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SEMRush Review – New and Improved in 2024?

Home / Tools / SEMRush Review – New and Improved in 2024?

SEMRush Review – New and Improved in 2024?

Home / Tools / SEMRush Review – New and Improved in 2024?
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SEMRush has been around forever. Seriously.

This SEO tool is an OG and first saw the light of day back in 2008! In the 16 years since its release, the all-in-one digital marketing tool has grown into one of the most popular and powerful applications on the market.

However, in that period of time, we've also seen the emergence of quite a few competing SEO tools. Many of these have super legitimate claims to SEMRush's throne.

This begs the question: Is SEMRush worth the investment in 2024?

For ages… I was against them and massively preferred Ahrefs.

Have things changed?

In this SEMRush review, we aim to definitively answer this question. Have they been able to catch up?

There's a lot to consider here, so let's get to it!

Key Takeaways From Our SEMRush review

  • SEMRush is a versatile digital marketing suite designed for freelancers, businesses, and agencies, offering features ranging from SEO guidance to PPC campaign execution and social media management.

  • The platform offers a user-friendly dashboard providing a comprehensive overview of SEO metrics, and requires initial configuration such as keyword and site audits to optimize your online content's effectiveness.

  • As an SEO tool SEMRush excels in keyword research and SEO audits, offering detailed analysis and optimization recommendations, while being compared favorably to competitors like Ahrefs and KWFinder despite its higher price point.

Who's SEMRush For?

who is semrush for

SEMRush has been designed with a broad user-base in mind. It's tailored to meet the needs of businesses, freelancers, and agencies operating with a wide range of digital marketing needs. So whether you’re a small business looking to increase your online marketing visibility, a freelancer aiming to juggle multiple clients effortlessly, or a large company engaged in competitive research, SEMrush has something for you.

For Freelancers:

Freelancers thrive on efficiency and versatility, and SEMrush delivers just that. Here's why it's invaluable for them:

  1. Comprehensive Keyword Research: Freelancers can access SEMrush's extensive database to uncover high-volume, low-competition keywords for their clients' projects. With features like Keyword Magic Tool and Keyword Difficulty, they can identify lucrative keyword opportunities and easily find related keywords.

  2. Competitive Analysis: SEMrush enables freelancers to conduct in-depth competitive research, gaining insights into their clients' competitors' strategies. From analyzing backlink profiles to identifying top-performing content, freelancers can use SEMrush to devise strategies that outperform the competition.

  3. Project Management: SEMrush's project management features streamline freelancers' workflows, allowing them to organize and track multiple projects effortlessly. From managing keyword lists to tracking website health with site audit tools, freelancers can stay on top of their tasks and deliverables.

For Businesses:

Businesses of all sizes rely on SEMrush to strengthen their online presence, drive traffic, and outshine competitors. Here's how SEMrush adds value to their operations:

  1. SEO Optimization: SEMrush provides businesses with actionable insights to improve their website's visibility on various search engines. From on-page SEO recommendations to site audit reports, businesses can optimize their websites for better search engine rankings and organic traffic.

  2. Advertising Insights: With SEMrush's advertising insights, businesses can create more effective online advertising campaigns. By analyzing competitors' ad strategies, identifying top-performing ad keywords, and monitoring ad placements, businesses can maximize their advertising ROI and reach their target audience more effectively.

  3. Content Marketing Tools: SEMrush equips businesses with the tools they need to create and optimize engaging content. From content ideation to content optimization, businesses can leverage SEMrush to attract and engage their target audience across various channels, driving brand awareness and customer engagement.

For Digital Marketing Agencies:

Digital marketing agencies rely on SEMrush to deliver exceptional results for their clients while optimizing their own operations. Here are SEMrush features tailored for their needs:

  1. Client Reporting: SEMrush's reporting tools make it easy for digital marketing agencies to create customized reports for their clients. With features like branded PDF reports and data visualization options, agencies can showcase their clients' progress and the impact of their marketing efforts effectively.

  2. White-Label Solutions: SEMrush offers white-label solutions that allow digital marketing agencies to brand SEMrush's tools as their own. From customizing reports with agency logos to integrating SEMrush's data into their own dashboards, agencies can maintain a consistent brand identity while delivering exceptional results for their clients.

  3. Collaboration and Workflow Management: SEMrush's collaboration features enable digital marketing agencies to streamline teamwork and communication within their teams. With features like task management, user roles, and permissions, agencies can ensure that everyone stays on the same page and works towards common goals effectively.

You might be questioning how these features play out in a practical sense. Rest assured, we’ll validate them for you. Before we proceed, let’s guide you through the initial setup process with Semrush.

Getting Started with SEMRush

SEMRush 101 and how to start

Getting started with SEMRush is a straightforward process designed to quickly onboard new users and get them up to speed with the platform's capabilities. Here's a step-by-step guide for new users:

Sign Up for an Account: The first step is to sign up for a SEMRush account. Visit the SEMRush website and click on the “Sign Up” or “Start Your Free Trial” button. You'll be prompted to enter your email address and create a password to create your account.

