13 Cool Examples of Google+ Brand Pages

It was only a few days ago when Google+ finally gave us access to brand pages – the moment we have been anticipating since summer. Now, anyone can create their own business page on Google Plus and it seems that within a few days a lot of businesses have decided to do so. The brand pages are still very limited though – for example it’s not possible for the brand page to have more than one admin at the moment. However, I still prefer Google+ over Twitter for following brands and keeping up with content from the thought leaders in social media and marketing. And surely Google+ will slowly roll out more features for brand pages.

Here are some Google+ brand pages that I thought looked beautiful and here is our post [email protected] How to Create a Google+ Page for Your Brand.

  1. Adidas Originals five pictures make a cool sneaker. How about that?adidas google plus page
  2. ________________________________________________________
    Google Chrome‘s Google Plus brand page is one of my favourites. Their designed pictures seem to be telling a story. google chrome google plus page
  3. ________________________________________________________
    Hugo Boss went with a slick look and I think it suits them well. hugo boss google plus page
  4. ________________________________________________________
    Allstate Insurance. Simple yet elegant. allstate google plus page
  5. ________________________________________________________
    Pepsi seems to have hit the spot with the five pictures. They are already pretty active on Google+. pepsi google plus page
  6. ________________________________________________________
    I really like Mashable‘s simple and slick look. mashable google plus page
  7. ________________________________________________________
    Finer Solution‘s pictures try to tell a story about what they’re providing. finer solution google plus page
  8. ________________________________________________________
    Android has themed their page about their latest OS ice-cream sandwich. Kudos for the design! android google plus page
  9. ________________________________________________________
    Toyota also has a slick look for their Google+ page where they are showing off their new car designs. toyota google plus page
  10. ________________________________________________________
    Fox News shows off their lead anchors. fox news google plus page
  11. ________________________________________________________
    Hoo doesn’t love owls? The social media monitoring tool Hootsuite has eight of them on their brand page. 
    hootsuite google plus page
  12. ________________________________________________________
    Even Yahoo is on Google+. yahoo google plus page
  13. ________________________________________________________
    Angry Birds brand page is really cool and by now I think there are a few who haven’t heard of Angry Birds. I found their example on Mashable’s post where they list a few awesome Google+ pages. angry birds google plus page

If you still haven’t created a Google+ brand page, please read our guide about how to create a Google+ brand page for your business.

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46 Responses

  1. These all look great, Thanks for sharing!
    Also I love the Angry Bird one 😉

  2. wow this inspires me to design something for my page too.

  3. All your screenshots have the logo nicely placed in the left sidebar, on top, but our Google+ page has the logo placed to the right, in the header area, on top of the actual banner in the header.
    Do I do something wrong? Look here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101908722166683242840/posts

  4. Ian Smith says:

    I love those ideas!!!
    Plenty of creative juice to get me going. Let’s go.

  5. Tom says:

    Have a look at the Koch Amps Google+ page http://www.plus.ly/kochamps

    My tip: Go to http://www.Plus.ly to make a branded URL to your G+ page

  6. Miska says:

    WOW some pretty cool pages, nice work guys.

    I like the way this one explains its self:

    Happy holidays

  7. Richard says:

    Really like this collection and I’m sure that we will see many more creative examples in the future. I may be biased, but I like this one:


  8. Tim Black says:

    I’ve been playing around with our Google+ page. It’s here:
    https://plus.google.com/u/0/110438320782588868977/posts Frankly, I’m not sure what else to do with it. One of our graphic design/web developers had been working on animated caricatures of our staff, so those seemed like a natural fix for the photos section. I guess our issue is, we’re not a big brand and you have to wait for people to circle you, it seems like a lot of effort. Hopefully, like all things Google, it’ll get better with time.

  9. Josh says:

    Great post and some really nice examples.

    I work for Arby’s and we just launched our Google+ Page last week: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115970469879064438487/posts

    • Thanks, Josh! I appreciate it! Arby’s definitely looks very good. Kudos!

      I’m thinking about making a follow-up post early next month with more examples. It’s a shame that you cannot brand your page more than the 1+5 pictures at the moment but I guess you have to make due with what’s given.

  10. I work for Aristotle Interactive. For our client, Elvis Presley Enterprises, we created this page. Elvis Presley’s Official Page: https://plus.google.com/107085311944359912442/posts

  11. Pekanbaru says:

    very awesome…
    I also would make a good Google + Pages as you show 🙂

  12. “Finer Solution” is a really strange name for a company.

  13. Cristinne says:

    This examples are really cool. Now I have some good ideas on how to make my brand page.

  14. Evan says:

    The Adidas one is really bad… They didn’t cut the image with the spacing… they just sliced 1 image up into 5 images and you can tell the stripes do not line up.

    • Nice eye for detail, Evan. You are absolutely right about that. I didn’t even notice that up until now and there’s probably others like me out there. Thanks!

  15. Sheila says:

    I like this one, since I’m into fashion – love the mood!


  16. Erik says:

    Clikbrix is making use of the Top Left Profile Pic and the fact that it flips around. One side instructions the other the ability to take action on the instructions.


  17. I have been experimenting in my personal profile in order to apply that to some brand pages we are working on:
    This is the first experience.

  18. Jonathon says:

    I particularly like the Angry Birds and Adidas pages.

    I also submit my band’s page for consideration and not just because I’m trying to promote my band. We’re hardly a big enough artist to warrant making this list. What do y’all think about the page?


  19. Nick says:

    Thanks for the list, by the way. I’m starting to think more about how we can leverage our brand page, and the examples you used have given me some ideas.

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