What Businesses Benefit the Most From Pinterest

There are a few different reasons that your business might benefit from Pinterest. They are:


What Businesses Benefit the Most From PinterestPinterest users have a unique demographic profile. Unlike virtually every other social media network, Pinterest users are mostly women. Overwhelmingly so. Specifically, Pinterest users tend to be middle class partnered mothers with kids, aged 25-34. You can see a more specific demographic breakdown here.
This is key demographic for many industries. It is also a demographic that, in the world of social media, is virtually unique to Pinterest.

Content format

What Businesses Benefit the Most From PinterestPinterest is a photo board. People post photos. Some get popular, some don’t. As such, it is a great place for businesses that turn out a lot of interesting visual media. Specifically, businesses that do well on Pinterest have visual media that is not only interesting in and of itself, but also that works to increase brand awareness.
Fashion and clothes do particularly well on Pinterest, because the entire sales pitch is visual. Food brands also do very well. This is due to a known psychological tendency for people to prefer pictures of people and food to pictures of almost anything else.

Good Brand Image

Like all social marketing sites, people share companies’ content partially because they think it looks good to be associated with that company. While your company is selling itself to users, users are using your company image to sell themselves to their friend networks. As a result, socially-conscious, cool, or rebellious brand images help businesses on Pinterest to gain followers.

Online retailers

What Businesses Benefit the Most From PinterestPinterest has a smaller user base than Facebook. Users are spread farther apart and are less likely to be in your company’s immediate vicinity. It is also more challenging to target specific geographic areas than it is on Facebook, though not impossible. All these factors make Pinterest less appealing to businesses that only operate out of one or two storefronts.

In contrast, large national or multinational brands do very well on Pinterest. They are able to market thousands of storefronts from the same follow page.

However, there is also opportunity on Pinterest for online retailers to do well. Pinterest content has a higher click-through rate than Facebook content. Exposure on Pinterest means more. Coupled with a strong landing page and a good online product, Pinterest can return very high sales for your dollar.

Businesses with interactive ad campaigns

Interactive games, contests, and apps hit a peak a while back in Facebook. There were just so many clogging up news feeds that Facebook was forced to start punishing it with the EdgeRank algorithm.
However, that point has not yet passed with Pinterest. Contests and games spread like wildfire, and are not nearly common enough to be seen as boring or spammy.

If your business falls into three or more of the above categories, it is likely that you will do well on Pinterest.



Steve is a Social Media Manager and Google AdWords Certified Individual at TechWyse, an internet marketing firm based in Toronto, Canada. TechWyse specializes in SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing. You can read more of Steve’s writing at TechWyse.com/blog.

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  1. September 21, 2016

    […] 0 Pinterest is a fast growing social media site that possesses a variety of opportunities for businesses to increase their exposure. However, some companies will benefit from Pinterest’s format and resources more than others.According to Mark Hayes’s article “How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales”, the daily number of Pinterest users has increased by 145% since January 2012.Pinterest is a photo board, which makes it best suited for companies that are capable of taking and uploading a large number of photos. While some photos become instant hits and will be “repinned,” meaning that the photo has been pinned to another board as well as the original board, others will not.Many companies such as bakeries, photographers, clothing designers, television channels, florists, and websites like Etsy are capable of using Pinterest as a way to enhance awareness and generate sales. Businesses that are able to focus sales online and display their products through online content and photos will benefit the most.Pinterest is a great tool for online companies that want to increase traffic to their websites. The source of anything pinned remains as a hyperlink on the photo itself, which heightens the possibility of driving people to your website. Linking an interesting photo to the website will not only generate traffic for the your company’s site, but might also promote your brand image.Companies using Pinterest must be creative and willing to interact with Pinterest users. Whatever your company sells or promotes, it must be eye-catching and targeted to your specific market. Pinterest allows you to pin your photos in certain categories, which makes targeting customers in your market easier and less time consuming.Making Pinterest work for a company depends on how frequently content is shared and repinned. Pinterest generates 1,090 visitors per minute according to [email protected] Jumpstart, which means keeping content up-to-date and useful to the user will not only help spread content, but move the user from being interested to potentially purchasing a product.If your business is highly visual in nature you should be adding Pinterest to your marketing and social media strategy. For more information about Pinterest visit the sites below. Happy pinning!http://www.dreamgrow.com/what-businesses-benefi-the-most-from-interest/http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/224286 […]

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