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Viral Launch Review 2023 (How to Decide Quickly)

Home / Ecommerce / Viral Launch Review 2023 (How to Decide Quickly)
viral launch review - is it worth the money

Viral Launch Review 2023 (How to Decide Quickly)

Home / Ecommerce / Viral Launch Review 2023 (How to Decide Quickly)
viral launch review - is it worth the money
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Hey, before I start this Viral Launch review, please take a minute to read my super interesting (not really) story about using Viral Launch’s product launch service.

I made dozens of sales, got a bunch of reviews, and jumped more than 6 pages in Amazon rankings in about a week.

That’s NUTS.

But there are a ton of major issues with Viral Launch that really irk me, including annoying hidden fees. You need to know all of this before you whip out that Visa and commit to building/running a business with it.

In this Viral Launch review, I’ll cover everything about launches, key features, pricing, my experiences, and my personal recommendations for other services that might be better for you (depending on where you are in your FBA journey).

Just hear me out first…

Viral Launch Review: Did I Really Sell 50+ Units in 6 Days?

my amazon fba journey

I got started in FBA years ago.

My first product? It was in the outdoor/lifestyle niche and perfect for guys ages 25-40 (my ideal audience, IMO).

“I flipped a site for 6 figures when I was 17, and ran an agency before I could vote. I’m going to CRUSH FBA, and no one can stop me.”

Epic failure.

Of course, I blamed everyone EXCEPT MYSELF for the failure. The product sucked, the customers sucked, Jungle Scout sucked—you know how it goes.

Here’s a TL;DR of what happened…

I found this awesome product with decent demand and huge margins. And nobody bought it.

My problem wasn’t the product I was selling, it was that nobody saw the product I was selling.

After 6 months, I had almost no reviews, no velocity, no nothing. I couldn’t get unstuck from Page 5.

I just gave up. Back to the drawing board.

That’s how I ended up using Viral Launch for the first time.

I was B****ing to a friend when he told me to do a product launch where I offered products at 90% off.

Why didn’t I think of that?

So, for my next product, I ran a launch where I aimed to sell 250 units at a MASSIVE discount (about $2 down from $20). That’s how I’d get velocity, reviews, better rankings, and some of my money back from purchasing products.

I hate to sound dramatic, but I was floored by what happened.

By Day 6, I’d sold about 60 units, got 5 new reviews, and jumped from Page 10 to PAGE 3.

It’s really amazing if you think about it. I got further in 6 days with Viral Launch than I did in 6 months on my own. And it only cost me $200 for the service (plus product costs, obviously).

So, while I didn’t come anywhere close to the ~250 units I’d wanted to sell, it was still incredible value for money.

Amazon is just too competitive now. Without a legit product launch, you won’t get anywhere. You might as well quit.

For $200, I:

  • Made 60 sales in less than a week
  • Jump more than 6 pages in rankings (which got me even more views and clicks)
  • Got a bunch of great reviews

All of this snowballed into better rankings, more sales, more reviews, and so on. So, for $200, I basically launched a successful business.

If you’re asking me if Viral Launch is worth it for launching products, then YES, it 100% is. If you’re asking if it’s good for everything else. Well, that’s a different story.

Let’s get back to this Viral Launch review.

Viral Launch Review Quick Verdict: Does Viral Launch Work? Is it Worth it?

Is Viral Launch worth it for product launches?

Yes, Viral Launch is a solid, very affordable launch service that will help get your product off the ground and result in:

  • Increased sales velocity
  • More customer reviews from scratch
  • Better rankings

$200 to skip all the hard, slow, mindlessly boring baby steps that cause most stores to fail. That’s nothing.

$200 gets you:

  • Access to 350,000 buyers (though I have my doubts)
  • Helpful launch guides
  • Granular stats to better understand your launch (and future ones)
  • Uncapped coupons

Here’s the caveat…

My first Viral Launch product giveaway didn’t hit anywhere near its target. I ended up doing about 60% of what I’d hoped. That’s why I doubt Viral Launch has as many buyers as they claim. Still, the service definitely works.

