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Customer interactionWant cost-effective publicity? Try this for size. According to ROI Research and Performics study, at least half of the customers have expressed their satisfaction about a purchase, brand or retailer on the social networking sites. Additionally, 60% of online consumers have expressed their satisfaction on social networking sites such as Facebook.  Publicity such as this will not come if your product is below standard but if your business has a great product/service, it is likely to receive positive comments through various social networking sites.

The most praised types of business were restaurants (60%) followed by food brands (58%) and household products (53%). The least praised types of business were educational institutions (24%) and magazines/newspapers (28%). See the chart below for a more detailed overview.

Chart 1

Of course your business will receive some negative comments through social networks. That is completely normal and your business can turn the negative comments in your favor if you take them as valuable feedback. Also, interacting with the consumers who express dissatisfaction might teach your business something new about your product.

Brands most likely to get disappointing comments on social networks according to ROI Research and Performics were household products (29%), telecommunications (28%) and healthcare/pharma. In the most favorable position was alcoholic beverages with only 11% of the respondents having expressed disappointment about the business. See the chart below for a more detailed overview.

Chart 2

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  1. Exabytes says:

    It is because most of the good and bad comment they share regarding thing that appear and use most of the time.
    Mostly we can found that most of people complain and press on common product which everyone know and using the same thing.

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