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22 Inspiring Facebook Page Design Examples 2023

Home / Social Media Marketing / 22 Inspiring Facebook Page Design Examples 2023
Facebook page design examples

22 Inspiring Facebook Page Design Examples 2023

Home / Social Media Marketing / 22 Inspiring Facebook Page Design Examples 2023
Facebook page design examples
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Are you looking for ways to increase your Facebook page engagement?

Want your audience to pay more attention to what you are sharing on your business page?

Or just want to find more ways to make your brand resonate more with the audience on Facebook?

Many people don’t realize it, but design plays a critical role. Feast your eyes on the examples of Facebook page designs below.

You’ll reach the end of the post inspired and filled with ideas on how you can use simple Facebook page design coupled with dedicated Facebook landing pages to increase your engagement rates.

Before we move on…

Facebook pages and apps work like magic… if you're already established and have a significant following.

For those of you that only have a few thousands fans or little to no engagement, you'll be better off sending the traffic to your own website and using a tool like Clickfunnels to create your own sales funnels and capture emails. Another popular tool for this is called Leadpages and we even have an article with 4 leadpages alternatives for you to consider.

1. Coca-Cola Espana

Coca-Cola Spain uses the famous Coca-Cola color red in its Facebook page. In the cover photo, it displays four cans of Coke – the original, light and the zero sugar. The Coca-Cola logo is also displayed prominently at the top of the page next to the cover photo.

Facebook page design coca-cola spain

These are all elements that remind the page's audience of ‘Taste the Feeling' and drinking a Coke as a way to share happiness – reinforcing the special place the brand and its beverages/soda plays in people’s lives. Here is a screenshot of the Facebook page design.

2. CouponWand Facebook page design

CouponWand, on its website, finds and share coupon codes with its audience. It creates and publishes a lot of content on both its website and Facebook page where they share lots of coupon from top brands in different categories such as personal care, food, automotive, entertainment among others resulting in big money-savings for its users.

facebook cover image couponwand

In its Facebook page shown below, CouponWand has created a well-designed Facebook landing page to get more of the people who visit or like the page to sign up via email. Why? So, they can receive in their inbox coupons they can easily print.

Check out How To Set Up a Custom Facebook Landing Page App.

Don’t Send Visitors to Your Facebook Wall!

Even if you don’t have anything else create a landing tab for your Facebook page! Facebook landing tab should answer two questions:

  • Where am I?
  • What can I do here?
  • Why should I click “like”?

One of the most important things you need to do when creating your brand’s Facebook page is the landing page. Do not send people on the wall!

I was doing research on Facebook and trying to find a bunch of brand pages. I found some and wasn’t really certain about the others. I was in a real hurry to finish this task. When looking at dozens of pages in a row you tend to notice where the time goes.

Number one annoyance was the fact that when you land on the wall you don’t understand immediately where you are. Is it a page created by fans, employees or some random guy who just created a placeholder. The brands with a landing page stood out. Make people understand that this is the right pace, the official page.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk on his Facebook page has a welcome page designed where he shares his official event schedule. The app used to create the landing page enables Gary's audience to automatically be notified of his upcoming events once they click the sync to calendar button integrated into the Facebook page design.

facebook cover image gary vaynerchuk

Options are given to users to sync and add Gary's public event schedule to their mobile calendar, or their Outlook, Apple or Google Calendar. Calendar works great for Gary, who is known for the quality content he creates and shares with the public on entrepreneurship, sales, life, marketing, and vlogging.

4. Lexus

The Facebook page of Lexus, a luxury marque by Toyota Motor Corporation, shows latest makes and models by the auto manufacturer. It also has a Facebook landing page where it shares dates and time of future events concerning the design of some of the vehicles it makes.

Facebook page design lexus

This is something that is sure to draw the interest of Lexus enthusiasts. On top of sharing lots of content concerning different models of cars it builds, it also alerts its page audience of future events that share, in detail, the direction the company is taking in 2018 going forward.

Facebook Page Address

Second, I noticed that many large brands haven’t registered their username (you can do it here www.facebook.com/username) so that their page addresses are unpronounceable strings of numbers and letters. Not very trustworthy! When I see addresses like facebook.com/dreamgrowfacebook.com/coca-cola and facebook.com/microsoft, I subconsciously assume that these are the official pages. (tip: you can use even shorter address fb.com/dreamgrow)

5. Liverpool FC

The Liverpool FC Facebook page shares lots of quality photos of the players in the team. It publishes lots of updates, including news, pre-match conferences, and previews. The audience is free to comment on posts published on the page.

facebook cover image liverpool fc

It also lists images of different Liverpool jerseys with the option to purchase any of them online. You sure bet that some of its loyal and true fans take advantage of the Facebook page integrated online shop to buy jerseys they like. The page publishes engaging content that once in a while leads to sales.