Even if Viral Launch isn’t super effective, it’s still only $200.

So, you can either hustle for 6 months, manually promote your product, get your friends and family to buy, spend hours a day in Facebook groups, beg for reviews, and then hope it all works…


Pay $200 for a service that has proven to work time and again, skip the hard work, and focus on actually building a business.

Launching a new Amazon product? Just get Viral Launch and save the time.

For everything else?

I can’t recommend Viral Launch.

If you’re just starting on Amazon or trying to grow a business, I highly recommend you get Helium 10. It’s so much better.

Here’s why…

Why I Recommend Helium 10 Over Viral Launch (For MOST Amazon FBA Sellers)

helium 10 as a viral launch alternative

Viral Launch is exceptional for launching products and promoting them with automated PPC campaigns.

That’s pretty much it.

Helium 10 is better at:

  • Finding high-potential products
  • Grading product ideas
  • Finding high-value keywords (it has 3 keyword tools vs 1 with Viral Launch)
  • Optimizing listings
  • Profit analytics
  • Actually running your business

And it still has a great PPC tool.

So, Helium 10 does everything Viral Launch does, just better. Plus it does a ton Viral Launch doesn’t do like:

  • Inventory management
  • Amazon refund management
  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Listings analysis
  • Follow-up email automation
  • Market research
  • The best Amazon FBA training (Freedom Ticket)

And it does this starting at $29/month.

I really don’t know how else to say it. It’s just the facts. You get better tools, more of them, and for less…with the best FBA training.

You can sign up for free and check it out for yourself. Dreamgrow readers also get an automatic discount 🙂

NOTE: There’s no reason you can’t use them both. Build your store with Helium 10, and use Viral Launch to launch your first product. Easy game.

If you don’t believe me, continue reading this Viral Launch review and see for yourself.

What is Viral Launch?

viral launch toolkit

Viral Launch is one of the most powerful and popular all-in-one Amazon seller tools. Think of the Viral Launch suite as your research team, marketing department, copywriter, and sales team in one tool, except without the overpaid execs.

Viral Launch contains all the tools Amazon FBA sellers need to research, launch, grow, and optimize an FBA store.

Viral Launch tools include:

  • A product discovery tool
  • A keyword research tool
  • A split testing tool
  • A PPC automation tool
  • A competitor intelligence tool

Plus it includes product launch services.

Theoretically, with this one service, any Amazon seller can:

  • Discover high-potential products
  • Scope the competition with the Viral Launch extension
  • Find the best keywords to make your listings rank higher
  • Build perfectly optimized listings that outrank competitors
  • Launch a product and get sales and reviews quickly
  • Run high-converting Kinetic PPC campaigns (paid ads)
  • Optimize your business with split testing

Then from there, you can track keyword rankings and sales data to further optimize your store.

Let’s see what’s so good about it.

Viral Launch Pros and Cons

Viral Launch Pros

I already droned on about product launches, so let’s skip to the other stuff.

  • Awesome UX: Viral Launch’s UX is like a breath of fresh air on a cool Autumn evening in the Berkshires. The mix of white, blue, and black on the Viral Launch dashboard is so clean and easy that my eyes never strain to see anything. Most other tools are just clutter and glut. I give the Viral Launch dashboard a 10/10.
  • Next-gen PPC: The learning curve is steep, but you can level up your PPC game and scale to the moon if you learn how to use Kinetic PPC properly. It has more automations than any other tool I’ve used, and it’s easy to set up campaigns that run mostly hands-off.
  • Data Accuracy: At least one study has confirmed how good Viral Launch data accuracy is (covered later). It’s right up there with Jungle Scout and Helium 10. More accurate data means you’ll choose better products and keywords and have nearly exact numbers on competitors. In other words, you get a super clear picture of what’s really going on.

