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The 15 Best Amazon FBA Tools (You Only Need #1)

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best amazon fba tools

The 15 Best Amazon FBA Tools (You Only Need #1)

Home / Tools / The 15 Best Amazon FBA Tools (You Only Need #1)
best amazon fba tools
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Let me sum up running an Amazon FBA business for you…

You can make A TON of money, change your life, and live totally free… but it’s a PAIN.

I put together this list of the best tools for Amazon sellers so you don’t suffer through all the BS I went through building my FBA business.

In 5+ years, I’ve used just about every tool for Amazon sellers. These are the only ones I trust.

There are software tools for EVERYTHING that will make your life so much easier. And some of them are 100% free.

You’ll grow faster, work less, stress less, and make more money than competitors if you just get the right tools.

2024 Update: The game has changed again! This year, we're seeing a surge in tools leveraging advanced AI to predict market trends and optimize product listings. Also, there's a bigger focus on tools that integrate seamlessly with social media platforms for marketing, making it easier to tap into new customer bases. I've updated the post with this in mind.

How I Made This Seller Tools List

I’ve been in eCommerce and the online business world since I was 12. I’ve seen and tried all the tools. Literally all of them.

how we chose the best amazon fba tools

Take it from me: Most aren’t worth your time.

Just do what smart people do: Look at the most successful people and reverse engineer what they’re using. They’ve already done all the hard work…why do it yourself?

So, with that being said, here’s how I made this list:

  1. I started with my current stack and chose the best for new or intermediate sellers that would bring the most value as quickly possible
  2. I polled six seven-figure sellers in my network, and chose out of their answers

Are you pumped? You should be.

Amazon sellers make $30,000 in their first year on average and work less than 20 hours per week.

With these tools, you can easily CRUSH that dollar figure and WORK LESS. Imagine $50,000 – $100,000 a year working a few hours a day?

Want to live a dream life? Here are the tools to build it.

The Best Amazon FBA Tools: My 10 Must-Have Tools

1. Helium 10: The Best All in One FBA Tool

helium 10 - the best amazon fba tool overall

Type: All-in-one tool suite.

What Helium 10 can do for your FBA business:

  • Grow faster: Freedom Ticket – elite Amazon FBA training – included in your subscription.
  • Cut your workload in half: Everything under one roof drastically reduces workload and increases inefficiency.
  • Live stress-free: Helium 10 is life-changing. Worry about 1 tool instead of a dozen different ones.
  • Actionable insights: Helium 10 analyzes every facet of your business 24/7 and returns unparalleled insights.
  • Save money: Pay for 1 tool instead of 12.

Price: Starting from $29/mo billed annually

Helium 10 is the best Amazon FBA tool ever created. Hands down.

It’s an all-in-one tool suite containing EVERY tool sellers need to run a business.

Imagine doing all of this with just one tool starting from $29/mo:

  • Product research – Find new, high-margin products
  • Keyword research – Find high-value keywords quickly
  • Inventory management – Track inventory and manage refunds, invoices, and follow ups
  • Listing optimization – Optimize listings and outrank competitors
  • Online sales tracking – Track sales and profits
  • Efficient Amazon PPC campaigns – Run highly targeted ads to interested customers

Everyone I polled had Helium 10 on their list as the #1 tool. It’s the most comprehensive tool in the game.

Helium 10 has all the tools you need to start, manage, and grow an FBA business.

Including elite training from someone who has made millions on the Amazon marketplace. Plus it has a Chrome Extension to easily validate products based on important supply, demand, and competition data.

helium 10 fba chrome extension

On the product research side, it empowers you to quickly search, analyze, and select high-certainty products based on granular metrics.

Then, it helps you find keywords, reverse engineer competitors, and rank your listings. On the business side, it’s your inventory management software, accountant, analyst, refund department, and marketing team.

And now they’re offering Freedom Ticket – their $1,000 FBA masterclass – FREE with a subscription, so you can learn secrets of seven-figure sellers as you grow.

It's literally listed #2 on our list of the best Amazon FBA courses and you're getting it for free.

So you’re getting a dozen necessary tools, elite training, and hours of your life back starting from $29/mo. See why this is a no-brainer?

