5 Ways to Grow Your Businesses Social Media Following

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5 Ways to Grow Your Business Social Media FollowingYou, just like many companies, are increasing your presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in order to increase your business. However, you may not have a clue how to properly engage your audience and increase your social media following to really make a positive impact on your business. You need to run your social media sites properly, and not doing so many even result in a loss of business. In order to do that, here are five suggestions that you can use in order to increase your social media presence.

Give Something Away

This is the easiest way to get a lot of people talking about your social media page. Running a contest when you first start to promote your page is a great way to get people to your page and either following you or liking it. Once you do the initial campaign, you can then keep them wanting to come back for more by offering Internet only deals or coupons.

Engage the Audience

5 Ways to Grow Your Social Media FollowingOnce you start to get more and more people who are visiting your page, you now need to keep them involved and wanting them to come back more often. Companies that do this successfully often share pictures or product information that is relevant to the industry they are in. Also, giving out great advice or guides is another way to keep your new audience coming back to read and commenting about the advice that you give.

Don’t Oversell

It is perfectly fine to post about the big end of the month sale, but make sure to limit that post to only a few times in a month. People who are constantly bombarded with links and sales promotions often tune out or stop following a company who does this too much. The people who like your page want to be treated like real people. A good ratio of posts to sales messages should be, at the very least, 5 normal messages to 1 sales message.

Advertise Your Social Pages

This can be done in a few different ways. The first way you can do this is post it at your place of business or on your business cards. You see it all the time where a company will say Like Us on Facebook through the use of TV commercials, billboards or even outside their business.

On Facebook and Twitter, they both have areas where you can advertise your business. One way is through the use of promoted posts or paying others to tweet a message about your business. The other way to do this is by being a featured trend on Twitter or advertising on the sidebar on Facebook.

Add Social Buttons to Your Website

One of the best ways to get more people going to your page is through your existing website. If you have a site with traffic but no links to your social pages, how do people even know you have a page? Getting people to share or like a post on your website is also a huge help to your business, as it tells other potential customers that real people recommend it.

These five tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media. The beautiful thing about this industry is that there are tons of different methods to get more people to visit your page and get involved. Be creative and don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it and in no time, your social media following will grow out of control!



Collin is a Social Media Marketing expert from Sydney, Australia. He believes increasing your social media following is a great way to increase business. For more information about Social Media and Online Marketing, Collin recommends Loves Data.

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