Make It Worth Their While

Facebook is a very effective and powerful tool to send out your message, engage and interact with your true fans. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Provide your clients with interesting and engaging content and ask them to join in on the conversation.
  • Ask your clients what they want from your company and encourage them to make their own choices in relation to your product and post it on your page.
  • Offer your clients and “friends” on Facebook an experience or feeling that they belong to something truly exciting.
  • Offer videos or comment on things happening in the news, business community or entertainment world and how it relates to your business. You never know what you'll get in response and might be able to use in future marketing efforts.

6. Nutella

The Italian company known for its bread spreads (including its hazelnut cocoa spread), shares mouth-watering images on its official Facebook page. The kinds of images that make you think about getting your hands on some of the products they make – and try them out.

Facebook page design nutella

Or just go to the supermarket and get more if you are running low on your dose of daily Nutella goodness. The images reaffirm the company's commitment to making quality spreads and sharing the awesomeness with their audience, majority of whom are also Nutella customers.

7. Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum Facebook page shares great images of the variety of rum Malibu Rum makes. And then they go one step further. In one of their well-designed Facebook welcome pages (shared below) the company presents the reasons why their Facebook audience should consider their Malibu Island Spiced Rum.

facebook cover image malibu rum

On top of that, the Facebook page design has buttons that act as calls to action, e.g., to check recipes or view full product information. In there they have also managed to create a short quiz that sure to engages their audience and has them exploring Malibu Rum’s offerings further.

8. Bluehost

Being a popular web hosting company, Bluehost knows how important client-onboarding is. And for a hosting company, it is necessary to provide resources that guide users through their journey of registering domains/buying hosting to launching their blogs/websites and growing them.

facebook cover image bluehost

That is if you're serious about being able to handle the volume of new clients coming in on a daily basis. So, Bluehost uses its page to share lots of great YouTube video tutorials that help them achieve this goal. I'm sure lots of their users appreciate the way the videos are listed (in a quick-easy-to-scan grid layout). By the way, have you checked out our comparison of BlueHost and GoDaddy?

9. Kellogg's

Kellogg's Latin America Facebook shares lots of text, image and video content of their products in a bid to engage their audience more. Known for the cereals and convenience foods it makes, Kelloggs’s uses its page to shares lots of images and videos featuring their cereal bars, snacks, waffles, cookies, toaster pastries, vegetarian foods, and crackers.

facebook cover image kelloggs

The well-designed images remind their Facebook audience of the variety of food brands Kellogg's has in store for them. It also has a great page sharing rules meant to guide how their audience engages with each other and other consumers.

10. Dell

Dell's Facebook page design cover photo represents the computing power, experience, and products it’s known for selling to consumers. They have designed their page to include a Support page. In it, they have, in a well-designed layout, created links to some of the most important pages on their website.

facebook cover image dell

So, when their users are stuck, they can quickly, from within Facebook, access these shortcut menus and be taken to the pages that contain the instructions/solutions to problems they are experiencing with their Dell computer, tablet or another mobile device. It also provides quick links to other Dell brands.

11. Facebook Games

Facebook's own page, Facebook Games, created to help Facebook users quickly discover some of the best games available inside Facebook, the web or phones similar to the ones the user may be using to access Facebook, has a Facebook landing page where it shares various ways to get Facebook Game Cards.

Facebook page design facebook games

Knowing that ‘the Cards' form an important part in playing some of the games within its ecosystem, Facebook has created a simple but well-designed page that shares links to resources their users are likely to find handy in their quest to redeem or purchase the Cards.


On NASCAR's Facebook page, they share a lot of content to do with the drivers, cars, races, events in the present, past and those to be held in the future – to keep the community formed around the page engaged and up to date on what's happening concerning everything NASCAR.

facebook cover image nascar

For the enthusiasts of the sport, NASCAR has a Facebook landing page created showing various photos of cars, drivers, events and different hall of fame legends. And to these photos, presented in a grid, they have added sharing buttons to them – a great way to spread the word about the brand.

13. Zoma

Zoma realizes how important it is to offer value on their Facebook page, and they do a great job of it by incorporating images of their products alongside short, but very well-done videos that showcase their brand.

Zoma Facebook Page

The production value that has gone into creating this content is easy to spot, and in a world as saturated as ours with all kinds of imagery, this can often be a point in a brand’s favor.

The captions that accompany these images and videos are also well-thought out, and do a good job of showcasing the benefits their mattresses can offer to users – without being overly pushy or trying to force a sale on a follower.

14. Walmart

Walmart's Facebook page uses an in-store image as their cover photo. The image creates familiarity with their Facebook audience, even warms them up to the content and the various offers Walmart shares on their page.

facebook cover image walmart

Walmart also has a dedicated Facebook landing page that looks exactly like an online shop. Its design is spartan with just the image of a product, its name, and price. Clicking on a product's image reveals more details and a big blue button inviting shoppers within its Facebook page design to check out on Walmart's website. I like the simple design of the shop.

15. CyberLink

CyberLink, known for its digital media tools and software solutions, uses their Facebook page to highlight its image and photo editing and video/audio playback solutions among other products it has in store for users of PCs and other devices.

