Using Social Media as Part of Your SEO Campaign

Using Social Media as Part of Your SEO CampaignThese days opening a door to a new business, putting up some signage and popping your name and number in the local phone book isn’t enough to bring you new clients and keep the business going. Things have changed, technology has changed the way people buy or hire services and the ways businesses market themselves.

This is why every company out there, no matter where they are in the world, needs a SEO marketing campaign. You need to carefully plan the steps, consider what to implement, take your target audience into consideration and do extensive competitor analysis to ensure that you completely dominate your market.

With the technological changes have come competitor changes. If you think back years ago a business that opened its doors was faced with a small handful of local competitors, now your competitors are worldwide and there are thousands of them, which is why you need to formulate a plan that will help you achieve success.

I always believe that any SEO marketing campaign should be worked out with a professional, often outsourcing is the affordable option, enabling you to pay for work required and not having a permanent SEO specialist on your staff, where you then have to pay them through the PAYE system, costing you even more money just to get your brand recognition and get more customers visiting the site.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

The first things you need to do when putting your SEO marketing campaign together is determine what you want to achieve. You want new customers, you want an increase in sales and you want brand recognition.

Determining what you want to achieve, you can then set down how you want to achieve this. An easy to use yet professionally designed website, Social Media, SEO and online marketing campaigns are a few ways you can increase your website traffic and improve your ranking in search engine results.

How Does Social Media Play a Role?

Using Social Media as Part of Your SEO CampaignChances are you have been working with a SEO company putting your website together, working on your SEO including back linking. You know your target audience and you need to reach these people through the internet, get them to visit your site and then buy your products or services.

Social Media has become huge, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and YouTube, there are thousands of members and more people joining each day, an opportunity for you to reach the potential customers that you couldn’t reach through regular online marketing.

Through social media you are also able to increase your fan base, and then market to this fan base, whether you encourage them to visit your blog or your website. The aim of using social media in a SEO campaign is to improve your search engine ranking, increase website traffic and improve your brand recognition. Get your business name known and get people to remember it.

SEO and Social Media Have One Goal in Mind

Using Social Media as Part of Your SEO CampaignWhen you start putting your SEO marketing campaign together with your SEO professional, you will likely think you need social media sites as well because everyone is doing it and it obviously works. Take the time to understand how it works and how it will benefit you, remember that using SEO and social media have the same end goal, to improve your business in search engine results and improve your brand recognition across a host of platforms.

Through effective use of specific keywords used on the website, in your blogs and on your social media sites your business will become reputable in the eyes of the search engine companies. Always offer useful information that customers would find valuable and informative, combine this with social media updates directing your target audience to your blogs and site and you are on the road to success.

SEO marketing campaigns do not offer overnight success, but you will start noticing improvements in the generated traffic and in turn, the sales turnover.


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  1. Brett Tudor says:

    Good blog, but there is no mention of any direct relationship between the two. Blogs posted on social platforms can generate a lot of link juice if they are also linked up with your main website.

    • Priit Kallas says:

      I don’t think it’s a good thing if you don’t control the domain that you use for blogging. A lot of links from your blog provider to your main site count less than the amount of content if it’s on your domain.

    • Jenny Hill says:

      hi Priit,

      Think thats an interesting point you raise, where is the most value placed in putting good content on your site or your blog for internal links. A fine balanmce between the 2?

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