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17 Helpful Tips for Marketing on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter is essential for oh so many businesses and individuals, yet there are almost always room for improvement when it comes to marketing. I’ve compiled some tips for both starters and advanced...

Twitter Allows Alcohol 0

Twitter Allows Alcohol

While Twitter may not be providing the alcohol, they may soon be allowing alcohol marketers to jump on board the 140-character highway. Due to age-verification rules, Twitter has always fallen behind Facebook when it...

Impressive Facts About Social Media 4

Impressive Facts About Social Media

Is your business currently using social media? Because if it isn’t, then it really is time that you did something about it and got in the race – because social media really is the...


Commercials On Twitter

Twitter has become one of fastest social media platforms that supply users’ instant feedback and the hottest trends; all for free.  So what’s the catch?  In the beginning of twitter nothing was; however all...


Twitter as a Tool for Damage Control

Forget TV and radio ads or corporate press releases and letters to the editor. Twitter has become the latest tool for reputation control. You might think the biggest reason to maintain a company Twitter...

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