Choose a Plan: SEMRush offers different subscription plans tailored to suit various needs, including individual users, businesses, and agencies. Choose the plan that best fits your requirements and budget. You can start with a free trial or opt for a paid plan for access to more features.

Explore the Dashboard: Once you've signed up and logged in, take some time to explore the SEMRush dashboard. Familiarize yourself with the layout and navigation menu, which includes options for different tools and features such as Keyword Research, Site Audit, and Backlink Analysis.

Set Up Your Projects: SEMRush allows you to create projects to monitor the performance of your website or your clients' websites. To set up a project, click on the “Projects” tab in the dashboard and follow the prompts to enter your website's domain, target keywords, and other relevant information.

Conduct Keyword Research: One of the most powerful features of SEMRush is its keyword research tool. Use this tool to identify keywords, do keyword overview, discover new keyword opportunities, analyze keyword difficulty, and identify long-tail keywords relevant to your niche.

Explore Competitive Analysis: SEMRush provides robust competitive analysis tools that allow you to spy on your competitors' strategies. Enter your competitors' domains into the “Domain Overview” tool to uncover valuable insights such as their position tracking top organic and paid keywords, backlink profile, and paid advertising and strategies.

Utilize Additional Tools and Features: SEMrush offers a wide range of tools and features beyond keyword research and competitive analysis. Explore tools for content marketing, advertising insights custom keyword databases, social media management keyword analytics, and more to leverage SEMrush's full potential and gain valuable insights for your digital marketing efforts.

Take Advantage of Learning Resources: SEMrush provides extensive learning resources, including tutorials, webinars, and blog articles, to help users get the most out of the platform. Take advantage of these resources to deepen your understanding of the SEMrush platform's features and improve your digital marketing skills.

By following these steps, new users can quickly get started with SEMrush and begin harnessing its powerful capabilities to improve their online visibility, drive traffic, and achieve their digital marketing goals.

Semrush Overview

Semrush Overview

Semrush is a widely used SaaS platform known for its expertise in keyword research, competitor analysis, and optimizing Google Ad campaigns. This combination of features make it one of the best Digital marketing tools available right now.

The main functionalities of Semrush include:

  • Keyword research

  • On-page SEO

  • Competitor analysis

  • Content marketing

  • On page SEO checker

  • Local SEO

  • Rank tracking

  • Social media management

  • SEO writing assistant

The sophistication and accessibility of these features combine to make SEMRush arguably the best SEO tool in the market nowadays.

Semrush Key Features

  1. Keyword Research:

    • SEMrush offers an extensive keyword database, allowing users to uncover relevant keywords for their SEO and PPC campaigns.

    • Users can conduct keyword research based on specific criteria such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and trend analysis.

    • The Keyword Magic Tool provides users with comprehensive keyword suggestions and variations, making it easier to identify valuable keyword opportunities.

    • With SEMrush, users can track keyword rankings over time and monitor changes in search engine visibility.

  2. Competitive Analysis:

    • SEMrush's competitive analysis tools provide valuable insights into competitors' online strategies.

    • Users can analyze competitors' organic search rankings, paid advertising campaigns, backlink profiles, and top-performing content.

    • The Domain Overview tool offers a snapshot of a competitor's online presence, including key metrics such as organic search traffic, backlink authority, and paid search performance.

    • SEMrush's Gap Analysis tool allows users to identify gaps in their own marketing strategy compared to competitors, helping them stay ahead in the digital landscape.

  3. Site Audit:

    • SEMrush's site audit tool helps users identify and fix technical issues that may be impacting their website's performance and search engine rankings.

    • Users receive actionable recommendations for improving site health, including fixing broken links, optimizing meta tags, improving page speed, and enhancing mobile-friendliness.

    • The site audit tool provides a comprehensive overview of website performance metrics, allowing users to prioritize and address critical issues efficiently.

  4. Backlink Analysis:

    • SEMrush's backlink analysis tools enable users to monitor their own backlink profile and analyze competitors' backlink strategies.

    • Users can identify high-quality backlink opportunities, disavow toxic backlinks, and track changes in backlink metrics over time.

    • SEMrush provides insights into anchor text distribution, referring domains, and authority metrics, helping users build a strong and diverse backlink profile to improve their website's authority and credibility.

  5. Advertising Insights:

    • SEMrush offers valuable insights into online advertising campaigns, including ad keywords, ad copy, ad placements, and competitor analysis.

    • Users can analyze competitors' PPC strategies, identify top-performing ad keywords, and optimize their own PPC campaigns for maximum ROI.

    • SEMrush's Advertising Research tool provides comprehensive data on ad spend, ad performance, and competitor analysis across various advertising platforms, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

  6. Content Marketing Tools:

    • SEMrush offers a suite of content marketing tools to help users create, optimize, and track the performance of their content.

    • Users can conduct content research, analyze competitor content strategies, and identify content gaps and opportunities.

    • SEMrush provides recommendations for optimizing on-page SEO elements, improving content readability, and enhancing engagement metrics such as time on page and bounce rate.

  7. Social Media Management:

    • SEMrush's social media management tools allow users to schedule posts, monitor engagement, analyze performance, and track competitors' social media activities across various platforms.