Viral Launch Cons

  • Pay more. Get less: Viral Launch starts at $69/month, but if you want essentials like listing optimization and competitor tracking, that’s $99/month. Helium 10 starts at $29/month and has many more powerful features. Speaking of that…
  • Features don’t stack up to competitors: Viral Launch has all the tools you need to grow as an Amazon seller, but it just doesn’t compare. Helium 10’s keyword research, competitor intelligence, product research, market intelligence, and other Amazon seller tools are much more detailed and helpful. Any Amazon seller with half a brain using Helium 10 will find better products and keywords. Plus, they’ll have better listings and smoother internal processes than you.
  • Amazon training is meh at best: Maybe I’m just comparing it to Freedom Ticket, but Viral Launch’s Amazon resources aren’t very good. They’ll help with the basics, but that’s about it. I hate to sound like a shill, but Helium 10 offers Freedom Ticket, one of the best Amazon courses on Earth, for free with a subscription. It’ll take your Amazon seller game to the next level.

 Viral Launch Pricing

viral launch pricing

Pricing plans start at $69 per month, but you need to upgrade to Pro if you want all the essential features. How ironic that the Viral Launch “Essentials” plan is actually missing several essentials….

Pro (the most popular Viral Launch plan) comes with:

  • Product metrics like monthly sales, historical sales, and price trends (100% essential when choosing a product)
  • Competitor monitoring (also essential)
  • Listing optimization (100% essential)
  • Rank tracking (ESSENTIAL—you literally can’t run a business without this)

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed in Viral Launch for locking these essential features inside of their expensive pricing plans, especially after calling their cheapest plan “Essentials.” If the $69 tier included all of the actual essentials, then maybe there’d be a case for choosing Viral Launch. But as is, it’s not worth it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Viral Launch plans come down in price very soon.

And, by the way, there are usage limits on all the features on all of the pricing plans.

viral launch pro vs pro plus ads

You can only track 2,000 keywords daily and analyze 50 listings with Viral Launch Pro. Told you Viral Launch pricing was way more than you thought it was.

Is Viral Launch a good value for money? If you ask me, not really. Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are way cheaper and better. The value just isn’t there for me.

Note: Right now (2023), there is a Viral Launch coupon code for 15% off. No idea how long it’ll be there, so hurry up.

Viral Launch Features Deep Dive

Before we get into this, I just want to say that there’s nothing “wrong” with Viral Launch. I’m not attacking Viral Launch. Viral Launch doesn’t “suck.” It’s just not on par with competitors, and it’s expensive.

Let’s get to it.

Product Launch Service (How Does it Work?)

largest amazon buyer groups

Viral Launch lets you skip the hard work and agonizing months of waiting it usually takes to rank and start making money on Amazon.

In case you’re new to the game, let me give you the skinny.

Amazon more or less ranks you based on key sales metrics like:

  • Velocity (how much you’re selling compared to searches)
  • Reviews
  • Sales Rank (how many total units sold vs. competitors)

This creates a problem: How do you rank a new product if you don’t have any reviews or sales?

how to get amazon reviews with product launches

Behold: Product launches.

A product launch service gets the ball rolling for you. They provide you with a curated audience of hungry buyers, discount coupons to send to each buyer, and analytics to measure how the whole show goes so you can refine your next one.

Make sense?

Instead of hustling to find your own buyers, Viral Launch just shows your product at a massive discount to their audience of proven buyers (pre-screened people interested in buying products). You offer your product at a massive discount, they buy and review, then boom, you’re off the ground.

Viral Launch runs promos for up to 15 days to an unrivaled audience of 350,000 buyers (I’m sure this is an exaggeration) with granular scheduling and filters.

Within 1-2 weeks, there’s a very, very high chance that you will:

  • Increase total sales
  • Get more reviews
  • Drastically increase velocity

The result? You actually rank and launch a business. Hence the name, by the way.

