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Mads Singers Management Mastery Review (The 5-hour Leadership Degree?)

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Mads Singers Management Mastery Review (The 5-hour Leadership Degree?)

Home / Learning / Mads Singers Management Mastery Review (The 5-hour Leadership Degree?)
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Looking for practical management training to help you scale your business, free up your time to focus on actually growing, and improve relationships with your team?

I was in exactly your position a few years ago.

At that time, a lot of people in the SEO/eCom community were talking about a leadership training program by some guy named Mads Singers. 

His course was actually a new type of business training especially for digital businesses like mine that covered hiring, firing, managing, and delegating in the digital age.

I was intrigued. You mean I could learn all this stuff without paying for an MBA?

NICE! Where do I sign up?

But then I heard it was only 5 hours long…

I was VERY SKEPTICAL. I thought these things normally took MONTHS or even YEARS of study. But I’m so glad I ended up taking it.

I’ll be honest, Mad’s course was one of the best investments I ever made in my agency, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Some people will get tons of value and others might not.

I’ve been through every video in his course multiple times and implemented his advice into my marketing agency. In this review, I’ll walk you through everything I learned and how it went over with my team. 


  • A few things I learned that changed my management style for the better
  • The one mindset shift that every online entrepreneur needs to know
  • How my hiring process has changed since taking the course
  • A few things I didn’t like about the course (sorry Mads!)
  • Who this course is definitely for and who it’s not for
  • 3 major benefits to my business/life from this course
  • The 1 drawback that might scare you away
  • My overall recommendation for this course (HINT: it’s good)

Let’s dive right in.

Mads Singers Management Mastery Review

Who is Mads Singers Management Mastery for?

Mads Singers Management Mastery is for Online Business owners like SEOs, eCommerce professionals, and digital entrepreneurs who need an effective, easy-to-implement system for managing small to medium-sized teams (~3 -50 people)

I get the feeling Mad’s ideal customer is a newish online entrepreneur, but this course is perfect for anyone who’s struggling with people management.

It’s for people who are facing challenges like I was:

  • Working 80 hours a week WITHIN your business rather growing it
  • Employees losing motivation and not achieving goals you know they’re capable of
  • Delegating the wrong way and ending up doing half the work yourself
  • Hiring people only for them not to meet expectations
  • Feeling like you’re going through motions with team meetings rather than accomplishing things


  • Done in a day not a year: In 5 hours, you’ll have enough knowledge to manage your team effectively.
  • Plug-and-play: Mads delivers everything in a simple framework that is fairly easy to implement to any business. You might struggle here and there at the beginning, but it’s simple enough to roll out on any business.
  • Easy-to-digest: Mads breaks everything up into bite-sized videos and speaks clearly and effectively.
  • Made for digital entrepreneurs: Most management courses are for traditional corporations and don’t apply to the online space. Mad’s is one of the only ones I know made for digital entrepreneurs, so it’s great for me.
  • People-focused: Mads shows you how to manage people NOT just the company itself. Think of it like building a strong foundation for success rather than managing every arm of the company.
  • Learn how to hire and fire: I never had any formal training in recruiting, so this was my favorite module and one I think all entrepreneurs need to learn.


  • Might not be in-depth enough: If you’re looking for a super in-depth management certificate, this isn’t it.
  • Not for large enterprises: This knowledge can definitely be applied to large businesses, but you’ll benefit the most if you have under 40 employees (ideally between 3-50).
  • Doesn’t really cover managing a company itself: This course is really about leadership and managing teams. 

Management Training? Do Online Entrepreneurs Really Need it?

I’ve been an online entrepreneur since I was 12.

For some reason, I’ve always just been a natural at it. Flipping websites, doing SEO for clients, starting my own marketing agency when I was 18 it always came easy.

That includes managing people.

My old agency – I’ve moved on to new challenges since then – had just a few employees to start and we got along great. Actually, managing them was my favorite thing about it. I’m one of those psychopaths who’d look forward to team meetings.

