10 Challenges that SEO Consultants Face, but Don’t Like

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If you are in the search engine optimization services industry, you might come across certain challenges whether about clients or the industry. Google bring changes to its analytics, and that becomes disturbing for the SEOs who don’t stay friendly with the search engine or the latest industry trends.

Below, you will come across 10 challenges that SEO consultants have to face and force them to come up with best solutions.

1. Finding Some Quick Fixes

Normally, clients usually want quick fixes in the search engine optimization of their website. Although they know how does SEO work, and how could it benefit their business, still they prefer going for quick fixes. Many clients prefer 12 month period to see clear results, which isn’t realistic at all.

Business owners should understand the working of search engines and the importance of organic search. It doesn’t have a quick fix. Although there are some quick fixes, the results aren’t that much long lasting.

2. Thinking About Tough Competition

10 Challenges That SEO Consultants Face, But Don’t LikeOften, website owners think that their competition is doing something big, then why couldn’t they do. Many websites follow shady link building, duplicate content, exact match domain, and many similar practices, which make them successful temporarily.

However, it also happens that many competitors use tricky approaches to claim top positions and they are never penalized; instead, they keep on earning more. It becomes quite disheartening for those using white hat SEO techniques, but failing to claim what they truly deserve.

3. The Hourly Rate Riddle of SEO Consultants

If you are an SEO consultant, you often have noticed that your client doesn’t object in the start, but in a midway, the objection on hourly rate comes. Despite liking the proposal, the hourly rate discussion becomes disturbing for the SEO consultants. The reason is simple; they don’t have that level of SEO understanding as you have, so their response is obvious. They need to realize that hiring an SEO consultant doesn’t mean approaching a technical expert, but a strong supporter to make their business a big hit. It won’t be good to evaluate their efforts against hourly rates. It’s the expertise of the SEO consultant to deal with such clients and convince them to pay the desired money against the success being delivered.

4. Demanding SEO Results For Poor Products

10 Challenges That SEO Consultants Face, But Don’t LikeAlthough, search engine optimization helps a lot in making a business successful, but it can’t fix everything. If a website carries poor products or inefficient services, or worst customer care, then SEO can’t deliver the desired results. Search engine optimization helps in optimizing the business profit while making the business accessible to larger numbers of the prospects. However, the quality of the products, services, and customer care matters a lot to get the best out of SEO efforts.

5. It’s Hard To Say NO, But Say When Needed

Many SEO consultants face a tough time when a client tried to switch, as part of his/her habit. It’s not just about the work that makes clients switch, but many other factors also play an important role in changing the behavior of the clients. Sometimes, client’s attitude de-motivates the SEO consultant. It’s the right time to quit when you see that stage coming. It may end in losing the client, but the otherwise impact might have been quite devastating for your SEO consulting business.

6. Uneven Emphasis On Hit Counters

10 Challenges That SEO Consultants Face, But Don’t LikeIt happens that SEO clients usually trust blindly the established performance indicators like search engine rankings and page views. However, these factors don’t reflect exactly how a business is performing. The need is to divert the attention towards the right KPIs, which help in improving the main profit of the business. Many clients consider top ranking as the ultimate goal to achieve, but in actual, without high conversion rate, the ranking is nothing. SEO clients need to understand this aspect.

7. SEO Kept Separate From Web Development

Many SEO clients first go for designing and developing a website and then opt for SEO services. In such a case, the website is expected to perform poorly. Such a site takes more expensive changes to fix the problems later on. The best approach is to acquire the services of an SEO consultant from the planning phase of web designing and development.

8. Clients Think IT Consultants Are Gods

IT consultants aren’t meant to provide a solution for every problem. Whether the issue is of designing, development, or marketing, clients usually think IT consultants can provide the solution. They don’t understand the difference between web designers, web developers, and SEO consultants.

9. Clients Think Content Creation Is An Easy Job

10 Challenges That SEO Consultants Face, But Don’t LikeIf there is a need to fill the white spaces with text or use some keywords, content creation can be easy, but to provide the prospects with the right stuff, expert content writing services are needed. Sometimes, a website owner may claim to have an expert copywriter, but the issue is that writer might not have a clear understanding of search engine optimization. Often the times, these insiders disappoint the website owner as well as end up in nothing but destroying the web image of the business.

10. The Demand for Pay Per Link Deals

When clients start thinking about the effectiveness of link building, they start asking for the paid links. Now, when Google has warned the webmasters with Penguin update, it’s not easy for the link builders to go for paid links without fearing any harm.

Expert SEO consultants never recommend the clients of black hat techniques for link building and never follow if the client demands such quick results approach.

Have you ever faced any such challenges in your SEO consultancy career? If there are any others you know or some suggestions to tackle the given above challenges, feel free to share in the comments below.

Author Bio: Emma Jones, writer of this post, is a professional with expert writing skills. Her greater interest in search engine optimization is the main factor that forces her to help SEOs with useful knowledge. Her writings are also helpful for the businesses of these three locations, looking for brighter SEO outcomes.

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