World Map Of Social Networks 2016

world map of social networks

Italian writer, blogger and photographer Vincenzo Cosenza has put together a visualization showing the most popular social networks around the world on a map, based on recent traffic data (January 2016).

As you can see from the map, Facebook has covered the western world. It is dominating most of the West, together with Africa, Middle-East and the Pacific region. With a user base of 1.6 billion and growing, the map will probably look even bluer next year.

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Although Facebook is also growing in Russia, it is still dominated by Odnoklassniki and V Kontakte. I personally don’t see this situation changing any time soon either. They both support cyrillic and are strongly oriented on the Russian-speaking community. They are also widely used among Russian inhabitants in other Eastern European countries.

Twitter is mainly dominant in Japan, with it’s main “advantage” being the possibility to stay totally anonymous – The people in Japan like to generally stay anonymous when surfing. Facebook’s privacy settings haven’t really been embraced there…

China’s QZone, when only usernames are concerned, is the biggest social network in Asia. QZone today has over 653 million users. Without a doubt, QZone is the biggest player in China and will probably stay that way for a long time as Facebook is banned in China.

There are also a bunch of smaller players, being dominant in only one or two countries. But Facebook is changing that situation quite fast:

Facebook keep getting more countries.

world map of 2nd social networks

Network effect and user’s time constraints force one social networking site to dominate the whole planet. Only large exceptions being relatively isolated countries.

So, China aside, Facebook is still growing. By the same time next year, we will probably see a map where Facebook is dominating most of the western hemisphere, together with the Middle-East and the Pacific. The only real players who are stopping Facebook from having a total “world dominance”, will probably be China’s QZone and V Kontakte in Russia.

And this is how the map looked like in June 2009

world map of social networks 2009

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Priit Kallas

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  1. Chris says:

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  3. YangHe says:

    This is very interesting and give a big thumbs up for the research. I am a Chinese and I use QQ everyday, if people doing marketing in China, QQ is really a good tools to use bc all most everyone in China had register on QQ and using it for chat and business, but for some big company, I don’t think it will work, because sometimes we think QQ not professional.

  4. Ups , Priit Kallas, you are right!!
    My info -just few weeks old, aws already obsolete !!-
    the momentum of this socialmedia tsunami dynamics is amazing ; I had underestimated Facebook growth for Spain in my forecasts.
    … so just , forget about my comment,
    Congratulations again for the accurate and updated data. (It couls be interesting to update the charts every quarter and check relative evolutions)

  5. Priit Kallas says:

    @Nacho. Thanks for your comment! I checked Facebook for Spain and it gives “Estimate: 7,731,520 people who live in Spain”

  6. Very interesting and a good research work… despite it is not 100% accurate, at least regading Spain.
    In Spain, the most popular -in terms of number of users , with over 6,5 Million, and much more in term of minutes Per day, uploaded User generated contents, and conversations, – is Tuenti ( )
    Pretty much focussed on the 14-23 years old segment, it is over growing such boundaries steadily.
    Facebook, being more general, is almost at the same level, but as of today, with the lates available data , Tuenti leads the pack.
    I miss in your map soe information about profesional networks such as Linkedin or Xing. Althoug more vertical and specialised are a ver powerful trend.
    anyway, Congratulations por mashing-up all that info together.

  7. Priit Kallas says:

    The interactive version of this map is here

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