12 Social Media Tips for Successful Business Blogging

blogging tipsAccording to successful bloggers, you should be spending around 20% of your time creating quality content for your blog. The other 80% should be spent promoting your blog content online.

You know that the key to your blogging success is providing your readers with content that brings value to their lives. This is why you spend so much time pouring your heart and soul into your posts. Yet, if you don’t spend quality time promoting your content, very few people will ever know it exists.

12 Ways Social Media Helps Create a Successful Blog

My goal with this post is to help you facilitate an effective blog promoting process. So, we’re providing the 15 tips below to help expand your content’s reach among your target audience.

Interact with Other Bloggers

Many people don’t know this, but blogs are also included within social media. Most of the greatest influencers within social media networks are actually bloggers. Use the following tips to help you increase your blogging audience:

  1. Link to Influential Blogs and Bloggers – Savvy bloggers put a lot of time and effort into creating their posts. So, it’s only fitting that they’d want to be recognized for their achievements. Mention relevant, valuable blog posts you come across within your own posts. Also, link to them in order to create backlinks to these influential bloggers.
  2. Use Videos to Communicate with Users – This can be done on many different platforms, including the very popular and famous YouTube. Be sure to add links to your related blog content when posting videos online.
  3. Leave Valuable Comments on Related Blogs – When you leave thought-provoking comments on the blogs of others, you help to establish yourself as a leader within your industry. You also gain the attention of the blogger, who just may visit your blog in return and interact with you there as well. Then, share posts you comment on within your own social media networks.
  4. Participate in Guest Blogging – Writing guest blog posts on related, popular blogs has multiple benefits. For one, you increase brand awareness by including a tidbit about your brand within the guest post. You also increase your blog’s SEO rankings by adding a link to your blog, which creates a valuable backlink for you.
  5. Allow Guest Blog Posts on Your Own Blog – It’s a wise idea to allow other bloggers to do guest posting on your business blog. Why? Most guest bloggers share their content within their social media networks. This increases the visibility of that particular blog post, as well as your blog itself.

Encourage Social Media Sharing

You should make it as simple as possible for your readers to share your blog content within their own social networks. Even if the person sharing doesn’t actually read your post, their social media followers will.

  1. Include Social Media Sharing Icons on Every Post – If you don’t include simple-click sharing icons, users will have to cut-and-paste the post’s URL to share it online. Most won’t take the time to do this. So, make it simple with one-click sharing buttons.
  2. Encourage Tweeting with “Click-to-Tweet” – This makes it very simple for Twitter users to share your blog content quickly. All they have to do is simply “click” to tweet about your post.
  3. Create and Post Images That Are “Pinable” – Pinterest is quickly becoming a very popular social network for people who enjoy visuals. Include a “pin” button next to your interesting graphic images to encourage sharing on Pinterest.

Share Your Blog Posts within Your Own Social Networks

Every time you publish a blog post, it’s vital to your blog’s success that you share it on various social media networks.

  1. Claim Google Authorship of Your Blog Content – Establish your Google+ account, adding relevant information to your G+ profile. Now, you can share any content you publish online within the Google+ community. You’ll also increase your online authority as Google will give you authorship credit for all of your content across the board.
  2. Expand Twitter Shareability with Hashtags – When sharing your content on Twitter, be sure to include any relevant, popular hashtags.
  3. Create Pinboards for Promoting Your Posts – People love visuals. So, be sure to include creative images, videos and infographics in your Pinterest Pinboards, linking them to relevant blog posts.
  4. Use LinkedIn Groups for Delivering Targeted Content – Join groups within the LinkedIn social network that are relevant to your blog’s niche. Share relevant, informative blog posts within those groups.

This content was written by Chad Goulde, a marketer for TheBlogBuilders.com. Need more valuable social media tips for promoting your blog content? Visit The Blog Builders to learn how to leverage your social media networks today.

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  1. PYS UK says:

    Some really great points in this, and they all flow into each other really well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tips Priit. There is no doubt that following the things on this list will help you gain more exposure for your blog. Creating a community for yourself is so important and the more you interact with other bloggers and your audience the more you form relationships with relevant people.

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