Helium 10 Pricing: No, it’s Not Expensive
helium 10 pricing

Helium 10 IS NOT expensive.

NOT USING Helium 10 is expensive.

It starts at $29/mo billed annually. That’s NOTHING. You need these tools. All your competitors are using them.

You’ll probably need a $99 per month plan ($84/mo annually), but if you aren’t willing to spend $100 a month on a business, then quit now. That’s one night of dinner and drinks on a Saturday night.

Click here to give it a shot!

Not convinced? Check out my full Helium 10 review here.

2. Jungle Scout – The Best Keyword Research Tool

jungle scout - the best amazon fba keyword research tool

Type: All-in-one tool suite

What Jungle Scout can do for your FBA business:

  • Find reliable suppliers with the best products
  • Find profitable, trending niches with high-demand
  • Discover high-potential product ideas and validate them with metrics like profit margins, competition, and sales estimations
  • Run promotions to generate easy sales

Price: Starting from $29/mo annually

Jungle Scout is the keyword research tool, and the industry standard for finding products and suppliers.

Helium 10 is the best for managing and growing your FBA business, but Jungle Scout is better for finding the best products and reliable suppliers.

You can see a full comparison of the two here or just trust me.

Their product research, insider supplier connections, and promotions are a shortcut for new Amazon FBA sellers.

Instead of spending weeks manually researching the Amazon marketplace, Google Trends, Chinese factories, and the depths of the Dark Web, for $29/mo, Jungle Scout makes it easy:

  1. Use Opportunity Finder to locate high-potential niches. See what’s trending, evaluate opportunities using niche score (a number that tells you how good a niche is), explore keyword opportunities, and identify top products
  2. Use Product Database to find high-potential products based on sales data, competition, and FBA fees
  3. Use Supplier Database to connect to vetted suppliers instantly based on key performance ratings, then strike discounted deals because you’re a Jungle Scout customer
  4. Use Promotions to promote your Amazon products
overview of jungle scout tools

Jungle Scout also has plenty of other tools, so technically, you could do almost everything you need with it. I just don’t recommend it.

I was lucky enough to come up in the game when Jungle Scout still offered different tools a la carte, so I had no issues using Helum 10 and Jungle Scout together. Now, it’s a bit dicier.

I still highly recommend you use Helium 10’s management tools. They’re on another level.

It might be expensive, but it’s worth it to use these two tools in tandem. You’ll have the best products, best suppliers, and you’ll have the best optimization, management, and marketing tools PLUS the best training.

TL;DR – for product research, JS is still the GOAT. Try it out.

For more information on what it can do, see my Jungle Scout review.

3. Amazon Seller App – The Best Free Tool for Your Business

amazon seller app

Type: Store management app

What Amazon Seller App can do for your business:

  • Respond to customers anytime
  • Create listings anywhere
  • Manage inventory, prices, and orders
  • Research and analyze sales data

Price: Free

Amazon Seller App puts your entire business at your fingertips anywhere at any time for free.

Basically, it allows you to manage your business on the go in case things get messy. Including:

  • Inventory
  • Fulfilling orders
  • Product pricing
  • Sales analytics
  • Promotions
  • Editing product photos

This app helps you solve pressing problems and manage your reputation right then and there in case things get dicey.

Oh, a customer is pissed because his cheeseburger telephone hasn’t arrived? Let me reach out and calm him down.

4-hour layover in Saigon because VietJet is the absolute worst airline of all time? No worries, let me pour over some data so I get a dopamine hit and feel happy.

It’s free. There’s no reason not to have it. It’s going to save your behind multiple times. Get it.

4. Viral Launch – The Best Way to Speed up Sales, Reviews, and Rankings

viral launch for amazon fba

Type: Product launch service

What Viral Launch can do for your business:

  • Rank faster
  • Generate positive reviews
  • Shortcut the launch process
  • Skip the dog days of a new FBA business

Price: $200

Viral Launch is the fastest, easiest way to get your Amazon FBA business off the ground. Once you’re certain about a product, head to Viral Launch and let them speed up the launch process for you.

