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Here is a collection of case studies and social media examples. The cases have been selected so that they would show how social media is being adopted in large organizations.

social-media-casesMarketing in the Age of Social Media – Examples from Procter & Gamble (video), by Stan Joosten. Hear how P&G’s brands integrate social media into their marketing activities, what lessons they’ve learned, and how these efforts have made them better able to serve their consumers.

General Mills Goes Social Media (video), by Mark Addicks. Mark Addicks, General Mills’ Chief Marketing Officer, shares how social media is changing they way they communicate. Mark’s presentation covers how when first getting started, General Mills built internal portals to demonstrate the power of social to senior management and peers, how many of their brands had an inherent offline “social network” behind them and these new tools are making it easier for them to connect, and several specific social media case studies on brands like Betty Crocker, Fiber One, and Progresso.

From Grass Roots to Global Scale: The Four Phases of Social Media at Intel (video), by Ken Kaplan. Intel is a big company with over 80,000 employees in hundreds of countries around the world. It may not be able to turn on a dime, but its culture of innovation mixed with a dose of paranoia has empowered its employees to walk, run and leap ahead into the world of social media. Ken highlighted four phases that moved Intel to a stronger role of participating online from blogging to communities to advertising: Pioneers, Settlers, Shift to Online, and Global Scale.

Intel Developing an Enterprise Social Computing Strategy, by Laurie Buczek and Malcolm Harkins. Intel IT has deployed an enterprise-wide social computing platform that combines professional networking tools with social media such as wikis and blogs, and integrates with existing enterprise software. Read how Intel IT transformed collaboration across Intel while addressing top business challenges such as helping employees to find relevant information and expertise more quickly, breaking down silos; attracting and retaining new employees; and capturing the tacit knowledge of mature employees.

How Nokia is Connecting People with Social Media (video), by Molly Schonthal. Molly Schonthal explains that, for the world’s largest manufacturer of cell phones, ‘connecting people’ is much more than a tag line — it’s a focus of business. Social media communication is a top priority for Nokia, both internally and externally.

The Impact of Social Media for The Home Depot (video), by Nick Ayres. Nick showed how the company uses social media to expand these tenets, and how social media is fundamentally changing the ways in which it engages with its customers. Social media is a growing part of what The Home Depot calls its “digital orange apron.”

Boston College, by Jeff Brainard. Boston College required social software to stimulate the education process & create lively interactions between students and faculty; Socialtext provided easy-to-use platform for wiki collaboration that seamlessly integrated with email, RSS feeds, search and other popular web-based technologies.

UPS: Protecting your brand through social media (video), by Debbie Curtis-Magley. UPS will give a first-hand account of how it recently dispelled rumors by using social media. Learn about crisis strategy, tools used, and lessons learned.

Zero to 60: Ford’s Social Media Story (video), by Scott Monty. Scott’s presentation covers how they’ve worked to “set their content free” by making it available for download and sharing, how the Fiesta Movement has put a bunch of talkers (and their unfiltered opinions) behind the wheel of new cars, and how Scott has connected fans directly to CEO Alan Mulally via Twitter.

AT&T Collaborative Integration, by R Todd Stephens. This case study provides an overview of the first 5 years of an evolving journey with Enterprise 2.0 applications within a large telecommunications company.

Vitamin Water’s newest flavour created by Facebook fans, by Matt Rhodes. Vitamin Water’s latest flavour, launching in March this year, was developed and named by the brand’s Facebook fans. The black cherry and lime flavoured drink will be called ‘Connect’ and one Facebook fan, Sarah from Illinois, won $5,000 for her role in developing this new product.

Social Media Engagement During a Financial Crisis (video), by Joel Nathanson. Joel’s presentation focuses on whether in crisis or during everyday business, fundamentals are critical: 1. Social media should be used in coordination with other channels; 2. If you’re not there, someone else will be; 3. Take advantage of the high value, low cost benefits; 4. Start building now — you don’t want to be building the infrastructure when you’re in a crisis.

Case study: Scott Brown and social media, by Larry Kim. While it is difficult to explain exactly how Scott Brown’s social media campaign went so viral, some basic social media marketing best practices may have tilted the race in Scott Brown’s favor.

Social Media Case Study: LEGO CLICK, by Matt Rhodes. They have launched LEGO CLICK, an online community that brings together innovators, designers, artists and creative thinkers to develop new ideas related to toys. The site is designed to bring together ideas in written form, images and videos. They want to capture and catalogue ‘lightbulb moments’, ideas that are relevant to toys and to the market LEGO serves.

General Motors Case Study. Often referred to as a great example of a successful corporate blog, General Motors FastLane was one of the first blogs personally written by a senior executive. On FastLane, GM’s Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz and others share their thoughts and opinions about the automaker’s product line.

Pizza & Beer – a successful E2.0 launch, by Rickard Hansson. Recently we launched Incentive as a part of the E20 roll out on SBAB. SBAB is a government owned bank in Sweden. Let me emphasis GOVERNMENT OWNED. You direct response – I assume – is… stale, complex decision processes, rules – on and on, and on.

Carnival Cruise Lines, by Guy Hagen. Carnival Cruise Lines has been a pioneer in leveraging social media to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. Interview with Carnival’s Senior Manager for Interactive Marketing Strategy Jordan Corderra and Social Media Strategist Stephanie Leavitt about how they built such a successful and loyal online community.

And whe you are through with those then: WOMMA’s Case Study Library. A how-to resource intended to help you gain a better understanding of the different types of word of mouth marketing that exist, as well as how to put them to work for you. We’re showcasing the best work from the best marketers, giving the people who create noteworthy word of mouth campaigns the recognition they deserve and providing an educational tool for those who want to learn a little more about this thing called WOM.

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