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Social Media Weekend: This Is Not An Interesting Post

psychology social mediaThis weekend I’ve been reading a lot of psychology articles. It’s really amazing how much information is out there that would help us to make our marketing communication and social media strategies more persuasive. Take the title of this post for example. It is based on the innuendo denial effect.

Innuendo and damage to reputations by Daniel H. Wegner, Trinity University. In the series of studies reviewed here, it is found that people are remarkably insensitive to innuendo qualifiers, basing their impressions instead on innuendo statements. The conditions under which this phenomenon can promote damage to the reputations of people, organizations, or products, and the steps that may be effective in avoiding such damage, are the principal concerns of the research.

Frist we believe and then we may start to think critical. You Can’t Not Believe Everything You Read (PDF) by Gilbert D.T., Tafarodi R.W., Malone P.S. Can people comprehend assertions without believing them? Three experiments support the hypothesis that comprehension includes an initial belief in the information comprehended. Test subjects were exposed to false information about a criminal defendant or a college student. Some were exposed to this information while under load or time pressure. Then test subjects were asked to make judgments about the target (sentencing decisions or liking judgments). Results showed that load and time pressure caused people to believe the false information and use it in making consequential decisions about the target.

Can you believe what people say about themselves in a Facebook profile? It seems that a little touching up here and there would be an easy thing to do. Make yourself a little better closer to the ideal self you want to be. The research shows that we are pretty honest about ourselves. Facebook Profiles Reflect Actual Personality, Not Self-Idealization.

Why Do People Watch Scary Movies, Stay in Ice Hotels or Eat Bacon-Flavoured Ice-Cream?. Our minds love consuming concepts almost as much as our bodies crave food. Like our appetite for food, though, our appetite for ideas is only satisfied for a short period before we become hungry again, so hopefully this nugget of conceptual consumption will keep you going until the next click…

Altimeter Webinar: Understanding Your Customers’ Social Behaviors. Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li webinar introducing how we are thinking about how companies can understand their customers through what we are calling “socialgraphics”. Where are your customers online? What are your customers’ social behaviors online? What social information or people do your customers rely on? What is your customers’ social influence? Who trusts them? How do customers use social technologies to learn, make decisions, and support your products and services?

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Posted on: February 20, 2010

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