4 Tips To Make Your Facebook Ads Convert Better

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Businesses are now seeing more and more value in advertising through Facebook. Though, just like Google AdWords, there are several areas you will want to pay attention to get the best results.

Here are some tips from Mona Elesseily, the VP of Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media and Jennifer Sheahan from FBadsLAB.

Studies show that the three types of images that convert best on Facebook ads are:

  1. Smiling Women
  2. Bright Logos
  3. Faces

Happy Women

The best performing images to use in Facebook advertising are of happy women. Women who look overjoyedfree and are looking directly at the camera convert best. Also, try images of women who joyfully have their arms in the air.

Colorful Logos

Try logos that are colorful and engaging. If your company’s logo is boring or bland, make look colorful by adding a colorful border, background or text. Definitely avoid blue and white as the colors blend too much with Facebook’s colors (think contrast to capture attention).
Images with text on them (calls to action) convert better than images alone. In general, ads with a “reason” convert better than ads with no reason. So don’t just tell people about your accounting services but include a reason like: 1) end of tax year special or 2) an online promotion with savings available for 3 days only.

Use colors in your image that contrast with Facebook’s shades of blue— they command more attention and stand out from the rest of the website.

Note: product images do not convert as well as straight up colorful logos.


Ads with people, and especially close ups of faces and eyes tend to get a higher click through rate. In other words, give your ad a human touch! Happy pictures where people are looking directly at the camera work best.

Extra Tip: Image Size

It’s best to upload horizontal (landscape) images to ensure you’re maximizing the space available, which is 110×80 pixels

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2 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Thank you for the suggestions. I was using an image of me that was further away so I cropped it zoomed in now. Im going to try it and see how it affects the CTR 🙂

    • Priit Kallas says:

      Nick, test everything you may get different results. It really depends on your target audience.

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