Here’s the service in a nutshell:

Viral Launch promotes your new product to their audience of 350,000 Amazon buyers at a massive discount, sometimes 80-90% off, so you get a lot of sales and reviews quickly.

Why do this?

Because Amazon ranks products according to sales, reviews, and a ton of other factors.

See why this is valuable?

A giveaway to a targeted audience generates sales and reviews super quickly. That means you’ll shoot up the rankings and generate positive reviews much more quickly than doing things the old fashioned way.

I ran a giveaway a few years back. Within a week, I’d sold ~150 units. I went from page 8 to the middle of page 2… do you know how long that would’ve taken me without running a giveaway?

It’s worth every penny. Here’s what a single launch package comes with:

viral launch features

As always, you can give it a shot using this link.

5. FeedBack Five – The Best Amazon Review Management Tool

amazon fba feedback and reviews tool - feedback five

Type: Review management tool

What FeedBack Five can do for your business:

  • Protect your reputation
  • Increase rankings and brand awareness
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Save hours of manual work

Price: Free to start with

FeedBack Five is an indispensable part of my business.

This tool automates review request emails and monitors product listings, so you don’t have to sit there all day doing it yourself.

Review requests go out every time you sell a product, and each one is a branded, templated message.

It’s ideal for new Amazon FBA sellers for three reasons:

  1. It’s super simple to use, so you don’t need much FBA experience at all
  2. It’s free up to 50 requests
  3. Automating all of this increases reviews and saves a ton of time

If you’re smart, it provides a ton of high-end value for your Amazon business that your competitors are almost certainly missing.

Here’s a hack that I use…

Monitor top products and see what customers love most about your brand/products. Adjust your product copy accordingly. Better yet, export the file and keep it in your business. Use it as a swipe file when you outsource listings optimization.

The best bart? You can get started for free.

6. SellerTools – The Best Product Research Tool and Extension

sellertools chrome extension for fba

Type: Chrome Extension

What SellerTools can do for your FBA business:

  • Find new, untapped product ideas
  • Discover product differentiation opportunities
  • Find out what people are actually searching for
  • Optimize PPC campaigns using long-tail keywords

Price: $37

SellerTools is a Chrome Extension that displays unique, high-value product data and keyword ideas along with search volume. No guessing games. No sitting around stressing about products. No wrong hunches that cost you thousands of dollars. Just real, actionable data on what customers are really buying.

It’s one of the only surefire ways to grow an Amazon business intelligently.

Say you want to expand, SellerTools shows you dozens of new ideas and gives you a rough estimate on search volume. It also shows you other related keywords to give you even more product ideas for your online store.

Imagine you want to expand into the biodegradable niche…

All you have to do is type “biodegradable” into Amazon, and SellerTools shows you this:

sellertools in action

Pretty cool, aye?

Just this info alone shows me that customers are searching for oddball biodegradable products for plants, animals, gender reveal parties (cringe), and beverages. Tons of solid ideas I would have never have thought of.

And, if you already have your product, you can look for related keywords and add them to your PPC campaigns. Winning.

Easily one of the best market intelligence tools out there.

Dreamgrow readers also get a discount by either using this link or the coupon code “DREAMGROW”.

7. Shopify – Build Fully Functioning Online Stores in Minutes

shopify for amazon fba sellers

Type: eCommerce

What Shopify can do for your FBA business:

  • Build a beautiful storefront in minutes
  • Easily manage products
  • Accept payments
  • Massive community

Price: Starting from $29/mo

Shopify is the most popular, comprehensive, and extensible eCommerce store builder. You’re going to need a nice storefront to sell products for your Amazon business, right?

This is the easiest way to build it.

Set up an account, choose a high-converting theme, and add products – that’s pretty much it. You’re ready to sell on Amazon.

Now you can “stock” products, accept payments, look professional, access extensions and other software tools, track monthly sales data, and even market your business.

Here an example of a nice eCom store built off a Shopify theme:

shopify theme example for amazon sellers

Once your store is set up, you can adjust prices, create a catalog, offer multiple different designs, add product descriptions, calculate fees and taxes, and all that other eCom jargon.

