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We can help you in four major areas:

  • Creating social media strategy
  • Coming up with creative ideas for campaigns
  • Setting goals and measuring results of social media activities
  • Outlining and implementing campaign mechanics

Brands that create meaningful connections with customers and see them as real people will stand out among others and ensure long-term loyalty and retention. We are here to help you find your way in this new media.

Social Media Courses and Training

We will transfer to you the knowledge needed to be successful in social media. Our workshops and social media courses will get you started and build a knowledge base right inside your company.

  • SocialAudit™ – what’s your brand position right now
  • Corporate, executive and team trainings
  • Social media corporate policies and road maps
  • Social media communications program development

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Solutions

We help you get measurable results, increase brand value, generate sales growth, customer loyalty and retention. What are the risks and benefits of using social media in your internal and external communication.

  • Total Campaign Management™
  • Social Media Marketing Strategic Planning and Development
  • Result Oriented Goal setting, Measurement and Review
  • Implementation and Management of Targeted Campaigns

Social Platform Creation and Distribution

We help you with all the technology that you need to find and interact with your customers. We help you choose channels and media platforms that are best suited for your audience.

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn interconnect
  • Blogs
  • Digital Video
  • iPhone Apps
  • Facebook Apps

Community Management

Interacting with the people who are truly interested in your brand will help generate a ripple effect, generate buzz and bring in more customers. Go where the people are and create meaningful relationships.

  • Building new communities
  • Nurturing existing communities and engaging fans
  • Site and community management

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