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14 Must See Interactive Youtube Ads

interactive youtube ads

Interactive ads on Youtube are great, but they are still an underused way for creating awesome and catchy commercials.

Many businesses are already experimenting with interactive video, and some have got considerable success. That inspired me to pick out the best 15 must-see interactive Youtube ads. Some of them are produced with a huge budget, some of them for nothing at all.

Click “Play” and interact! Fun and inspiration guaranteed!

Short and Simple

1. A hunter shoots a bear


  • For the time of writing this post, the video had 17 million views on Youtube, and the 1st million came during the first 36 hours.
  • Purchase intent in Europe went up 100%. Sales 30%!

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2. Boursin VR Campaign

The Boursin Sensorium VR experience takes you on a magical ride through a food lovers fridge, packed with the fresh ingredients. Immerse yourself in these ingredients as you soar through herb forests, skip over cranberries, and get up close to the bursting peppercorns.

3. How to promote a tongue cleaner?

  • Fun, cool. Who said that marketing boring products has to be boring?
  • Orabrush CEO said in September 2010 that Youtube had raised their sales by over a million USD and the biggest pharmacy chain wants their product on their shelves.

4. Insane human curling by BIC

Do you think curling is boring? Time to try human curling.


5. Audi campaign in Germany

The video is in German, but it’s cool nevertheless, and I recommend to watch it. Involved are some the most famous German soccer players, Google Maps, special forces and F1 service team. Awesome!

6. Simple musician promotes himself interactively


7. For inspiration

It’s possible to get good results with very little effort and money.

Youtube Adventures

Commercial where you’re a part of script writing.

8. Choose a different ending

Well done social campaign. Like a short movie.

9. Hostage drama promotes an electronics e-store


10. Make your campaign playful

This video doesn’t promote anything, but it’s a good source of inspiration. Why not create your interactive campaign on a proven and well-known model like the Millionaire game is?

11. Make a game for Youtube

Let your customers play a cool and compelling game that is branded by your company.

12. How to make science cool to children?


13. Hell Pizza and zombies

FABULOUS! Without any doubts, this is my favorite. Turn the volume up and go through the video. It’s going to be one of the best or even THE best Youtube experience in your life. Was it like that?

14. ZPump 2.0 Speed Cam

Fun fast and get a pair of trainers! For us, running is about more than treadmills and racetracks. It’s a vital part of life. So what better place to launch the ZPump 2.0, than right in the middle of the busiest street in Stockholm?

PS. I do not recommend it to children and slightly nervous people.

  • Almost 10 million views
  • Sales raised sharply and 43% of the growth was from new customers.

Do you know any awesome interactive Youtube ads that we haven’t talked about? Share yours!

Photo via VisualHunt.com

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    I use adwords video to remarket! My target audience consumes a lot of video content and as such we are evolving a robust video strategy.Working with video campaigns can be a lot of fun if you have your audience targeted well. Expensive if you don’t

  2. SMO Nawed says:

    We have recently launched the first ever interactive commercial drama in Bangladesh. Would you mind adding this Bangla commercial on your list? Your support could help my small firm, digimarka, get further public awareness.

    I’ll always remain grateful to you.

    SMO Nawed
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  1. July 7, 2016

    […] makes that abundantly clear — and people are doing some very exciting things in the realm of interactive video advertisements that might very well make future advertising not only an exciting art form but a joy for the user […]

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