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22 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2010

I have collected some of the ideas that seem to be growing fast and make real business sense. Here we go in no particular order:

Some people have problems with opening the original Open Office presentation format when downloading from Slideshare. Here is the PowerPoint version of the presentation.

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And here’s the list:

  1. 2010 social media trendsThe fact that audience has the control starts to sink in. (Control is an illusion)
  2. Social media will get real budgets. (Most of these budgets will be inhouse)
  3. Social media will be integrated to overall marketing activities.
  4. Social media ROI will become important. Measure how much do we get out of social media.
  5. Brands start to use listening platforms to monitor the conversations.
  6. Social media will reach behind corporate firewalls. (Read more)
  7. Customer service and interaction with businesses becomes social. (Personaly touch pays)
  8. Measuring online activities and their effect on offline sales will become increasingly important.
  9. Media will fragment even more and smaller communities can be hyper-targeted.
  10. Social networks chatter will be incorporated into CRM systems.
  11. More sales will originate from social media contacts (B2B and B2C).
  12. Marketing will hit mobiles big time.
  13. All search will be real-time. Web, blogs, social networks.
  14. Real-time will be the right time. Delays will cost customers.
  15. People will use more social networks’ messaging instead of regular email and IM. (Webmail providers should be worried.)
  16. First large scale successful augmented reality applications.
  17. Campaigns will get more dynamic, spanning from offline to actionable social channels.
  18. Social networks will become more commercial.
  19. Ads will be more interactive and connected to social networks.
  20. The home page for internet users will be social network’s profile page. (Social Networks Will Be The Starting Point.)
  21. Facebook will grow to 700 million? (Let’s look at some numbers).
  22. Shopping will be integrated into social networking sites.

Get our updated 2011 social media marketing trend list!

You can read the review of the 2010 social media marketing trends


Posted on: December 22, 2009

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29 Responses

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  3. Jasica December 23, 2009 1:01pm

    Thanks for these tips. Here are another five simple tips for 2010 marketing planning


  4. Priit Kallas December 23, 2009 1:01pm

    An interesting trend graph from Forrester is here:
    marketing trends
    I would guess the mobile will grow faster. Look at how biga the mobile world is


  5. Priit Kallas December 28, 2009 12:12am

    A great one from trenwatching

    As more people are reviewing and contributing, the sheer mass of opinions will lead to a real-time stream of information, findable and viewable to all. In addition, online access and device convergence will allow more on-the-spot reviews. Twitter is the much-deserved poster child for real-time reviews: it has established itself as the real-time snapshot of what people are thinking/feeling/experiencing and yes, reviewing, around the world.


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  8. Social Media Applications December 31, 2009 4:04pm

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I’m a new reader and will begin to monitor your blog.

    I think that we’ll see an increase of small businesses using social media as their main way to communicate with customers and propsects. Social Media has leveled the playing field for local businesses. With the right strategy, they can now compete with the big boys. Social media tools are free to use, it’s about knowing where your customers are on the web, building a profile on those sites, and beginning to strike up relevant conversations with them.


  9. Priit Kallas January 2, 2010 1:01am

    Thanks socialfactory. We try to keep putting out interesting stuff for our readers.


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  16. Riku Seppälä January 13, 2010 4:04pm

    Adding something worthwhile to think about to your list.

    Social media will be integrated with web analytics data, meaning that social media tracking and web analytics data can be measured by single tool instead of multiple tracking tools.
    This will help marketers to calculate the ROI of social media and allows them to understand the big picture of their web presence more easily.


  17. Priit Kallas January 13, 2010 4:04pm

    @Riku That would be a greate solution. What are Snoobi’s plans in this regard?


  18. Riku Seppälä January 13, 2010 4:04pm

    @Priit We’re having negotiations with a few instances which are offering social media tracking to integrate with Snoobi.
    Other way is to do it ourselves of course.
    Will keep you posted on this.


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  26. Mike Byrnes March 12, 2010 1:01am

    What is missing from your list of trends…
    Social Media’s big hurdle… how to handle information overload!

    Note: I thought the “22 Social Media Trends” slide presentation was great and tweeted the link from ByrnesConsultin.


  27. Neal Liggins May 5, 2010 7:07pm

    Excellent presentation – great images, content and text handling. You should make an Animoto (go to version – put the slides in their generator , pick background music, and poof out comes a video with cool transitions and effects. Just a thought. You can even use my membership if you like! (seriously)


  28. Priit Kallas May 6, 2010 8:08am

    Thanks for you Comments Mike and Neal!

    @Mike I think the overload will be handled somewhat by social filtering we will pay attention to only stuff from trusted sources socnet friend, subscriprions, etc. But you still may grab too much and overloaded (as you can eat or drink too much).

    @Neal images are from a really great free source I just selected what seemed to fit the theme. And Yes, I would like to give animoto a try. I’ll email you.

    @everybody thanks for showing such an interest in this presentation. Almost 15000 views on SlideShare


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