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27 Amazing Facebook Landing Page Examples

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facebook landing page examples

27 Amazing Facebook Landing Page Examples

Home / Social Media Marketing / 27 Amazing Facebook Landing Page Examples
facebook landing page examples
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Welcoming people has been a sign of respect and politeness for a long, long time.

Businesses can do the same and welcome users who arrive at their page.

Having a great Facebook landing page can also help to engage new users from the first interaction.

Below is a list of Facebook welcome pages that are great for reasons such as engaging content, call-to-actions, incentives, design, interactivity and so on.

While compiling this list, I browsed about 600 or so Facebook pages over the years.

Most of them didn't have a special landing page or had a really poor one. Here's an overview of how to improve the situation.

While Facebook landing pages are valuable, you know what's even better? Landing pages on your own website.

We've recently reviewed Leadpages, what was supposedly the best landing page tool out there and a popular Clickfunnels competitor.

Just in case the above two are not a good fit for you, we've also rounded up some Leadpages alternatives for you.

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1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk‘s landing page has a personal feel to it. He knows what interests people and provides great free advice in the form of videos. He posts inspirational quotes and even answers to comments.

gary vaynerchuk event calendar facebook landing page

Gary has also provided an app, where you can sync his event schedule to your desktop, mobile or tablet calendar. This way, you can always be up to date about his upcoming events, without having to spend time searching.

2. Malibu Rum Facebook landing page

Malibu Rum has engaging content and beautiful, fun designs that are very popular among their followers. All the photos and videos are colorful and contrasty. They have successfully managed to express their brand's uniqueness on Facebook.

malibu rum facebook landing page

Check out the tools to create your custom Facebook pages and campaigns.

3. RedBull

RedBull has an awesome Facebook landing page. What makes their page even better is the fact that they never talk about their products. There are only sport videos to enforce their brand values.

redbull facebook page

And when you want to join the team, check out Red Bull's Jobs section. There you can find awesome positions around the world.

4. Nutella Facebook page

Nutella is very active on their Facebook timeline page. They have great animations, which are engaging and eye-catching.

nutella facebook page design

Furthermore, Nutella has a ‘Welcome' app on their page, where you can find tasty tutorials, games and much more.


5. Nike

Nike has a simple Facebook cover with their motto “Just do it.” Nike's Facebook is filled with inspirational videos of sport talents doing their daily workout routines and giving motivational advice. You can clearly see from Nike's Facebook that they are passionate about sports.


Like on Twitter, so has Nike implemented on Facebook “Nike+ Support” application. They are really pushing to make customer support as easy and convenient as possible.

facebook landing page nike support facebook

6. Leo Messi

Leo Messi‘s Facebook page is with elegant and simplistic Facebook page design. The football star is actively present on social media. Posting short clips of his training, press photos, as well his own photos made with phone. What else is great, is that he writes all his posts both in English, as well in Spanish. This shows he cares about his fans.

leo messi facebook page design

Messi has a Facebook app called “Messi Choose to Believe.” There he has provided a 3D experience, where you can interact with Leo while he celebrates, and receive unique benefits with the Golden Ticket. Amazing way to interact with fans.

leo messi facebook app

7. Gili Sports

Gili Sports does an amazing job of showcasing their products in action on their Facebook page. It’s filled with photos of people doing all kinds of fun things on paddle boards. From some morning yoga out on the water, to taking your dog out on an adventure with you, their feed is a great place to get inspired.

What makes these posts great is that they are often created by their customers themselves, and we know how popular and important user-generated content is on social media. There is no better way to illustrate both the quality of a product via customer satisfaction while showing it in action.

gili sports facebook page

8. Jeep

Jeep has a summery cover photo with white Jeeps. Trendy and beautiful. They regularly post photos of their cars in different colours and in various scenery. Sometimes you can even find old photos of Jeep cars, from back in the day the company was founded.


Also, check out Jeep's Facebook app “Badge of honor.” Through this campaign, you can earn points and gain Jeep's special badge.


9. Old Spice

Old Spice – Wow! From Old Spice you can learn lots of ways how to engage users online. Just recently they launched a game “Old Spice Youland” game. Before that had a campaign #‎RunOldSpice ‬and ‪#‎smellegendary‬.


