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23 Cool Examples of Facebook Page Cover Photos

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facebook page cover image

23 Cool Examples of Facebook Page Cover Photos

Home / Social Media Marketing / 23 Cool Examples of Facebook Page Cover Photos
facebook page cover image
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Victorias Secret Facebook The standard landing tab for your Facebook page is the wall. It's often covered with random discussions and there's no clear call to action. To get your audience engaged give them a little more than just a generic wall. How to get people to like you? I have selected the pages where new visitors are directed to somewhere else rather than their wall. Here are 22 examples of what you can do with your Facebook page's landing tab.

The cover is really simple, just an image, but I wanted to share the idea and design principles behind a good cover image. The key features of the cover are:

Call to action

Clear call to action and the reason why they should take that action works well in this context.


The landing page and profile picture go hand in hand, and this will catch visitor's attention a little more than a normal picture. Think outside the box.


The cover image on has to intrigue and make people ask what's that?

Personal touch

People like people, not companies, so, try to use real people in your images.


Before anything else, people look at the visual appeal of the Facebook cover image. Make your Facebook page stand out, and visitors will stay long enough to get to the message.

Need more inspitation? Check this post for landing page examples: 22 Inspiring Examples of Facebook Page Designs. If you need tools to create a Facebook landing page check here 4 Free Facebook Landing Page Creation Tools. Find out how you can set up a custom facebook landing page.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Facebook Page

Gary Vaynerchuk

gary vaynerchuk event calendar facebook landing page


mercedes benz facebook page


vw facebook page

Gillette Venus

facebook page cover image gillette venus

Kit Kat

facebook page cover image kitkat

Jones Soda

facebook page cover image jones


facebook page cover image threadless

Dunkin' Donuts

facebook page cover image dunkin donuts


facebook page cover image itunes


facebook page cover image lacoste


facebook page cover image wondows


facebook page cover image intel

Hello Kitty

facebook page cover image hello kitty

Kellogg's Chocos

facebook page cover image kelloggs

Take a look at Facebook cheat sheet sizes and dimensions


facebook page cover image smirnoff


facebook page cover image samsung

Hasbro Gaming

facebook page cover image hasbro


facebook page cover image sprite

Nike Football

facebook page cover image nike football

Monster Energy Girls

facebook page cover image monster girls

Monster Energy

facebook page cover image monster

Animal Planet

facebook page cover image animal planet

If you know of any really cool Facebook welcome page examples, please add them to the comments.

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