4 of the Hottest Social Media Tools on the Market

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Let’s face it: in today’s world, if you and your business aren’t totally going digital, you’re going to be left behind.

That is, if you don’t have a killer website, if you don’t have a blog, if you don’t implement any social media tools whatsoever when it comes to your business, you’re running last in the race, my friend. I’ll assume you at least have Facebook and Twitter, and possibly a YouTube, for the purposes of this article. If not, you’re really in trouble.

But don’t go jumping off a bridge just yet – it’s not too late to start implementing some of the newer things now, especially when it comes to the social media aspect. Social is hot right now, and here are 4 of the very hottest tools on the market this year (besides the usual players) that will help increase your business’ and your website’s social media presence.


Relatively new to the social media market, Pinterest is a website that allows users to “pin” things that they like. As a business owner or business person, Pinterest can be used to share content that will potentially be shared again and again, all while creating a major buzz around your company’s name.

Pinterest isn’t for everyone, though. Most of the content that does well on Pinterest is infographics (a graphic representation of information), photographs or instructional posts for creative items, crafts or projects. But the potential is pretty much limitless – share one good piece of content on Pinterest, and it could generate thousands of leads back to your website.

It’s a great place for sharing and even getting good, creative ideas, and the more “pins” your content gets, the more attention your website will get. Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular especially amongst the female population, and the only real way to find out how well it works is to give it a shot!

If you have some good, creative content that pertains to your business, throw it up on Pinterest and see what kind of traction it gets. You really can’t lose – worst case scenario, no one pins your content, and you still get your business out there on another social media site.


Reddit is a great community where you can post articles or news relating to your industry to share with others.

Other Reddit users can rate the original articles that you post, and when used correctly and attended to frequently, you can build great professional relationships with other users and increase your business’ social media presence.

Reddit will take some time to build a community on – you can’t just jump on, post an article and expect it to do all kinds of good for your own website. But if you take the time to build the relationships you need with other users, it’s possible to do some really effective social media marketing with this tool.


Another new player in the social media game, Digg is a great way to find new content and share it with others, which can be beneficial to you and your business for obvious reasons.

If you have a blog or are consistently posting original content or articles somewhere, Digg can really help increase traffic to your newest posts to reach a broader audience. Any good links from any place on the web can be shared on Digg, including your own content, and the Digg community “votes” or “diggs” links. How many diggs a story gets affects how much it spreads throughout the Digg community.

It all sounds complicated, but is really easy to use. Just add a “Digg” button or option to any articles that you post on your blog or elsewhere, and follow up on your content in the Digg community by watching how many “diggs” it gets.

It’s a fancy way of sharing content that you create. And it works, so use it.


If you haven’t heard of Google+ by now, you’re really behind on the times. This one can be important for your business to have for the simple fact that it was created by Google themselves, and can seriously help your business’ visibility in Google search results (surprise).

G+ is basically the same ideas as Facebook – it gives you a chance to build a social network for yourself or your business and a place to share things like links to articles, photos and videos.

If you have a G+ account, you’ll notice that in your search engine results in Google, some of your social options that you’ve shared or your friends have recently shared come up first in your search results. Imagine the potential if your business has a G+ account and you have a huge social following. All of your social network will see your business coming up in their personalized search results every time.

It’s a win-win for everyone – Google is happy to build upon its own version of a social network, and you’ll be happy that your social network will be beneficial to your business’ search results.

Try implementing one or all of these hot social media tools and see how much good it can do for your business. Some of the results might surprise you, but don’t say I didn’t tell you so!


Laura Green is a freelance writer who loves working on the social media accounts for her business. She will usually search to find experts by hot focus area who can help her socially market her needs at the time and she encourages other businesses to do the same.

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