That’s actually another reason why it’s one of the best tools – it’s inventory, eCommerce, payments, and automation software right in one piece of seller software.

You can build your store with Shopify but still use the FBA business model. Shopify serves as your “storefront” and legitimizes your business, which is especially valuable now that customers are looking for legit brands with a story and purpose.

Not only that, having a second marketing/sales channel will massively increase the valuation of your business if you ever decide to sell it, as well as minimizing your own risk.

8. Pixelfy.me – The Best URL Shortener

pixelfy.me for amazon sellers

Type: URL shortener and tracker

What Pixelfy.me can do for your FBA business:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase clicks to your product listings
  • Retarget interested customers for better conversions
  • Increase sales by keeping customers in the Amazon app

Pixelfy.me is one of the most effective tools for marketing out there.

There’s a reason that the topsellers all use it. It’s one of the easiest wins in all FBA. It’s proven to improve link traffic, ROI, sales, and rankings.

Pixelfy.me turns long, spammy links into neat, branded links. Check it out:

pixelfy.me in action

It’s hard to understand how important this is if you’re new to Amazon, so let me explain. This helps you a few ways:

  1. Shoppers click shorter, branded links more than longer ones. The company claims 35% more, and in my experience that’s roughly true.
  2. Shorter URLs tend to rank better, and with more traffic and sales, you’ll get double the ranking juice.
  3. Retarget customers based on past behavior and hit them with discounts. This has done wonders for my PPC ROI.

Another added bonus that’s SUPER important is that if anyone clicks on mobile – email, Twitter, Facebook, whatever – it opens the Amazon app on their phone. Now, they’re in the app and there’s a way higher chance they make a purchase.

9. Repricer.com – The Best Amazon Repricing Software

repricer.com amazon product pricing tool

Type: Pricing tool

What Repricer can do for your FBA business:

  • Win and hold the buy box
  • Automate pricing for optimal ROI
  • Optimize your product catalog

Price: Starting from $85/month

No we’re having some fun. This is some next-level Amazon S*** here.

Amazon is a war for the buy box. If you’re not in it, you lose.

Repricer.com automates Amazon product pricing, helping you win the buy box, keep it, and optimize sales. It’s a complete game-changer.

Let me explain a bit…

More than 80% of all sales on Amazon happen through the buy box. And one of the best ways to get in there is through better sales and fewer cancellations.

So here’s what Repricer.com does.

You can adjust your pricing to aggressively chase the buy box. Reduce your profit margins and try to outdo competitors until you win it. Then, once you’ve got it, automatically increase prices to make the most of your time in the spotlight.

Pro tip: The buy box is so important that you should seriously consider dropping a product if you stand no chance of ever winning it. Instead, consider focusing on more profitable products that you can win the buy box for.

10. QuickBooks + Entriwise – The Best FBA Accounting Software

quickbooks and entriwise for fba accounting

Type: Accounting

What QuickBooks and Entriwise can do for your FBA business:

  • Accounting (duh..)

Pricing: ~$50/mo (Software + integration)

QuickBooks accounting systems plus Entriwise is the best accounting software out there for small Amazon FBA businesses.

It’s the industry standard.

Nothing fancy. Just a dead simple, cheap accounting software that keeps Uncle Sam off your back.

You know how accounting software works, so I’m not going to bore you. Invoices, receipts, sales tax, VAT, payroll, expense reports – yawn.

You’ll figure it out in 10 minutes.

But the real reason it’s the best for your Amazon business is it connects with Entriwise, an accounting integration made specifically for FBA.

Entriwise is a complete game-changer. Here’s what it can do:

  • Inventory management: Integrate your Amazon SKUs to track inventory directly within QuickBooks and view true profitability.
  • Automatic reconciliation: Everything is reconciled within Entriwise to the penny. Orders, refunds, fees, taxes, etc – everything will match Amazon to the cent.
  • Analytics: Know exactly how much you’re really making per product over time automatically. Entriwise analyzes every part of your Amazon sales to show you what’s really coming in each month.

