3 Ways Social Media Can Influence a Trade Show

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3 Ways Social Media Can Influence a Trade ShowOver the past several years social media has grown exponentially, becoming a staple in most aspects of everyday life; especially in the business community. In fact, your business is probably utilizing some form of social media as we speak, whether it is a corporate Facebook profile, a follower-packed Twitter feed, or some other social media avenue. As a business owner, you probably also have substantial experience with trade shows as they are an excellent way to increase business exposure build stronger networks. Did you know though, that social media can dramatically improve your trade show experience?

It’s true! The extent and power of social media use in trade shows is actually quite vast. However, there are three unique methods of incorporating social media use with trade show participation. You can read more about those methods below:

1. It’s a Waiting Game

3 Ways Social Media Can Influence a Trade ShowRather than sit idly by, waiting on the day of the trade show to arrive, try building momentum towards your trade show participation by using the latest social media portals. The best way to do this is by uploading photos of your trade show preparation. Most exhibition halls will provide trade show participants with staff to help install your trade show booth. Ask said staff members if you could snap a few photos of them as they work and upload them to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It may not seem like much, but you would be surprised at how something as basic as uploading photos can positively affect the hype and buzz amongst trade show attendees.

**Ask the staff members if they have any social media connections. If they do, jot down their information and “tag” them in the photos. If you’re lucky, they will share the photos on their own profiles, further increasing your exposure. **

2. People Like Free Stuff

Trade shows and free giveaways generally go hand-in-hand. Walking onto just about any venue, one can expect to be bombarded with a barrage of promotional pens, stress balls, and tumblers. However, you can break that trend by combining two influential aspects—social media and an “original” giveaway. In other words, utilize various social media avenues to promote a big, yet relevant prize. For example, if you plan on attending a trade show catered to video gamers, a good idea would be to promote the giveaway of the latest Xbox gear. You could use social media sites to simply promote the giveaway, but the ultimate goal is to encourage visitors to visit your booth.

** A good example of a great promotional giveaway tactic is a trivia contest. Set up a trivia question or two on your company’s website. Naturally, you are going to want to promote this on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. If visitors answer the question correctly, they are rewarded with a code-word or phrase. That code-word can then be provided to your booth staff in exchange for an entry into a prize drawing. This will encourage more visitors to visit your booth. **

3. There is No Such Thing as Too Much Blogging

3 Ways Social Media Can Influence a Trade ShowThink of your trade show participation as a news story, and your social media profiles as the news anchor. It is up to the anchor to report the story as it happens, afterwards, and in some cases, before. With that being said, use your social media profiles to update the general population before the event, during it, and afterwards. Take some time out during your pre-show preparation to write an elaborate post detailing what visitors can expect at the show. During the actual event, take a moment or two to sneak in a Tweet or upload a photo. Afterwards, sit down and write a recap of the event, highlighting any unique or interesting happenings that occurred during the show. This might include testimonials, demonstrations, images of your crowded booth, etc.

** Social media is great for businesses and trade shows, but when used in conjunction with a company blog, the success rate is further amplified. If you do not already have a company blog, consider having one set up. If you do have a corporate blog already, make sure that it is coordinated with all of your social media profiles. **

With the business world, as well as trade shows, becoming more contemporary, it is vital that you don’t neglect the technology you have available to you. Social media is one example of this contemporary technology. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, StumpleUpon, and Pinterest are all great examples of social media. With a little research, you will discover that most successful companies have adopted as many social media avenues as possible, connecting them to a new world of customers.



Author bio: This post was written by Andrew Brusnahan, a young lad who is passionate about social media and marketing. To ask Andrew a question or simply say hello, send him an email at [email protected]

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