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Pinterest Promoted Pins: 14 Tips How to Get Awesome Results

Home / Social Media Marketing / Pinterest Promoted Pins: 14 Tips How to Get Awesome Results
pinterest paid promoted pins campaign

Pinterest Promoted Pins: 14 Tips How to Get Awesome Results

Home / Social Media Marketing / Pinterest Promoted Pins: 14 Tips How to Get Awesome Results
pinterest paid promoted pins campaign
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Promoted pins is a paid advertising option on Pinterest. It offers you opportunities to promote your brand to an audience interested in all things visual. Pinterest's paid advertising platform runs on CPC (cost per click) model that will let you pay only when someone clicks a pin.

Promoted pins offer a possibility to reach your audience by demographics and contextual factors. You can get the most value out of promoted pins by expanding your reach to people who might otherwise not see your pins. After getting their attention, you can convert that to social engagement, leads, and sales.

Pinterest promoted pins offers a simple advertising module. Just dive in and get your promotions going. To start off, you will select a pin that you want to use to promote your brand. Next, you will set your goals and then you will choose your audience (potential pinners). Then you will set a CPC bid for your campaign and budget.

Get the advantage of being in the lead. You can get better results from your campaigns due to limited competition. Now we will help you get most out of your campaigns with these 14 insightful tips:

1. Single Out Your Potential Pinners

pinterest targeting demographics

As Paid promoted pins uses demographics of your target audience; you need to be particular about people who will see your pins. To serve this purpose, Pinterest gives you resources like language, location, device, and gender to tailor your campaign according to your projected audience to increase its chances of success.

2. Optimize for Right Keywords

pinterest keyword tool

Pinterest promoted pins uses keyword-based advertising method to make it more tactical and targeted. By optimizing your campaign with right keywords, you make it more relevant to search queries of your target pinners and increase chances of users clicking on your paid pin. With a set of 150 keywords per promoted pin, Pinterest gives you enough leverage to gain more visitors from a variety of competitive keywords.

3. Create a Bidding Strategy

Similar to other available advertising models, Pinterest Paid promoted pins also offers you the flexibility to pay only when a pinner clicks a pin. Before you start a paid promoted pins campaign, you need to decide on a bidding strategy. Aggressive bidding is better to start with your campaign. As you will be paying per click, you can take a little risk to increase chances of better CTR (Click Through Rate). Once you see conversions coming in you can start modifying your bidding strategy.

4. Choose Attractive Pins to Sell an Idea

high quality pins for Pinterest ads

Like many other paid marketing campaigns, promoted pins use images as marketing collateral. This is the first element to catch the attention of your audience. Your immediate focus is about using high-quality pins that work. These pins have to convey an idea, product, or service to your audience. Pins should compel them to take action and share it with their group of pinners.

5. Use Rich Pins

pinterest rich pins

Rich pins give context to your promoted pins campaign by adding more context like pricing and availability. Pinterest offers its users six different types of rich pins to choose from. They include product, app, article, movie, place, and recipe. You may need the help of your website developer to add rich pins capability to your website. Then you have to verify your rich pins before they appear on Pinterest and after that visitors can interact with them on your pinboard.

6. Track Your Success

pinterest analytics statistics

Once your Pinterest promoted pins campaign is live, you can measure it with tracking tools. Count your impressions, clicks, engagements, downstream engagements and conversion rates. Take a gradual approach, tweak your campaign by analyzing the behavior of your audience, keep an eye on the conversions and goals.

7. Timing is Important

Just like any other marketing campaign, timing is vital to the success of your promoted pins campaign. To maximize the results of your campaign, align your Campaign with social events. The obvious ones are Christmas, Black Friday or Easter. But you may want to promote your business at other times too. You can use anything, mother's day, Valentine's day, beginning of summer/fall/winter, etc. The more people will be active during these events; the more your efforts will lift results.

8. Build a Long-Term Strategy

To continue benefitting from promoted pin campaign, you need to come up with a long-term strategy. Avoid the temptation of getting rapid conversions and downstream engagements. Focusing only on sales may harm your ability to build a long-term relationship with your audience. Remember that it takes time for your pins to get traction. Once you get it, repinners will do rest of the job.

9. Use A/B Testing

Beginning your promoted pin campaign with A/B testing provides you deeper insights into what your audience is going to like and what not. Always run promoted pins with several different images and messages. Split-tests help you to achieve better results using two or more of your promoted pins and analyze the results. Over time you get a feel for what works and gets you the results you need.

10. CTA’s are Important

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are instrumental in prompting your audience to take the next step. However, Pinterest is a bit specific about how this whole CTA thing goes in your promoted pin campaign. The website only allows soft CTAs that do not make a direct selling attempt. So, you need to be careful while creating your CTA descriptions.

11. Keep an Eye on Cross-Device Movement

Different devices are an influential factor in customer behavior. To make your promoted pins campaign more effective, you need to watch cross-device activities of your audience. Desktop users account for most of the conversions. Mobile users contribute more to engagement as they tend to repin more. More repinning may lead to further downstream engagement and sales.

12. Use High-Quality Images

Since your Pinterest campaign is at its core visual marketing, it is important that you chose only high-quality images. Use only high-resolution images without any traces of pixelation as you are running a paid campaign and spend a chunk of your budget on it make sure you get most out of it. Do not derail your campaign with blurred, low-quality images.

13. Use Correct Aspect Ratio

Pinterest vertical pin aspect ratio

Unlike other picture-sharing platforms, Pinterest uses vertical scrolling to display your images. Vertical format means that you need to scale your pictures to an aspect ratio of 1:3.5. Correct aspect ratio will make your vertical images stand out and catch the eye of your potential audience.

14. Showcase Different Images of Your Product

Pinterest Paid Pins lets you position your brand to your audience from different angles. When you add pins to your Pinboard, select images that display various facets of your products to your audience. By exposing your audience to different aspects of your product, you increase chances of getting more traffic to your website.

Bonus. Use Pinterest Analytics Tools

pinterest analytics toolsPinterest marketing has and will always be about valuable content. Having some good analytics tools can help to increase your traffic and get you the most out of your marketing campaigns. Some tools are pretty pricey, but Pinterest’s own analytics is free. However, all have free trials Pinterest Analytics Tools to Maximize Your Pinterest Marketing Campaign.

Last Words….

Promoted pins campaign is a viable marketing idea. Limited competition helps you get more out of these campaigns. In this post, we presented you some of the best practices that will help to get more value out of this Pinterest marketing option. Want to get even better results? Tweak your campaigns according to your specific needs, audience, product type, and budget. Wishing you all the luck on your journey to Pinterest Promoted Pins campaign.

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