How was your weekend? Oh, football? Again? Cool! Where’d you go? Who with? Did ya win?

I loved getting to know my team. I’m friends with most of them even now that we’ve all moved on. We’ll always be a team.

But then we started to grow.

I mean REALLY GROW. Like, oh shit, I-can’t-do-this-alone-type growing.

Going from a solopreneur to managing 15+ employees isn’t easy. For the first time in my career, I started having bottlenecks. I even lost a few employees along the way – something that had never happened before.

I tried longer team meetings. Nothing.

I tried promoting some of my better teammates to manager positions. It kind of worked, but not really.

That’s when I heard about Mads Singers Management Mastery.

I had heard about Mads before in our community, but didn’t really know him (even though he lived in the same city as me)

The cool thing about being in a tight knit industry like ours is that everyone’s just a Facebook ping away. 

So even though we’d never actually met, I was able to message him personally and ask if his course was right for me. I knew since we had so many mutual friends, he’d never lie to me…at least I hoped.

His answer was something like **cue Danish accent** “Karl, I think it’s exactly what you need to be honest. Most entrepreneurs struggle with going from solopreneur to an actual manager in a business, and this is what I made this course for. You can buy it now, finish it tonight, and implement it tomorrow”.

So yeah I had two choices: a 3-year, $100,000 MBA or this 1-day course.


I was always good at managing, but now I finally had a plug-and-place system for managing larger groups of people (~20). It took so much of the stress out of onboarding, managing, and delegating every day. 

Instead of wasting time working on low-value stuff, I could actually focus on growing my agency.

I stopped working in my business and started working on it.  

It’s definitely not for everyone. Maybe you’re better off with a high-end management institute or leadership program.

I’ll cover everything in-depth here so you can make that decision for yourself.

What is Mads Singers Management Mastery?

Mads Singers Management Mastery is a 5-hour crash course in human-focused management made especially for small online businesses, but that’s also applicable to any business in any niche or industry.

It shows you brick-by-brick how to build a team you can be confident in by building rock solid relationships with the right people in their ideal roles within your company. 


  • Hiring according to DiSC personality traits (much more on this in a few sections)
  • How to fire employees (never my favorite task…)
  • Effectively delegating for maximum efficiency
  • Conducting team meetings the right way
  • How to motivate employees so they achieve what you know they’re capable of

If I had to sum it up in an elevator sales pitch, I’d say: Mads Singers Management Mastery is a 5-hour course that shows you how to create a team you can rely on, so you free up time to do the highest value work possible.

That’s what drew me to it in the first place. I was spending so much time managing people and ironing out all these little wrinkles that I barely had any time to grow my business like I was before. It was so frustrating.

So when I heard that I could learn a simple system to solve that issue in just a few hours, I thought “why the hell not?”

It’s not a super in-depth management course where you learn financials, logistics, branding, business strategy, and all that. This is a simple system for small-medium sized teams.

Mads is a very clear, effective speaker who conveys the information very succinctly and with easy-to-understand examples.

Wait, who is this Mads guy anyway?

Who is Mads Singers?

Mads Singers

Mads is a well known management coach who spent 10+ years in several Fortune 500 companies in various management roles before turning digital entrepreneur and management consultant.

He’s worked in Xerox & IBM and worked with a ton of big evil names we all know such as Coca Cola and Shell, but now his main focus is management coaching, especially in the eCom/digital marketing space.

What I like most about him is that he focuses on people. That’s really what this is all about, right? As an entrepreneur, I’m only as good as my team. A good organization is made of good people, and Mads even claims this is a company’s number 1 superpower.

If you focus on building solid relationships with your team members and learn how to motivate them, you’ll get the most out of your business and personal life. That’s his mantra.

As an entrepreneur now himself, he teaches entrepreneurs like me (and you…) how to think like managers.