Does it work? YES. Does it solve all your problems, get you to Page 1, and get you a private dinner with Bezos? No. It’s totally worth the money, though.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence (Chrome Extention)

product research chrome extension

The Market Intelligence tool is the Viral Launch Chrome extension.

This Chrome extension is like having a secret weapon most other Amazon sellers don’t have: a birdseye view of Amazon’s organic results so you can instantly spy key market data like competition, Best Seller Ranking, profit margins, sales data, and more.

The Viral Launch Chrome extension goes a step beyond pretty much every other one I’ve tried. Even I was impressed. Just click the blue button in the right corner of your Google Chrome browser to get awesome market analytics like:

  • Pricing trends
  • Best Seller rank
  • Market demand
  • Review rate
  • Monthly revenue and sales estimates
  • Overall market trends
  • Rough sales forecasting data
  • A price calculator

The Viral Launch Chrome extension is on another level than most others (besides Xray by Helium 10!). The UX is great. The data is great. Everything seems accurate. Good job, Viral Launch.

Note: Market Intelligence is not available a la carte. You need to subscribe to one of Viral Launch’s plans.

Kinetic PPC

amazon ppc automation with viral launch kinetic

Kinetic PPC is one of the most powerful and customizable paid ads tools I’ve ever seen.

Somehow, Viral Launch has managed to make a tool that is both infinitely powerful and still easy to get the hang of. Even if you don’t understand PPC strategy, you can build fully automated, high-performing campaigns quickly.

Plus, it comes with a free 1-to-1 setup call where an expert helps you get the ball rolling (lifesaver). If you’re anything like me, you freeze and worry for 27 days instead of taking action. The call was a game-changer.

Kinetic has all the basics like performance monitoring, analytics, integrations, and automations, but what really makes it stand out is the next-level rules and the ability to build your own rules buffet-style.

Check it out:

amazon advertising tools

Kinetic PPC Viral Launch is like having an expert running your campaigns 24/7, except they don’t need water, food, or bathroom breaks (you know Bezos doesn’t like those).

Running low on budget? Viral Launch increases it. Some keywords aren’t performing? It pauses them. Some are killing it? It prioritizes them.

Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, just choose these rules from a template and get on with your day.

With Kinetic, there’s no limit to how far you can scale your business.

Keyword Research

keyword research with viral launch

Viral Launch takes your keyword research a level deeper by providing some cool metrics and filtering options not normally seen in other tools.

Some of the features I like most are:

  • Suggest CPC bidding (very rare)
  • Relevancy Score and calculation (explained below)
  • Highly relevant parallel keywords

But it gets better…

This isn’t your typical category search.

On the surface, the tool looks the same as competitors like ZonBase, Jungle Scout, and Helium 10. But what’s going on below the surface makes Viral Launch stand out.

Here’s how it works…

Viral Launch performs a reverse market lookup. Think of it like a reverse ASIN on steroids, HGH, and caffeine at once. It’s like dozens and dozens of reverse ASINs at the same time. This pulls in a list of hyper-relevant keywords that the tool automatically filters by some black magic we aren’t allowed to know and shows you some really useful scores like:

  • Relevancy
  • Priority (hyper-relevant with high search volume)
  • Opportunity (high volume with low competition)

Here’s a great example from Viral Launch themselves for the term “trash can”:

keyword research dashboard for viral launch

This screenshot from the Keyword Research tool shows that you should have been selling “garbage cans” and “trash cans” like yesterday. Just by looking at these scores, I can see that both terms:

  • Are highly relevant to “trash can”
  • The top-ranking product hasn’t properly optimized its listing for either term
  • The massive volume compared to their opportunity

Just by using this Keyword Research, I instantly know that I should make listings for these types of products and optimize for these terms. Or, if I’m still in the discovery phase, I know that there’s plenty of room in the trash niche.

Note: I just bought a trash can. I hate you, Amazon. I hate you.

