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How to Create an Awesome Quiz that Gets You Leads

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How To Create Your Own Lead Generating Quiz

How to Create an Awesome Quiz that Gets You Leads

Home / Social Media Marketing / How to Create an Awesome Quiz that Gets You Leads
How To Create Your Own Lead Generating Quiz
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It's rather hard to believe, but those quizzes you see on social media networks are actually capable of working in any brand's marketing strategy for lead generation.

So how do they do it? Well, with their innate capabilities of engaging and entertaining audiences, quizzes are already attracting prospective leads towards it. All you have to do is make a simple exchange for someone's contact information for their quiz results and voila! You have yourself a lead generating quiz.

Quizzes are one of the most underrated types of content every marketer should try. In addition to their audience engagement and lead generation, quizzes can also boost social traffic, drive revenue, and even qualify leads. When implemented in any marketing strategy, you'll effectively optimize lead generation for your brand.

Here at Interact, we've participated in helping over 10,000 brands create over 25,000 quizzes, so it's safe to say that we're seasoned veterans in this particular field. So today, we'll teach you how to create your very own quiz for lead generation. By the end of this article, you'll learn what it takes to create an effective quiz, and how to implement it into your marketing strategy.

What You'll Learn in This Post

  • How to create your own quiz for lead generation.
  • Coming up with the right title to your quiz.
  • Picking the right type of quiz for your marketing.
  • Crafting the perfect questions for engagement.
  • Creating an effective lead capture form.
  • Delivering results that get shared on social media.

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shortstack Facebook quizzes

Step 1: Coming Up With The Right Title

The first step in giving your quiz the ability to attract audiences would be to come up with a title with that kind of a gravitational pull. You want to create a title that not only attracts attention but invites audiences to take your quiz. Now while we do encourage originality, here are a couple of title templates for you to work in case you need a helping hand:

  • The “How Much Do You Actually Know” Title – You'd be surprised to see how much a question changes when you include the word “actually.” For instance, compare the question “How much do you know about the Star Wars galaxy?” with “How much do you actually know about the Star Wars galaxy?” By adding the word “actually,” you've turned a regular question into something more of a challenge, and this is the perfect way to invite someone to play a little game, or in your case, to take a little quiz.
  • The “Which (Blank) Are You?” Title – This is one of the more common variations of quiz title that you'll come across. They'll usually be in the form of “Which Toy Story character are you?” or “Which Game of Thrones character would fight alongside you?” The (Blank) is entirely interchangeable, and you can substitute it with anything that'll fit your agenda. Use this to your advantage based on the kind of audience you want to attract and work with.

create a social media quiz

Step 2: Picking The Right Type of Quiz

Once you've come up with a title to your quiz, it's time to figure out what type of quiz you'll be creating. There isn't just one universal quiz. They're broken down into two different types, and select the type of quiz you want to create based on what works best for your brand along with your target audience. Here are the two types of quizzes you can choose from:

  • The Personality Quiz – This type of quiz categorizes individuals into personalities based on the answers. Marketers can use this in a way to determine several things, for instance, what level of maturity someone has for a specific topic, or what kind of style someone has so that you can recommend appropriate products to them as a means of personalizing the shopping experience. It depends entirely on the brand and strategy.
  • The Knowledge Test – This type of quiz gauges someone's knowledge on any given subject and delivers results based on accuracy. It's the perfect way to see how much someone knows about something. Marketers can use this to qualify their audiences to see how much they know about a given brand and its products/services. Marketers can also use this quiz type to qualify leads by seeing how “warm” they are so that they can focus on those that are closer to converting.

create a personality quiz

Step 3: Creating Questions That Engage

Now that your quiz is starting to take shape, it's time to fill it up with questions. As a marketer, you want to establish a connection with your audience. The questions to your quiz are a one-on-one medium of communication with them. Use this to your advantage. Here are a couple of pointers to help you craft the perfect questions:

