13 Cool Examples of Google+ Brand Pages

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Update: Google+ doesn’t exist anymore and belongs in the tech graveyard. We’ve left this post up as a relic ūüôā

It was only a few days ago when Google+ finally gave us access to brand pages – the moment we have been anticipating since summer. Now, anyone can create their own business page on Google Plus and it seems that within a few days a lot of businesses have decided to do so. The brand pages are still very limited though – for example it’s not possible for the brand page to have more than one admin at the moment. However, I still prefer Google+ over Twitter for following brands and keeping up with content from the thought leaders in social media and marketing. And surely Google+ will slowly roll out more features for brand pages.

Here are some Google+ brand pages that I thought looked beautiful.

  1. Adidas Originals five pictures make a cool sneaker. How about that?adidas google plus page
  2. ________________________________________________________
    Google Chrome‘s Google Plus brand page is one of my favourites. Their designed pictures seem to be telling a story.¬†google chrome google plus page
  3. ________________________________________________________
    Hugo Boss went with a slick look and I think it suits them well. hugo boss google plus page
  4. ________________________________________________________
    Allstate Insurance. Simple yet elegant. allstate google plus page
  5. ________________________________________________________
    Pepsi seems to have hit the spot with the five pictures. They are already pretty active on Google+. pepsi google plus page
  6. ________________________________________________________
    I really like¬†Mashable‘s simple and slick look.¬†mashable google plus page
  7. ________________________________________________________
    Finer Solution‘s pictures try to tell a story about what they’re providing.¬†finer solution google plus page
  8. ________________________________________________________
    Android has themed their page about their latest OS ice-cream sandwich. Kudos for the design! android google plus page
  9. ________________________________________________________
    Toyota also has a slick look for their Google+ page where they are showing off their new car designs. toyota google plus page
  10. ________________________________________________________
    Fox News shows off their lead anchors. fox news google plus page
  11. ________________________________________________________
    Hoo doesn’t love owls? The social media monitoring tool¬†Hootsuite¬†has eight of them on their brand page.
    hootsuite google plus page
  12. ________________________________________________________
    Even Yahoo is on Google+. yahoo google plus page
  13. ________________________________________________________
    Angry Birds¬†brand page is really cool and by now I think there are a few who haven’t heard of Angry Birds. I found their example on Mashable’s post where they list a few awesome Google+ pages.¬†angry birds google plus page

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