7 Tips To Lead A Great Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing works best when optimized with a campaign. It’s important for your company to keep a plan and action in mind – precisely marketing campaign which has to be a blend of few factors:

1. Continuous Efforts

Yes, once you have set your foot on the social media platform, there’s no stepping back! If you do, your results are bound to suffer. Continuous efforts are the prime most important factor because a minimum of 6 months are needed to get a glimpse of branding and about a year will show results of your efforts. Hence, SMM is something that needs patience. So, the first step is to prepare for a series of well directed efforts!

2. Set Goals

  • What is your goal?
  • More likes on your page?
  • More products sold?
  • More enquiries for your services?

The next step after deciding to get into social media marketing is to set your goals. The right approach in the right direction is essential for success.

3. Define A Statement

Something like a mission statement in one or two sentences, that’s not very complicated to understand. This can be like a tag-line or a motto. Like Google’s ‘Don’t be evil’; have something like that define yourself. This statement should be able to carry the weight of your virtual presence and your brand on the whole. It’s important to have something short, sweet and catchy as that’s easier to connect with customers.

This statement can be your motto or something related to your campaign.

4. Listen To The Talks

Two things are important in conversations

  • What are they talking about your brand?
  • Who is talking about your brand?

Can these conversations influence your branding and the people who are talking; do they have a strong following of people who they can influence? Keeping a track on conversations and participating wherever possible is a good idea.

5. Watch Others

If you are new and competitors are already on the bracket, then there’s no harm in looking around to see how their campaigns are working and if they are popular, what the USP? And if not, then what are the complaints? A keen observation, research and analysis can help you to make an effective strategy.

6. Engage In Activity

Your campaign is complete when it has participation. How do you get people to participate? The simple way is by coming up with activities that enhance interaction. Depending on your brand, services and products the activities can vary. For example, if you are a dealer of sun glasses, you could run a photography contest focusing on people wearing sun glasses and possibly, give out a pair in awards.

Any campaign should have relevant activity.

7. Invest And Reinvest

Smart investment with a long term agenda is what will help you succeed. Because, investing in SMM means investing in people; investing in people means investing in leads and future clients; clients means conversions, which again means money! So it’s a cycle that can be optimized with smart working.

Divya is a social media enthusiast who is keen to explore opportunities with social media marketing, SMO, SEO and website development. She also works as a consultant with a renowned SEO company which is offering business marketing services since past 6 years.

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  1. Maegan Anderson says:

    We must remember that social media marketing(especially for small business) is all about creating content in a variety of mediums – writing blog posts, engaging tweets or video/podcast/etc. Content is King, you need to talk about the problem, not about your solution. You need to understand how to distribute this content and maximize its content and headlines.Great post Divya!

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