If you think the lab is expensive, just wait until you see the price tag for BGE.

3. Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek is an 18-hour masterclass on growing passive income online.

It’s a great course, but it is what it is…

The Lab is much bigger, much more comprehensive, and much more detailed. And it comes with a ton of bonuses about advanced topics Passive Income Geek doesn’t even touch on.

It’s about half the price of the lab, but it’s only for one year. And trust me, when you’re working in the search engine optimization world, you’re always going to want to come back and brush up on your stuff.

Whenever I make a new site, I follow the lab and put my site together brick by brick so I know I’m doing it right. Paying a yearly subscription would piss me off.

Anyone who has the lab is going to run circles around you. Have fun on Page 4.

The Affiliate Lab Review F.A.Q.

Q:  Is the Affiliate Lab Good for Beginners?

A: Yes, The Affiliate Lab is good for beginners because it teaches you affiliate marketing step-by-step from the ground up starting with the very basics. Matt teaches the lab as if he were speaking to complete beginners and shows you in detail what to do each step of the way. The lab will help you build affiliate websites even if you’ve never worked on any type of online business before.

Q: Does the Affiliate Lab Teach You How to Find a Great Niche?

A: Yes, The Affiliate Lab teaches you exactly how to find a great niche for your affiliate site in the Niche Selection Module. It even gives you a niche grading tool Matt created himself to evaluate your niche. This is invaluable to an affiliate marketer because finding a niche takes a lot of experience and intuition. Matt takes his 15 years of niche experience and shows you exactly what to look for when it comes to choosing your topic.

Q: How Much Does the Affiliate Lab Cost?

A: The Affiliate Lab costs $997 or two payments of $597. However, with my Affiliate Lab discount link in this article, you’ll get $200 off. As a new affiliate marketer, $997 is an excellent value if you consider everything you get. It includes nearly 50 hours of training on offsite SEO, onsite SEO, the Affiliate eMail Marketing Masterclass, the Authority Site Module, and the Affiliate Portfolio Playbook – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, it comes with a private Facebook group full of thousands of affiliate marketers who can help you grow your business and network.

Q: Is the Affiliate Lab Legit?

A: Yes, The Affiliate Lab is legit. It’s one of the leading digital marketing courses in the world. The Affiliate Lab focuses on how to grow and flip high-competition affiliate sites. Nearly 4,000 students in Matt’s training program have achieved freedom through affiliate revenue, many of whom were complete beginners when they started. Even if you’ve never heard of authority sites, an affiliate link, offsite SEO, or any of the other terms, you can build a successful business with this course.

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