Product Finder (Product Discovery Tool)

viral launch product finder

Product Finder is Viral Launch’s product research tool. They claim it’s “the most accurate product discovery feature in the galaxy.”

I’ll get to that, but let’s start with the basics first.

Like every other product research tool out there, it shows the usual product discovery suspects like advanced search filters, basic product data, competitor data, pricing trends, and all that jazz.

This is how you cut through the noise, identify high-potential products, and get your business started on the right foot.

But what makes their product discovery feature unique?

Here are two things I’ve noticed:

Data Accuracy

amazon fba tools data accuracy

In this totally unbiased study from Jungle Scout, Viral Launch has ~80% data accuracy. That’s #2 behind—WOW, BIG SURPRISE—Jungle Scout. I’m sure they were 100% not biased at all in putting themselves at the top.

~80% accuracy is solid. No tool is ever 100% accurate, since this is all one big guessing game. But anywhere in the top 20% is solid. 10% is what you really should aim for though.

I found another study from a well-known YouTuber:

looking at data accuracy

Here, Viral Launch is always +/- 10%, which is excellent and on par with my own estimations of Helium 10.

Add in my personal experience with these two studies, and it’s pretty clear that Viral Launch data accuracy is pretty much bang on. Better data means better decisions, better products, better sales, and better everything.

Cool Unique Features

Viral Launch offers a few features you don’t see anywhere else. Most tools do the same thing, dress it up with vanity metrics to clutter your view, and then say, “that’ll be $500 a month, please.” Not this company.

Here are my favorites:

  • Brand Filtering: The only tool I know that lets you search by brand. This makes product validation 10x easier. You can see competitors in your niche, how good their branding is, their growth rate, and how successful they are overall. Boom, product validated.
  • Detailed Market Trends: Get a quick holistic view of the overall Amazon market in your niche.
  • Market Tips and Alerts: Viral Launch is borderline annoying with all the tips they provide, and they’re constantly alerting you about trends. Not super valuable but it’s cool to have.

Competitor Intelligence

VL competitor intelligence tool

The competitor intelligence tool accelerates store growth by reverse engineering your successful competitors and providing detailed insights. You can see what they’re doing wrong and learn what to do to outrank them. Why do all of the work if someone else has done it already?

The competitor intelligence tool shows you the most important competitor data like sales volume, Best Seller Rank, competitor keyword rank, and estimated net profit. But the real value is spying on their top-performing keywords, seeing where they’re slacking, and hitting them where it hurts.

Viral Launch lets you see accurate competitor keyword data and sort by Priority Score. This metric basically says “attack, attack, attack.” If a keyword has high volume but is unoptimized by your competitor, you now know this is the weak point where you can outrank them fast and steal all those clicks. Conversely, if one of their top-performing keywords has an ironclad keyword rank and is perfectly optimized, you know not to waste your time.

This is one of the most important marketing strategies in all of FBA, and Viral Launch nails it.

Listing Optimization Tools

viral launch amazon listing optimization tool

Viral Launch’s 3-in-1 listing optimization tool kit is pretty badass if you ask me. Not Helium 10 level, but pretty dang good.

First, check the UX. You literally can’t get better than this. Detailed but not cluttered. Great color scheme. Tons of helpful, unique metrics.

The main benefit of using Viral Launch to optimize your listings is that you’re getting analysis above and beyond other tools, meaning better listings targeted at the right keywords (read: better rankings and sales).

Keyword Manager finds the best keywords for your listing. Then, Listings Builder guides you through building each listing by showing where to put each term and tracking everything through your “keyword bank.” Then, Listing Analyzer automatically performs a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis to show how you stack up to the competition (and how to improve your listings to beat them).

Pretty cool, aye?

Here’s a good image of the builder. Can’t beat the UX:

amazon listing builder by viral launch

Did I mention I love their UX?

