Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits [July 2015]

Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits July 2015After a slight break I have updated this chart to the latest available data. Here is fresh top 10 social networking sites’ market share data in US for the month of July 2015.

Market Share of Visits [July 2015]:

  1. Facebook 45,6% (-)
  2. YouTube 21,5% (+)
  3. Twitter 4,73% (+)
  4. Reddit 4,15% (+)
  5. Pinterest 1,47% (-)
  6. Tumblr 1,46% (+)
  7. LinkedIn 1,33% ( )
  8. Instagram 1,32% ()
  9. Yahoo! Answers 1,27% (-)
  10. Google+ 1,22% (-)

To put the percentages in perspective then the absolute number of visits of 1% of market share is approximately 37.4 million visits.

About this chart

Every month the chart lists the top 10 sites of that time by the market share of visits in US. Please note that it is just a percentage and 30% in January 2012 is a lot less than 30% in December 2012. The gaps in the the lines mean that the site wasn’t in the top 10 at that time. The chart is in logarithmic scale so that the smaller sites wouldn’t just a single line around 1% of social network market share.

I used an interactive chart making software Tableau Public for this visualization. If you don’t see anything below please try reload. If all else fails then look at the image or download the chart in PDF format: Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits.

The chart is interactive so play around with it!

Pete Kallas

Priit is the founder and CEO of DreamGrow Digital, an internet marketing and social media company. With his 20+ years internet marketing experience he is Helping companies to understand and use the digital marketing to reach their target audiences. He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. Priit is also the organizer of Digital Elite Camp, a leading traffic and conversion event.

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    Thanks for your lovely list of top 10 social networking sites. I have project to do on my company.
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