4 Easy To Implement SEO Techniques Using Social Media

Just starting a blog and updating it daily is not enough to become a successful blogger. You have to compete with other millions of sites that also want to be successful. So what are you going to do for it to work?

You have to rank high in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If your blog is able to rank on the first page of a search results then you can attract a lot of visitors. So, what are the techniques that help you rank high in search?

To get better results in search engines use the simple techniques mentioned below. All these tips are related to social media and very easy to understand and implement. You don’t need any technical skills.

Here we go!

Create Unique Signature

Unique signature means creating a small author bio with a unique style. Your signature will have your photo, name and a one line description about yourself. This signature will be displayed below every post your write.

Google’s Author Markup

To create unique signature sign up for Google’s author markup. You can upload a photo and write a one liner describing your profile with name. Google search engine will always prefer to pull up a blog with a consistent signature rather than a blog without any signature. Hence always create a signature.

Organizing Signature

Now you have to manage your signatures to get maximum out of it. Always insert a signature below every blog post you write. If you are also writing guest posts for other websites then in author byline create same signature. So Google will pull up your unique signature whenever it finds your posts.

Join Hot Debates

Warrior Forums, CopyBlogger, etc.

In order to get some quality backlinks to your blog, you must join trending debates going on in impostant sites. Debate and discussions should be related to the topic of your blog. Some well known places to go are warrior forum, Copyblogger, digital point etc. You can search for more websites that relate to your specific area of expertize. If you take part in discussions then visitors will recognize you through your signature.

Share Links

In discussions you should share your links to material that is related to the topic at hand. Search engines look for links that are pointing to your blog. If they find a lot of links directed to your blog then search engines will rank your site higher.

Take Part In Question & Answer

Yahoo Answers

Search engines love Q&A websites like Yahoo answers, answers.com, Quora, etc. Try to answer those questions which are related to your blog. Write your answers in multiple paragraphs and in details. Below every answer insert your signature with an URL link to your blog. You can also point people to in-depth posts about the question you are answering.

Choosing Questions

Here’s a tip for choosing questions that you should answer. Choose a question that is asked many times and at the same time only few have answered it. You can also answer questions which are most popular.

How to Answer?

While answering do not try to spam with links. Do not sell affiliate products because it affects your reputation. Write 4 to 5 short answers without link and then write a longer post with a link below. Never give links in every answer.

Join Relevant Groups

Google Double Click Planner

After joining discussions you can join targeted groups which are closely related to topic of your blog. Search engines look for websites or blogs which are clustered around similar topics. Sign up for Google Doubleclick planner then enter your website domain name and it will present you with websites that are similar to your website.

Comment on Websites

Engage in conversations and leave a lot of good comments on those websites. Comments help in building a conversation between two sides. It also increases that people will actually come to your site. In some cases it improves your page rank. When commenting insert your signature if it is possible.


  1. Create and use your unique signature.
  2. Join trending discussions and interact with other bloggers. Share your relevant links there in discussions.
  3. Participate in Q&A sites. Answer questions ad your signature and share relevant links.
  4. Join groups on social sites which are targeted to your topic. Engage, discuss and comment. When possible share your relevant links.

These are a the SEO tips that can help your blog to rank high in most search engines. You can find extensive research on how SEO could benefit every business  here Top 10 SEO Benefits for your Business.


An article from Pritam Nagrale who blogs about SEO techniques, Google AdSense & Small business tips. If you are looking for more ways of making money, you can visit the blog MoneyConnexion where you can find hundreds of best ways and tips to make money online.

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  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for the post. I’m on the lookout for factors in social media to get or help towards organic search results

  2. Simon says:

    Thanks for the post. I am aware and on the lookout for what SOcial media signals help towards SEO .organic listings

  3. mike says:

    SEO is still evolving and we have to keep learning with time.

    SEO is the future and success of a blogger will totally depend on SEO.

    So keep learning

  4. Jacob says:

    Social media has certainly changed the way we have to deal with our customers. There’s never been a time like this where they expect such immediacy from their company contact. It’s made marketing in B2B an interesting industry to be a part of! A question I had was if you had any Yahoo Answers success stories. We’ve worked with it some but our responses seem to get lost in a backlog of less-informed responses. Any way to counteract this?

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