Why People Unlike on Facebook

Facebook unlikeExactTarget released a report (pdf) about how consumers want to interact with brands through Email, Facebook, and Twitter. Some of the interesting stats:

After “liking” a company, 51% of consumers say they expect the company to send them marketing messages, while 40% say they don’t expect to receive marketing messages from the company. (The remaining 9% don’t know what they should expect. Talk about sending mixed signals to marketers!)

44% of men equate “liking” a brand with permission to send marketing messages, while 55% of women make this connection.

Top reasons for unliking and unfollowing are:

  • The company posted too frequently (Facebook 44%, Twitter 39%)
  • Too much marketing posts and I needed to get rid of some of it (Facebook 43%, Twitter 41%)
  • The content became repetitive or boring over time (Facebook 38%, Twitter 52%)

Facebook unlike reasons

Interestingly about quarter of the people on Facebook (26%) and Twitter (27%) just like or follow a brand to take advantage of an one-time offer.

Twitter unfollow reasons

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  1. Priit Kallas says:

    Thanks Keith!

  2. Keith Gilmore says:

    Awesome post. These stats are really needed to prove the point of a lot of people’s underlying opinion.

  1. April 11, 2011

    […] get value from you, then they will not want to pay the price anymore. This reflects nicely in the study done by ExactTarget. The top reasons for unfollowing/unliking/unsubscribing […]

  2. May 3, 2011

    […] a look at this. Of those who unliked Facebook Pages, 26% did so because they only liked to get a one time offer in […]

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    […] justify my action (haha, it’s so hard to not feel guilty), here is a graph that comes from an article that shares stats on why people unlike/unfollow others on Facebook and […]

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