You’re going to need tax software anyway. You might as well get the industry standard plus the best FBA accounting and tracking integration. Together it’ll cost about $50/mo. It also connects with Shopify and even to third-party logistics providers if you go that route down the line.

how to do amazon fba accounting

Best of the Rest

11. Google Trends – The Cheapest Way to Validate Product Ideas

google trends for amazon sellers

Type: Product research

What Google Trends can do for you

  • Validate product ideas
  • Gain powerful insight into search trends

Price: Free

Free, powerful, actionable data – that’s Google Trends in a nutshell. This is the free tool of all free tools.

Nobody thinks of it as a free Amazon keyword tool, but it definitely is. In 5 seconds, you’ll know if a niche is worth it or not.

Here’s what to do.

Once, you have a niche idea, head to Google Trends to validate it.

Let’s stick with “biodegradable”. Your goal is to build a sustainable business right? So, you’ll want something that’s clearly on the up trend.

So, let’s type in “biodegradable” and see what’s going on. Let’s check the past 5 years to get an overall idea of the long-term trend.

how to use google trends

It’s a bit wonky, but there’s a clear upward trend for this term over the last 5 years. Interest is clearly growing. Damn you, you health conscious peope.

I wouldn’t rush to buy 10 million biodegradable straws just yet, but this is intensely valuable. And it’s free and takes 5 seconds.

12. Keepa – Detailed Price History Charts at a Glance

keepa for amazon fba sellers

Type: Product research Chrome Extension

What Keepa can do for you

  • Valuable insights into historical data
  • Important product metrics at a glance
  • Competitor spying

Keepa is one of the most popular and useful FBA browser extensions.

It shows you invaluable data on 800 million + products including:

  • Sales rank
  • Amazon stock
  • Buy box history
  • Number of competitors
  • Average review rating

Here’s a quick snapshot of just how much data this thing spits at you:

the data keepa can give amazon sellers

Don’t worry, this looks super confusing but once you get the hang of it, it’s super simple.

You can use this info to determine the answers to questions like “does this thing even sell?” or “how many other people are selling this thing that I want to sell?”.

Again, this is just more data to help you determine if a product is worthwhile. Most  tools don’t even come close to matching this level of insight.

Keepa is probably best for retail arbitrage and people looking to make a quick buck, but it’s still invaluable for private label products, wholesale, FBA, and dropshippers. If you’re using Helium 10, you’ll get a lot of this data anyway, but it helps to have it so conveniently right on the page, plus it shows a lot of extra data that Helium 10 doesn’t.

13. Upwork – Best for Finding Freelancers

upwork for hiring

Type: Freelance job board

What Upwork can do for you

  • Outsource to skilled freelancers
  • Save time by delegating
  • The largest pool of skilled workers on the internet

Upwork is the largest, most active, and most diverse job board. I’ve tried Fiverr, Freelancer, Reddit, and every other god forsaken freelance Hellscape known to man, and Upwork is the only one I’ve had any moderately good hires from.

the talent you can find on upwork

At the beginning, you’re going to be doing all the leg work, but as you grow, you’ll want to start outsourcing things like:

  • PPC ads
  • Photos
  • Listings optimization
  • Accounting
  • Customer service

I’ve also had good success hiring virtual assistants (people with multiple skills that handle admin and basic marketing tasks) from here as well as OnlineJobs.ph.

14. Orderhive – The Best Amazon Inventory Management Tool for High Volume Sellers

orderhive for inventory management on amazon fba

Type: Inventory management software

What Orderhive can do for you

  • Streamline tedious backend tasks
  • Always stay on top of stock
  • Helpful analytics to improve stock decision making

Once you start really pumping orders out, you’ll want to upgrade your inventory management tools.

Orderhive does two things like a boss:

  1. Manages inventory across all your stores
  2. Automated backend order processing

I love the minimal, easy-to-use interface, and that it’s not super click intensive. It’s super easy to see what’s going on, how much you have in stock, and what you need to work on.

Here’s an example:

how to use orderhive for amazon

As you expand, managing everything in messy spreadsheets or in “all-in-one” tools just won’t cut it. Orderhive automates tedious tasks like updating stock, generating labels, and tracking sales figures, so you don’t have to waste any time.

