7 Best Plugins to Increase Social Media Traffic to Your Site

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Integrating your blog with social media is vital for its success. Social networks are of massive help in driving traffic to your site and improving search engine rankings.

The best way to create a bridge between blogging and social media is adding social media plugins to your blog template to create social media sharing buttons.

With different plugins you can encourage social shares, track follower counts, amplify your content, and much more. As there are tens of thousands of plugins and platforms out there, it may be confusing to find the best WordPress plugins to increase traffic from social media sites. We have narrowed the choice down for you. Big time.

These are our top 7 social media plugin selections for 2017. When you start using some of these best social media plugins, you will be sure to notice the raise in social media traffic to your blog.

1. Easy Social Share Buttons


Easy Social Share Buttons is a well-rounded plugin for integrating social media with WordPress. It offers almost every possible feature that you can add to social sharing plugin. The buttons look elegant and have plenty of customization options along with analytics.

Adding Easy Social Share Buttons does not slow down your site and as the name already reveals – it’s easy to use. You can buy this plugin with $19.

2. Monarch


The main idea of Monarch is to encourage visitors to share so that you could grow your social traffic. The plugin includes five sharing locations with individual display settings:

  • floating social sidebar
  • inline sharing links
  • media sharing
  • social sharing pop-ups
  • fly-ins

Monarch allows you to add sharing buttons to various places including mobile sites.  This plugin is the most expensive one on our list since you need to buy the license of Elegant Themes which costs $69. But the same time the price includes access to all their themes and premium plugins.

3. Social Warfare


Social Warfare is one of the best plugins for boosting social shares and driving traffic. It has many powerful features such as in-post sharing options. You can upload Pinterest images, share custom tweets and make it work with Bitly. The buttons look great and you can choose between different styles and colors.

Social Warfare gives you a thorough analysis on the social data by adding UTM tracking to every shared link. It also protects against other users putting their content on yours while sharing. Prices start from $24/year.

4. Sumo


If you are looking for a plugin that is free, functional and simple, Sumo is your best option. This plugin makes it easy for your readers to join your email list and share your articles. Plus, it displays all the important statistics for you.

Some of Sumo’s tools include:

  • pop-up to build email subscriptions (list builder);
  • share button;
  • welcome mat;
  • heat maps to track click behaviour;
  • image sharer, etc.

Sumo integrates with most major email management softwares, like MailChimp and Aweber. You can adjust the plugin to appear on any page at any chosen time interval.

5. Shareaholic


Shareaholic is a great content amplification platform. The world’s leading one, actually. It helps you grow your site traffic, engagement, and conversions by highlighting relevant content. The admin can display the content recommendations at the end of every post. The plugin also includes helpful affiliate linking.

Shareaholic has share buttons, share buttons for images (including Pinterest), floating share button and follow buttons. Top it off with social analytics that breaks down social networks and specific posts.

This platform is easy to use and more importantly, it’s free of charge.

6. WP Social Sharing


WP Social Sharing plugin is 100% responsive. You can add sharing buttons for six major social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Xing

WP Social Sharing lets you choose the buttons to appear on posts, pages, media and custom post types. You can add text before the share buttons and the plugin integrates with any theme. WP Social Sharing is lightweight, simple to use and doesn’t cost a dime.

7. AddtoAny


Our last plugin on the list is AddtoAny. It promises to get people to the right destination to share or save your content, be it on native apps or on the web.

AddtoAny reacts instantly to taps, clicks, and many forms of input and device orientations. Sharing on mobile lets you choose between a service’s mobile app or mobile site. Plus, its icons are designed to load fast everywhere in the world.

This plugin also integrates with Google Analytics to provide sharing statistics within your dashboard. Once again, it is free.

By adding any or all of these plugins to your site you will surely see a rise in traffic. Try a few of them, then switch them up if you like. Make sure you do some tracking to see which ones result in the biggest traffic boost. These top 7 plugins will be sure not to disappoint!

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  1. Andreas says:

    Excellent article. Social Media Button are very useful, if your blog attracts enough readers to share your post.
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    Thanks for your nice article on 7 Best Plugins to Increase Social Media Traffic to Your Site. Hope users will be benefitted from your sharing tips.

  3. Thanks for sharing such an amazing list of plugins.. I really appreciate it.

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    Awesome pack of plugins, thanks so much for sharing. Will definitely help me with some traffic for my new coupon site.

  5. Odira says:

    Thanks for the post. How about mashshare, what’s ur take on that.

  6. You could likewise include the WP module Comment Luv that shows the connection to the most recent blog entry of somebody remarking on your webpage. I get activity from different guests who click on the connection to my post. It’s additionally a pleasant advantage to urge individuals to leave remarks on your online journal — like this one.

  7. Deepak says:

    thank u…. nice tips….

  8. You could also add the WP plugin Comment Luv that displays the link to the latest blog post of someone commenting on your site. I get traffic from other visitors who click on the link to my post. It’s also a nice perk to encourage people to leave comments on your blog — like this one.

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