    • Users can create and publish content, engage with their audience, and measure the impact of their social media efforts in one centralized platform.

    • SEMrush provides insights into social media trends, audience demographics, and competitor benchmarking, helping users develop data-driven social media strategies.

  8. Project Management:

    • SEMrush's project management features help users organize and track their digital marketing projects, including keyword research, competitive analysis, site audits, and content marketing efforts.

    • Users can create and manage multiple projects, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress in real-time.

    • SEMrush's project management tools streamline collaboration and communication within teams, ensuring that everyone stays aligned and focused on achieving common goals.

These key features make SEMrush a comprehensive and invaluable tool for digital marketers looking to optimize their online presence, drive targeted traffic, and achieve their marketing objectives. Whether you're conducting keyword research, analyzing competitors, optimizing your website, using traffic analytics, or managing social media campaigns, SEMrush provides the data and insights you need to succeed in today's competitive digital landscape.

Is SEMRush Worth It: A Cost-Benefit Breakdown

Unlocking the Value Proposition

When considering SEMrush's worth, one can't overlook the multitude of benefits it brings to the table. Let's delve into why investing in SEMrush can be a game-changer:

1. Unlocking a Wealth of Features:

  • SEMrush offers an expansive toolkit covering every aspect of digital marketing, from SEO to social media management.

  • With SEMrush, users gain access to unparalleled insights and tools that streamline workflows, saving time and effort.

2. Driving Success with Data-Driven Strategies:

  • By harnessing SEMrush's robust analytics and recommendations, users can make data-driven decisions that lead to tangible results.

  • With SEMrush at their disposal, users can optimize their online presence, increase visibility, and outshine competitors with confidence.

3. Maximizing ROI Potential:

  • SEMrush isn't just an expense—it's an investment with the potential for significant returns.

  • By leveraging SEMrush's capabilities to improve search rankings, drive targeted traffic, and enhance marketing effectiveness, users can unlock substantial ROI over time.

4. Unparalleled Competitive Advantage:

  • SEMrush empowers users to stay ahead of the curve by providing invaluable insights into competitors' strategies and market trends.

  • With SEMrush, users gain a competitive edge, positioning themselves as industry leaders in their respective niches.


  • SEMrush isn't just worth it—it's a game-changer for digital marketers looking to elevate their strategies and achieve unparalleled success.

  • By investing in SEMrush, users unlock a world of possibilities, driving growth, and achieving their marketing objectives with ease.

In summary, SEMrush isn't just a tool—it's a strategic asset that empowers users to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable results in today's competitive digital landscape.

SEMRush Pricing

SEMRush Pricing

As of 2024, SEMrush offers three main pricing tiers for its services:

  1. Pro Plan: Priced at $129.95 per month, this plan is designed for freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with limited budgets. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools suitable for basic marketing needs.

  2. Guru Plan: At $249.95 per month, the Guru Plan caters to professional SEO consultants and agencies managing multiple clients. This plan includes all the features of the Pro Plan, along with additional tools and capabilities that are beneficial for more advanced users.

  3. Business Plan: The highest tier, priced at $499.95 per month, is tailored for larger agencies and enterprises with extensive marketing needs. This plan includes all the features of the Guru Plan, plus additional advanced features and higher limits.

SEMrush also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on all plans and provides a free trial version with limited capabilities. Customers can choose to pay monthly or annually, with a 17% discount offered for annual subscriptions.

Conclusion: Is SEMRush Worth it?

So, is SEMrush worth it in 2024? Absolutely. No surprise there.

This SEO powerhouse has really kept up with the times, rolling out awesome new features and keeping its initial suite of offerings super relevant. What's great is that it's got something for everyone – whether you're digging into keyword research or spying on your competition, SEMrush has your back.

They've also got pricing that suit all all pockets. Whether you're just starting out on a side hustle or heading up marketing for an established company, there's a plan that suits your bank balance.

Yeah, it might take a bit of time to get the hang of it's more complex features if you're new to the SEO game, but it's nothing to lose sleep over. There's a ton of helpful resources online and SEMrush has a solid support team to help you out.

Bottom line: if you're serious about stepping up your SEO game, SEMrush is a smart move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEMrush really worth it?

Yes, SEMrush is worth it if you are serious about SEO practices and will make use of its features to justify the price tag. However, it may not be a good value for those with limited SEO knowledge who won't take advantage of its wide feature set.

Can SEMrush be trusted?

Yes, SEMrush can be trusted for accurate data on backlinks, organic search results, traffic and keyword research, making it a reliable choice for SEO needs.

Is SEMrush really free?

No, SEMrush offers a free plan for basic objectives, but it is limited in functionality and is primarily a paid, subscription-based platform.

What is SEMRush?

Semrush is a comprehensive digital marketing suite that specializes in keyword research, competitor analysis website optimization, and Google Ad campaign optimization.

Who can benefit from Semrush?

Businesses, freelancers, and agencies in the digital marketing sector can benefit from Semrush. It is specifically designed to cater to their needs.

Does SEMRush integrate with Google Analytics?

Yup. By linking your SEMRush and Google Analytics account, you gain the ability to analyze all of your website's data from one central interface.

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