And they have the best support around, which is going to be HUGE. Trust me. If you aren’t a logistics pro, you’re going to need it.

15. Teikametrics – The Best AI Advertising Tool

Teikametrics - The Best Amazon AI Advertising Tool

Type: Marketing automation

What Teikametrics can do for your FBA business:

  • Optimize ads
  • Scale faster
  • Save time managing campaigns and bidding

Teikametrics is a powerful AI marketing tool that automatically creates audience segments, bids for ads, and manages your marketing based on preset campaign goals.

This is next-gen automation for next-level Amazon sellers.

Say you want to start a new PPC campaign, Teikametrics can do all of the following:

  • Create grous
  • Find high-converting keywords
  • Automatically bid on keywords according to preset metrics like product pricing, seasonality, and inventory levels
teikametrics features

It can even adjust automatically for Amazon marketplace events like Black Friday.

It’s definitely one of the best tools, but it won’t be of much use to you until you’re growing.

Bonus Mentions

I just wanted to add a few extra bonuses for easy keyword research, increasing Amazon sales, improving sales rank, and other fun stuff.

Think of these as complimentary seller software that’s nice to take a look at for extra value, but they aren’t the best tools for selling on Amazon.

1. Amazon FBA Calculator

amazon fba revenue calculator

Amazon FBA Calculator is one of the best free tools for selling on Amazon. It shows fees, margins, and even real-time cost comparisons for different methods.

It’s accessible directly from your Seller Central Account. Sometimes, the best software tools are free. Once you’ve chosen a product, log in to your seller central account, and head to the calculator to get a real feel for how much profit you’ll make on each sale.

2. Ahrefs Site Explorer

ahrefs - the best keyword research tool

Ahrefs is a next level keyword tool that I recommend for sellers with SEO experience. It’s not really an Amazon tool, but if you’re good with SEO, you can see which keywords people are actually searching for, as well as get a feel for how much traffic your competitors are getting from each country.

You can also see where competitors rank for different keywords. I’d definitely start with other tools, but once you’re off the ground, Ahrefs is worth checking out.

3. Zon.Tools

zon.tools for ppc automation

Zon.Tools is a simple, powerful Amazon seller tool that automates PPC campaigns, tracks ad spend, and automatically adjusts bidding based on timing, margins, competition, and other metrics.

It’s an alternative Amazon seller tool to Teikametrics and Helium 10 for online retailers who aren’t too tech savvy or are on a budget. Plans start from $9, so can’t beat it!

4. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free and easy way to turbo charge your Google ads and sell more products.

If you’re running Google PPC ads to bring in customers from organic keywords, the keyword planner shows you monthly search volume, price estimation, competition, and related keywords to add into your campaigns. The better your keyword research, the more you’ll sell on Amazon and the less you’ll spend on ads.

5. Unicorn Smasher Free

unicorn smasher

It’s hard not to add Unicorn Smasher here just based on name alone. It’s a simple and free seller tool that shows invaluable product data like price, category, reviews, and average rating.


Q: What tools do you need for an Amazon FBA business?

A: Tools you need for an Amazon FBA business are Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Repricer.com, and SellerTools. At the very least, as an Amazon FBA seller, you’ll need tools for keyword research, keyword tracking, inventory, automating review requests, and analytics. I also highly recommend repricing tools.

Q: Which tool is used for Amazon product analysis?

A: The best tool for Amazon product analysis is Jungle Scout. It’s got the best keyword tools in the industry, and it as the best product and supplier database as well. It’s the industry standard for product analysis.

Q: What is Helium 10 used for?

A: Helium 10 is used for everything related to FBA. Everything from keywords and listing optimization to analytics, product management, and customer relations. It’s the most comprehensive Amazon seller tool in existence. Every seven-figure seller uses Helium 10. It’s everything you need all in one place for $29/mo.

Q: Do you need software to sell on Amazon?

A: YES, you 100% need software to sell on Amazon. Software cuts your work in half, improves efficiency, helps you choose the right products, improves sales, and saves money. All of your competition will be using software, so if you don’t have it, you will always be one step behind. You might as well quit now if you don’t plan to use tools.

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