  • Speak Through Your Questions – You want to able to approach your audience in a very comfortable manner. Talk to them as if you were talking to them in person. The relaxed tone that you set will play in your favor, and it never hurts to inject your personality into a quiz. Keep this in mind when you craft each and every question, and you'll be able to improve your opt-in rate later on with how comfortable your audience is with your brand.
  • Increase Entertainment By Using Images – Text-based quizzes are fine for the most part, but it also depends on what you're trying to achieve with your quiz. Consider using images in your questions to keep things entertaining. You can include a single image or an image as each answer. It's entirely up to you. Using images turns your quiz into more of a trivia game, and that keeps things both fun and relevant.
  • Keep It Simple And Sweet (Short) – Don't clog your quiz up with too many questions. Try to aim at having 6 to 8 questions. On average, this will only take your audience about 2-3 minutes to complete, which is more than enough time for any quiz. For people that are on-the-go, the shorter the quiz, the better.

Create Your Own Lead Generating Quiz

Step 4: Designing An Effective Lead Capture

Before we move onto the results, this is the section where we turn a simple little quiz into a lead generating machine. By gating the quiz with a lead capture form before the results, you prompt audiences with a notification that usually requests an email address to proceed. This simple exchange will help you grow your email list while your audience receives their quiz results. Quite a fair exchange if you ask me. Here are some ways to increase the opt-in rate for your lead capture:

  • Incentivize Your Efforts – Even if the exchange between you and your audience is fair, feel free to incentivize your lead capture. Incentives help with getting your audience to opt-in, and also allows you to distribute other forms of content. For instance, you could offer a free ebook. You could even enter someone in a free giveaway for opting in.
  • Promote Honest Marketing – Some people want to know what marketers will be doing with their contact information, so be sure, to be honest about your strategy. The conditions are usually highlighted in a privacy policy attached to the lead capture form.
  • Don't Do Too Much – What we mean by this is, try not to go overboard with the amount of information that you request. The minimum is usually an email address, maybe even a first and last name. So try not to ask for information you won't be using.

effective lead capture

Step 5: Delivering Shareable Results

It's time to work on the results! By now, your quiz is finally coming together. All that's left is for you to create results that get shared across social media networks. To do that, you're going to have to touch base on several aspects of what makes results so shareable. Here's what you need to do to get the most out of your results:

  • Have An Amazing Headline – Most results will tell you something along the lines of “You're a red velvet cupcake! What kind of cupcake are you?” Using that as an example, come up with a headline that not only showcases someone's results but encourages others to take your quiz so that they can obtain results of their own.
  • Include An Attention-Grabbing Image – Always include an image that corresponds to the results you give. The image is usually the first thing people see when shared on social media, so take advantage of this to get the most visibility for your quiz.
  • Be Truthfully Positive – When creating results, compliment your audience. You want to be able to make whoever took your quiz to feel good about the results they got. Positive language in results will then prompt them to share their results with family and friends. From there, the cycle repeats when they take your quiz.
  • Include A Call-To-Action – Don't be afraid to include a call-to-action. It can be anything from a link to your landing page, links to other products that your brand offers, or even links to articles your blog publishes.

shareable results call-to-action

Let's Review

Feeling good about quizzes yet? Let's go over everything we've covered today briefly just to make sure everything's fresh in your mind. First, we went over title choices and how important they can be when initially attracting your audience. Second, we went over the right type of quiz for your marketing. Third, we covered the basics in designing the perfect questions for a quiz.

As your quiz begins to take form, we gave you some pointers on how to increase the opt-in rate for your capture form. Finally, we went over the kind of results you want to give to your audience and how that will play a major role in how popular your quiz will become.

As versatile as quizzes are, every marketer should give them a chance as a form of content. With everything that you've learned here today, try putting a quiz to use for your marketing strategy and see how successful it'll work out for you and your brand.

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