A Peek Inside Mads’ Leadership Training

Like I said before, Mads has made an awesome online business leadership training course that helps business owners overcome some of their most common challenges.

So here I want to show you a taste of what you’ll get inside along with why I like it.

Module 1 – DiSC – Understanding Human Behavior and how to Utilize it

Mads Singers Management Mastery -Module 1 - DiSC -Understanding Human Behavior and how to Utilize it

I hate Tarot cards.

And if I see one more Myers-Briggs personality test post on Facebook I’m going to throw myself off the balcony of my super nice apartment (first floor…don’t worry).

DiSC assessment is something totally different, and grounded in real scientific study.

That being said, Mads’ breakdown of DiSC personality assessment really helped me understand my teammates and become a better manager.

I was always familiar with this concept, but never quite sure how to utilize it properly. I've always had a keen sense of understanding people, but never quite to this level of detail.

Mads thoroughly breaks DiSC down, and then explains how you can use this knowledge to:

  • Hire the right people
  • Create productive teams
  • Build stronger relationships with employees (because you finally understand who they are)
  • Motivate individuals of different personality
  • Better understand who you are 

My Favorite Part: I always struggled with motivating certain people who weren’t like me. I just didn’t get how some people didn’t care about winning or achieving big things. I thrive on that. Mads taught me how certain personality types are motivated by helping others more than themselves, so I was able to structure motivation and rewards and finally get them to achieve their potential. 

Module 2 – Meetings – How to Conduct Individual and Team Meetings for Max Efficiency

Mads Singers Management Mastery - Module 2 - Meetings - How to Conduct Individual and Team Meetings for Max Efficiency

Mads takes you on a deep dive into 1-to-1 and team meetings, including some helpful formatting insights and even an employee profile template. I always felt like I was good at conducting meetings, but I still learned a lot of helpful tips, especially for larger team meetings.

Video 1 – 1-to-1 Meetings

The most important meetings for your business. Here you’ll learn:

  • How long they should be
  • How to structure them properly
  • What to talk about
  • What to focus on in each phase of the meeting
  • How to get employees to improve
  • How to notify employees of the meeting the right way (this was a surprise)

Video 2 – Team Meetings

I thrive in 1-to-1’s. Teams not quite as much, so I really enjoyed this one.

You’ll learn

  • How to get your team working as one unit
  • How to format meetings
  • What to talk about in each phase
  • How long everyone should talk
  • What to do as a leader in the meeting

Lots of good value here.

Module 3 – Delegation – How to delegate to grow efficiently and free up your time

Here you’ll learn the number 1 mindset shift that’ll change how you run your business.

Every entrepreneur's goal is to work OUTSIDE of their business and scale it to the moon while others take care of daily operations.

Easier said than done.

This module covers:

  • How to shift to a team mindset
  • Which type of work to focus on the most
  • What work you need to do and don’t need to do
  • What to keep track of to grow efficiently
  • How to prioritize tasks properly
  • How to measure your own time 

Module 4 – Performance Management – Grow Your Business Without Investing Extra Money

This whole module teaches how to get the maximum performance out of your team.

This is another huge challenge for digital entrepreneurs. 

Business is good, so we don’t really care how much we’re getting out of each individual or team. When in reality, maximizing what you get out of everyone will increase your business exponentially with 0 extra investment.

This module includes both goals and feedback:

  • Goal setting
  • Business planning
  • What type of goals to set
  • How to think the right way to achieve goals
  • How to create a simpler pass to success
  • The basics of feedback
  • What type of feedback to give
  • How to deliver positive and negative feedback

Module 5 – Staffing – How to Find the Right People for the Job 

Here’s where Mads’ experience as an outsourcing manager really shines.

This module wasn’t my favorite, but it might be the most valuable for the majority of entrepreneurs.

Most of us never get formal training in hiring people. We start growing a business then all the sudden we’re thrust into this role of playing recruiter with no real guidance on where tog. 

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