7 Ways to Be a Successful Social Marketer

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Social marketing is an advertising art that is widely utilized but less widely successful, forcing marketers who are looking for real, measurable results to hone their tactics. Review our list of seven ways to be a successful social marketer to help give you a leg up on the competition!

1. Build strong, targeted social media accounts.

Your social media accounts are only as useful as the friends and followers connected to them, making the first step of building those accounts absolutely crucial. Instead of simply working to obtain as many connections as possible, work instead to connect with like-minded people who are more likely to have an interest in what you have to offer.

2. Determine your goals and build your campaign around them.

Once you’ve got social media accounts worth leveraging for marketing purposes, take the time to determine your goals and create a marketing plan that helps you to achieve them. Build a thorough plan to cover you in every situation you plan to tackle, helping you to explore and understand the nuances of each platform and each follower and ending with the crafting of seffective ads and websites that will genuinely spark interest among them.

3. Keep “spam” out of your social media vocabulary.

If the advertising art we speak of in this article were as simple as posting as many links to your websites as possible across social networking platforms, everyone would be a professional social marketer. In reality, social marketing involves always being sure that you are on the right side of the spam line, forcing you to be creative if you want to be successful. Never degrade your social marketing efforts by spamming; never send unsolicited messages, never post links in others’ social streams and never push your products or services on someone who isn’t interested.

4. Get marketing!

With your goals and plans determined and an oath taken against the evils of spam, it’s time to get your social marketing campaign rolling. Start slow, working to connect with individuals as opposed to targeting mass amounts of people.

5. Engage your friends and followers individually.

Being an effective social marketer involves more than just posting ads; the generation of real targeted leads with high potential is going to require more leg work than that. No matter what they’re in the market for, consumers want to know that there is someone there to answer their questions and address their concerns and this is where the real potential of social marketing lies. You should never be too busy for a question; make yourself available to anyone, any time they need it, reassuring your followers and building confidence in your offerings with clear and timely answers.

6. Be a person, too.

Devote yourself to being a real person with an interest in educating people about your products and services, setting yourself apart from the multitude of social spammers in the process. While a wall full of links gives people the ability to obtain more information about your offerings, you most likely already have a website for that. In the interest of leveraging the unique opportunity presented by social networks, make sure that you’re prepared to follow up your initial efforts with all of the one-on-one time your followers may require.

7. Analyze, adapt, repeat.

While the previous six steps offer tips on helping you to be a more effective social marketer, real success is determined by your ability to analyze your efforts and their results and adapt when needed. Not every tactic you employ will be successful and its important that you allow your material and delivery method to evolve with the needs and wants of the people you’re trying to reach.


While following these steps cannot guarantee you any particular level of success, it does provide the basis for a successful foray into social marketing. With the thought constantly in mind that positive exposure can only mean good things for your business, don’t be discouraged if sales don’t begin to rack up in the early going of your efforts. The name you build for yourself, your social account and your products today will be part of the difference in your success tomorrow.


Tom Chu is the SEO manager at PsPrint, an online printing company specializing in brochure and poster printing among other popular services. Follow PsPrint on Twitter and Facebook

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