16 Social Media Case Studies and 8 Success Metrics (B2B and Corporate)

Here is a collection of case studies and I added a report outlining the social media success metrics. I selected these cases mostly from big brands and B2B to show how social media is being adopted in large organizations.

Doubling sales through social media
Organic tea brand Steaz came to Chemistry needing to generate nation-wide awareness and drive Steaz sales at Target stores — and quickly. Steaz’s new presence in 1,500-plus Targets nationwide had just quadrupled its shopping audience — in geographic and demographic markets where the brand was practically unknown. The brand needed to keep that window of opportunity from shutting as fast as it had opened.

SAP – A Company Transforms Itself Through Social Media (PDF)
Goal to create an online developer network that would open the company’s content, NetWeaver strategy, and technical information to a global audience. NetWeaver would achieve ubiquity by breaking down its walls and embracing a larger, interactive community: the technologists inside and outside the company who recognized that a business solution is the ever-changing product of global collaboration. Additional objectives included a desire to increase adoption of SAP products and to provide a platform of innovation for SAP and its partners

Social media case study: Walmart Using Social Media for Change Management
Guiding Principles: 1. Increase Loyalty 2. Gain Understanding 3. Reduce Costs 4. Reinforce Brand Pillars.

Scholastic: The ABC’s of Corporate Blogging
In their BlogWell New York presentation, Scholastic’s Social Media Producer, Corporate Communications, Ivy Li & Manager, Corporate Communications, Tyler Reed, share how they connected bloggers and the online community to create a successful corporate blog and influential online voice.

How Best Buy Energized 170,000 Employees With Social Media
Best Buy, which is a large multi-channel home electronics retailer with nearly $50 Billion in sales, 3,000 locations globally and with 170,000 staff is a large organisation by any standard. Their challenge with this size company is not only to communicate externally with customers but also to listen, interact and empower the passion and expertise that is within the company.

Gillette a YouTube Case Study
Gillette Fusion power has few competitors other than other Gillette variants in the Market; as such driving adoption of new brand variants is key to the brands success. Driving traditional brand KPIs is exceptionally difficult given the non competitive environment The aim of the campaign was to build awareness and association of Gillette with the “Future Champions” of Italian Soccer. With the 2010 World Cup imminent the aim was to foster brand engagement amongst emerging shavers (Males aged under 25) The campaign was a large multimedia campaign including strong digital interactive elements, YouTube and Search advertising

Social Media Case Study: LEGO CLICK
LEGO is a brand that many people are very passionate about, a brand people love and we’ve written before about how they use segmentation to engage their consumer base from children to enthusiasts in an innovative way. Now they have continued their innovative approaches to engagement and embraced social media. In a big way.

Facebook Case Study: From 517 to 33,000 fans in two weeks (plus media coverage)
OK marketer, put yourself in these shoes (they’re more like boots actually). Your state government is facing massive budget shortfalls. Teachers are being laid off. Draconian cuts to vital public services are being announced left and right. And amid this tumult, you are the one tasked with using your marketing prowess to stave off disaster itself. The California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) found itself in this very position after learning about massive cuts in state funding that threatened to close 220 California state parks.

B2B Case Study: Supply Chain Firm Drives Traffic with Online Community
Kirsten Watson, Director, Corporate Marketing of Kinaxis presented a case study of their online community at the Marketing Profs B2B Forum. This video is a summary of the presentation, which was part of a session featuring four case studies moderated by CK.

UPS launches a B2B social media marketing campaign
UPS wants to show potential customers its passion for transportation and supply chain solutions, what it calls “New Logistics”, and it especially wants to bring the message of growth opportunity to small businesses. It is using a multi-media ad campaign, with an emphasis on digital and social channels.

5 B2B Social Media Winners
Take a moment to think about, and count, the number of B2C social media success stories that pop into your head. I’ll venture to guess that you could immediately name five to 10, if not many more. From Ford to Dell to Zappos to Best Buy, B2C social media winners – those organizations that caught on early and created a cult following of brand cheerleaders via the social web – are hard to miss. But how about the B2B social media winners? I’m guessing these weren’t as easy to name.

The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing
Altimeter Group conducted research, and gleaned input from 34 vendors, agencies, and experts, to determine success criteria and develop a roadmap for Facebook page best practices. We found Eight Success Criteria for Facebook page marketing, and then tested the maturity of 30 top brands across six industries.

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