Social Media Manager Responsibilities You Need to Know

social media manager responsibilities

Social Media Manager is like a Swiss army knife. But what does a social media manager do? I was thinking about what different people might expect from this person and the result is this list of 26 different functions. The list is pretty long so in corporate environment you might want to split it up between several people. So, find what is a social media manager supposed to do? And what do you need to put on social media manager job description if you want to get great candidates.

Social media strategy

  • Create the social media strategy
  • Create budgets for social media activities
  • Plan social media campaigns
  • Work with internal stakeholders
  • Recruit and manage the social media marketing team for your organization
  • Manage change and adopt social media into the corporate culture
  • Work with other marketing branches to integrate different activities

Social media implementation

  • Manage social media campaigns and day to day activities
  • Manage presence in social networking sites
  • Brand advocacy
  • Community outreach
  • Manage a blogger outreach program
  • Build a brand ambassador network
  • Post and comment on relevant blogs
  • Seed content into social networks
  • Write editorial content
  • Create and upload videos
  • Engage in conversations and answer questions
  • Create and maintain a social media editorial calendar and posting schedule

Content Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Somewhat overlapping with social media manager’s tasks is a list of Content marketing manager responsibilities. It is long enough and no longer limited to creating content for marketing purposes only to warrant a sepparate post. Find out what they are…

Social media monitoring

  • Develop benchmark metrics to measure the results of social media programs
  • Analyze and evaluate social media campaigns and strategies
  • Report on effectiveness of campaigns
  • Monitor trends in social media
  • Monitor the activities of main competitors in social media
  • Monitor social space for brand and related topics and conversations
  • Understand how the social media impacts search traffic

There are a lot more items you can include in the social media manager job description but the list above should cover most of your needs.

Three Core Characteristics of Good Social Media Managers

 Big businesses need a lot of different managers to be successful. Every department and every function needs a manager. So, it’s not surprising that the rise of social media has created the rather specialized role of social media manager. The definition of the role is the management of social media communication. The activities include representing the brand, monitoring, and responding to mentions online.

Finding someone to fill the role is not always that easy. There are a lot of people who fancy themselves as social media managers. They think that having Facebook and Twitter accounts is all they need for a glittering managerial career. The role requires a lot more savvy than that. There are some characteristics that good social media managers have in common.


The first trait is an obvious one. Good social media managers must have a passion for social media. They should be active on more than just Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They should have a personal blog with comments. They should be able to spot promising social media platforms and be able to get on on the ground floor. Those who recognized Pinterest’s potential are laughing. They should be present on some niche social media sites that relate to their interests.

These interests should closely resemble those of the company or organization concerned. An animal rights group should vet all social media manager applicants to see that they’re not on any hunting related sites. A florist ought to see if applicants at least follow other plant/flower/gardening people and if they belong to a network like The Garden Geek.


This is another no-brainer, really. Most of a social manager’s job involves communication. They’re either saying things or listening to things what other say. They need to be intelligible, succinct, witty, personable, compassionate, and capable of responding calmly and rationally to complaints and criticisms, no matter how irrational and excited those complaints and criticisms are.

They need to be good listeners, and they need to know where to listen. This means paying attention to forums, sites as Wiki and Quora, complaint portals, social media platforms, and blogs.

And, they also need to be good at offline communication. They’ll have to work with a social media team or some other members of staff to ensure consistency and implement ongoing training and education sessions. That ensures everyone is aware of new developments and trends.

Good social media managers will make an effort to meet up with other power users in the area, as well as attend events, seminars, conferences, launches and network with relevant industry professionals. Much like traditional marketing, PR and branding expert would do.


This is a prevalent need in all industries but is particularly important in the digital/social media world. It means a willingness to work outside of traditional hours. It means being available or on-call 24/7. Social media managers need to be able to react to developing situations immediately, even if those situations develop at 22:00 on a Sunday night.

This also means that they need to be au fait with mobile technology. They should have at clear understanding how to manage social media accounts on mobiles.

Flexibility also refers to an ability to think on their feet. Ability to adapt to changing situations and ability to (admit to and) learn from their mistakes.

Social media managers need more than passion, communication, and flexibility to succeed, but without these three core characteristics, most social media strategies are dead in the water.

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  1. bhanu singh rajput says:

    exactly my life goal and i hope one day i will become a big social markting manager

  2. A great list indeed. I’m printing this and putting it on my wall. Ha!

  3. Manu says:

    Currently I am working as an Online Editor with focus on Social Media and I hope that one day, when I grow up, I will become a Social Media Manager! Most interesting Job of the future…

  4. Atul says:

    I perform all these responsibilities being a social media executive.

    Does a social media manager work close with PRs and media?

  5. Atul says:

    I perform all these responsibilities being a social media executive

  6. Sydney says:

    That is quite a list, but very helpful, thanks for sharing!

  7. It’s funny to see so many of these responsibilities overlap with my role as a web developer and creative marketing director in the past. Nice list, i’d like to see this expanded on with details.

  8. Thx for the article, I twettet it in Germany. I just posted a Slide “Tasks of Social Media Management” (German language)

  9. Tucwebhost says:

    hi Priit Kallas,
    quite a long list of what the social manager is going to do , am new in the social media circle and your post is really informative ,i will be visiting frequentlly

  10. Thanks for your comment, Butze! It may seem easy but if you set up real goals then it gets a lot more challenging.

  11. Butze says:

    Great article! It should be in wikipedia as a discribtion of a Social Media Manager! Some still think that it’s an easy job and you can chill & chat all day long…

  12. Hi Pritt
    My PS comment was not meant to come across as brutal – sorry about that. Rather I meant to say “leave ‘working with internal stakeholders’ out of the list”.



  13. Pritt

    A good list to start with, however the two big issues are the prioritisation of tasks and how to improve the user experience.

    The overall goal is to engage with the customer community and ask/find out what they want (eg what tools could be added to make your offering a better platform for the community).

    So you may also want to add a) surveying as distinct from campaigning) and b) technical development (ie functional improvement).

    PS ditch ‘work with internal stakeholders’ – every job involves this and the term lacks specifics

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