In a dedicated landing page, it shares short and quick tips for its users to take advantage of the features of CyberLink products they use.

facebook cover image cyberlink

Almost in an infographic-styled page, it gives its audience tips to avoid holiday photo fails and also shares some video tricks. On the same page, CyberLink has also embedded some not-to-miss-holiday videos as well.

16. Carrefour

Carrefour France runs some contests and uses a dedicated Facebook landing page to highlight some of their shoppers who have participated in them. In the page shown below, you can see some of the participants with their images featured on the page.

facebook cover image carrefour

The design looks great and compliments other content types Carrefour publishes on its page (text updates, videos & product images) to engage their audience / shoppers.

17. Lenovo

Lenovo has a Facebook cover photo with the words ‘Different is better' on it. In this way, is Lenovo attempts to, in the fewest words possible, make its new Facebook audience curious about using Lenovo's products.

facebook cover image lenovo

It makes them wonder what it would be like – what the Lenovo experience is like. Then Lenovo has a dedicated Facebook landing page inviting people to join in on ‘the Lenovo movement' to experience the good Lenovo has to offer. And in that page it also lists its Facebook pages in the different countries it operates in. Next to each is a like button.

18. CERELAC Arabia

CERELAC Arabia, whose parent company is Nestle, uses its Facebook page design to promote the benefits of using one of Nestle's popular baby products, Cerelac. The cover photo features different varieties of Cerelac.

facebook cover image cerelac

And then using a young cartoon-like character, speaking to mums and dads, CERELAC Arabia highlights how much milligrams of IRON a baby needs in a day. Of course, this ties to what their product has to offer. In the landing page, the Nestle IRON calculator is also included, with a button asking readers to Try It Now in the bottom left of the Facebook page design.

19. The Amazing Race / CBS Social Hub

The Amazing Race TV show Facebook page shares lots of content about the show. And it is popular, with over 1.6 million likes. That is a lot of people watching the show then coming back to the page to engage with other viewers and the page admin.

facebook cover image amazing race cbs social hub

What I also like is how CBS created a landing page in the show's page called CBS Social Hub. In it, they use a grid-like design to show more of their popular shows to the audience that already like one of their shows: The Amazing Race.

20. MILO Nigeria

MILO Nigeria has a great Facebook cover photo and Facebook landing page design. In the page, they share some of the virtues they want to instill in the young champs that enjoy using Milo products. Virtues such as focus and respect. In the page, they also use different tabs to direct visitors to various parts on the web with more resources about their promotions, championships, photo galleries and videos.

facebook cover image milo

Like the tactic Nestle uses with Cerelac, it does the same with Milo – creating content that engages their page audience while also tying into some ideals the audience holds in high esteem.

21. Nat Geo Wild

Famous for its animal documentaries, Nat Geo Wild uses its Facebook page to share more content on the lives of different animals – and their habitats. And to reward their viewers they have, for example, created a simple Facebook page design like the one shown below.

facebook cover image nat geo wild

The design catches their audience's eyes prompting them to read more about what Nat Geo Wild will offer the person who eventually wins their sweepstakes. The opt-in form gets them more email subscribers they can email later, and the tweet button gets people to share the sweepstakes outside of Facebook.

22. Target

Apart from using its Facebook page to share and promote products in its stores, Target also uses its page, via a dedicated section, to tell their audience about products available to consumers that have a CPSC Recall Notice.

facebook cover image target

So, the page is used to promote the consumption of safe products for Target customers. Consumers are notified of products that have quality issues or those that may pose safety risks. Their page audience can quickly access the list of such products and either look for alternatives or have the issues dealt with first before or after they buy.

Also check these Facebook page design examples

Sweet Paul Magazine

Sweet Paul Magazine uses a dedicated section on their Facebook page to promote giveaways to their page's audience. Gleam powers Their Facebook giveaways.

facebook cover image sweet paul magazine

The Facebook page design is attractive and gets more of their audience to participate whenever they have giveaways running. Product giveaways also always result in more email subscriber numbers and social media shares if promoted well and to the right audience.

facebook cover image sweet paul issuu

Blue Band Indonesia

I like the Blue Band Indonesia Facebook page cover photo. Besides showing the audience the foods Blue Band can be used in, it just whets the appetite.

facebook cover image blue band indonesia

The cover shows well-prepared meals but not only that. Blue Band Indonesia also made sure to fit in an image of Blue Band right next to the foods. Good things go together, side-by-side you could argue.


Pepsi also has a variety of well-designed Facebook page photos that present their products in a great way. Check this one from PepsiCo.

facebook cover image pepsico

This one from Pepsi Philippines.

facebook cover image pepsi philippines

And this one from the main Pepsi page.

facebook cover image pepsi

Last but not least, for the sake of more Facebook page photos to look at, check these three.

This one from Harley-Davidson page

facebook cover image harley-davidson

This one from UpWorthy

facebook cover image upworthy

And this one from Greyhound Bus

facebook cover image greyhound bus

Check this post for 26 additional Facebook page design examples.

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