10. Oreo

Oreo‘s Facebook timeline has a consistent animation-style photos and videos. All the videos are artsy and entertaining. The dominant colour on their page is blue, which perfectly presents their brand's image.


11. Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's– Share your love for Jack! Beautiful cover photo design. Attractive posts and photos, showing the process of whiskey making, videos of rock music venue, and much more.


Jack Daniel's has also provided some under the section “Recipes” and “Jack Honey Recipes,” which are easy to find.


12. D&AD

D&AD – Modern and stylish design. Call-to-action button for their festival. Lots of creative video content, which will surely catch the eye. Filled with simple, but carefully detailed pictures and videos.



UNiDAYS – The cover photo is creatively mashed up into a diagonal grid. Even though UNiDAYS is source of free student discount, which may sound boring to some, they have achieved to make it look cool with their Facebook content. Youthful and witty quotes that they have made up themselves. Information about special offers and Facebook campaigns.


14. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a great cover photo of one of her shows, where she is promoting her world tour. The teen idol is posting cheerful photos with her and her friends, short clips, magazine appearances, and much more.


Swift also has an app named “Fragrances.” There you can take a quiz “What is your Taylor Swift fragrance personality?”, see the tweets and shop for the fragrance. An attractive way to promote the beauty products.


15. Converse

Converse has combined lifestyle and fashion together. Pictures of young, trendy people who are wearing their products. They also post videos of young talents trying out Converse All Wah – shoes with built-in wah pedal.


16. Adidas Originals

Elegant photos Adidas Originals products. Adidas has created an appealing tagline “The best way to predict the future is to create it” with the hashtag #‎myfutureis‬.


17. M&M's

M&M's is very active on their Facebook and their content is always interesting. There are delicious video recipes of cakes made with M&M's. Promotion videos of other great campaigns, e.g. for X-Men Apocalypse movie, and for Red Nose Day charity campaign.


Just recently M&M's had a campaign, where the fans could vote for the newest peanut M&M's flavor and possibly win $100,000. By including customers in company's decisions is a great way to create stronger engagement. And who wouldn't want to win a prize like that?

Here is how M&M's Facebook app looked like for newest peanut flavor campaign:


18. Disney

Even though TV is dying, Disney will always find a way to our hearts. On their Facebook, they post short clips of their beloved cartoons and tv shows, Disney movie trailers and beautiful drawing tutorials.


19. Nintendo

Nintendo has designed their Facebook page with simplistic logo and artistic cover photo of The Legend of Zelda – Nintendo's most iconic game. They are popular on Facebook with outcoming retro-looking Nintendo Entertainment System, game introduction videos and playthroughs.


20. Angry Birds

Angry Birds. While their landing page isn't as interactive as some others on this list, it doesn't have to be because they provide enough reason for liking them. A bit of tongue-in-cheek also doesn't do them any harm.


21. Chowhound

Chowhound has a well designed landing page. A picture of cake decorated in an American flag style. Yummy! Users can instantly browse content such as videos, recipes, news, etc.

chow facebook landing page

22. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has made a great personal brand page. He shares his favorite recipes and videos, where he has appeared. Having his personal Facebook page also helps him to bring attention to his restaurants.


23. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics has standing out, yet elegant landing page. They do a terrific job explaining what they are about and why should one like their page. There are also videos about runway beauty looks and some great videos of celebrities, who explain what beauty means to them.


24. Porsche

Porsche has a lot of content on their page – engaging posts, amazing photos and great videos. Their videos are targeted for car lovers, who appreciate speed, as well elegance. New content is posted actively and fans are actively liking and commenting.


25. Starbucks

Starbucks – Starbucks has achieved great content marketing. They use Facebook to show their rich visual content, post recipes, small poems and attractive picture of their products. On their cover photo Starbucks has presented nine delicious ways to enjoy cold coffee. Clever way to raise desire for their products in the summer.


26. Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC – a football club with a great timeline. Terrific and well-thought out content and photos. Football fans can keep up with new information and even shop for fan products.


27. Cubefunder

cubefunder facebook page

Cubefunder’s Facebook page is a hub of industry-related news and articles, aimed to help their followers stay up-to-date, as well as showcase some of their own latest posts. Simplistic and to the point, with just enough branding to be memorable, but without being too much in your face.

Have another great Facebook landing page example to share with the rest of us? Please write them in the comments.

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