Customer Support

viral launch customer support

Rant incoming.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1877. So, you’ve had 145 years to get a damn telephone number, Viral Launch. Not just any random one at your office. One that’s clearly marked on your home page and dedicated to customers paying $99/month.

Email support isn’t going to satisfy me.

I’m going full Karen on the customer support team here. If I’m paying good money, I should have a direct line to Viral Launch’s team.

viral launch doesnt have live chat or phone support

Seriously, though. For $99/month, Viral Launch support should be reachable by live chat at the very least. There’s no live chat or phone line. If you upgrade to $199/month, you get a 1-to-1 call to set up paid ads, and that’s it.

Think about it: If you ever have problems with the Viral Launch platform, you have to sit there waiting for the email team to respond. Step up your game, Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Review 2023 Verdict

viral launch review conclusion

Viral Launch is perfect for anyone looking to launch a new product, especially first-time sellers that need instant traction. They’ve got a massive pool of buyers, solid analytics, and a very affordable price point.

For $200, you can skip a ton of hard work and instantly jump several pages or more in rankings.

Viral Launch is also epic for PPC, with a ton of unique automations that should grow your business hands-off in ways most other tools can’t.

However, it’s NOT good for findings products, doing research, optimizing listings, or managing your business. It just can’t compete with Helium 10.

If you want to launch products, get Viral Launch. If you want to find those products and build a business, get Helium 10. Simple as that.

Viral Launch Alternatives

1. Helium 10

The industry standard for Amazon seller tools. Almost everyone uses it. The best keyword research, market intelligence, competitor intelligence, keyword manager, and product research features on Earth. And it starts at just $29/month. No comparison.

2. Sellics

The world’s most advanced paid ads campaign platform. No other tool has more automation, metrics, and data than Sellics, and it’s not even close. If you’re looking for a PPC tool, this is it.

3. Jungle Scout

The product research tool that started it all. Jungle Scout is epic for product research, keyword research, and validating product ideas. Plus, it has the only supplier base of fully vetted factories, so you can connect directly with a reliable supplier instead of risking your business on an unproven person thousands of miles away.

Viral Launch F.A.Q

Q: Who owns Viral Launch?

A: Casey Gauss owns Viral Launch. He is also the former CEO of Thrasio.

Q: Is Viral Launch Free

A: No, Viral Launch is not free for Amazon sellers despite what you may have read in other Viral Launch reviews. There is a 14-day free trial, and there are a few small things you can test, but if you want to use Viral Launch, you must pay.

Q: Does Viral Launch Work?

A: Yes, Viral Launch works. It has highly accurate data (79.3%) and is currently being used by thousands of successful Amazon sellers. Running product giveaways to a targeted audience is one of the best ways to increase Amazon keyword rank (and perhaps even sponsored ad ranks with more sales).

Q: What is the use of Viral Launch?

A: The use of the Viral Launch tool is to put everything Amazon sellers need to plan, start, and grow an Amazon business under one roof. It gives you all the features you need for one low subscription, so you don’t have to buy ten different tools. The Viral Launch system comes with a keyword research tool, a keyword manager, a product finding tool for product ideas, marketing tools for paid and organic search, a Chrome Extension, market research tools to see metrics like search volume, and detailed insights into your business from its deep data integration. Amazon sellers will find everything they need in this one place.

Q: Which is better: Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?

A: It’s hard to say what’s better when comparing Jungle Scout or Viral Launch. They both offer a Chrome extension, a keyword research tool, search volume tools, discovery features to generate product ideas, and a keyword manager. Viral Launch is better for product launches but Jungle Scout offers a supplier database and better training. It depends on what you need. For most people, I think JS is better because Viral Launch’s pricing is much higher.

Q: What does Viral Launch offer?

A: Viral Launch offers nearly a dozen different tools to help you start and grow an Amazon store. It helps you find high-potential products, find the right key terms, build great listings, and run highly targeted campaigns. I found Viral Launch to be very easy to use and super powerful.

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