14 Android Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Output

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Our mobile devices are no longer simple voice communication objects. Phones are now our personal assistants with a powerful processor, 4G capability, and indispensable productivity aid. These smartphones have been transformed into personal, portable, mini computers. The biggest platforms such as Android, iOS, or windows have made it possible to even work on the go.

The business people are the biggest users of smartphones. When you take a start for your business, your initial 90 days is the time when being productive is crucial. This time is for you to set yourself for breakout growth and also leverage the available technologies for supporting business.

Putting yourself out in the market and remarketing yourself is the first important step. Understanding of your targeted market is step number 2. And last is having an app for your business, which is critical. The next phase is to cut the distractions around you and maximize productivity. To increase the productivity of your business, let mobile apps walk you through. Android holds the largest share of the market in the OS domain.

Android platform is being used by a large number of businesses. There are many apps that improve not just productivity, but actually deliver the results. VeztekUSA is another app that guides you through experience and offers mobile app development for Android and iOS. Apps vary from mobile office suites to note taking, to-do-lists and timers, calendars. Here is our pick of the top Android Apps for maximizing your business productivity.

1. Expensify

expensify productivity app

Expensify is a great expense report keeper. You can take pictures of your receipts with Expensify and then trash it out. The app scans the images automatically and fills out details as company name, amount etc. You stay organized while the app does the accountancy for you.

2. Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets


The three apps are combined here in the title but work individually and so are downloaded separately. Google Drive lets you store all your documents. In Google Docs you can create, edit, and combine with your team documents. Google Sheets enables you to do the same on spreadsheet.



If you need help for connecting and taking control of the other apps in your smartphone, let the app IF mange it for you. Your business gets automated and so does your life. The app is collaborated with thousands of recipes that lets you enjoy and not get bored with your tasks. The name IFTTT stands for, “IF This Then That”.

4. Trello


Trello is a super app for organizing tasks and project for anything like: what is the work? who is doing what? and who is in need of help? Through cards it enables you to keep production, teak tracking, and meeting deadlines on track.

5. Things


Things is a task management app. It enables executives to use tags for assigning priorities, context, time and other work. Anything that meets business workflow work is managed through this application. The app also allows filtering time sensitive tasks and relevant work for completing it on required time.

A quick entry window is another great feature of the app. Entry window enables professionals to brainstorm and enter their ideas. Through this feature, new tasks and instant ideas can be added. This also enables others to jump in the pool for any new idea. Routine tasks and things to do are updated in routine by the app.

6. DejaOffice


DejaOffice is an all in one app for productivity. It can hold the entire client data such as emails, documents, phone numbers, notes, tasks, CRM history, and meetings. DejaOffice CRM has the capability of holding the entire data by connecting to the world famous productivity systems. It also connects to CRM’s like Microsoft Outlook, GoldMine, Act, Salesforce CRM and IBM Lotus Notes.

The app offers a set of advanced features which other smartphones and tablets do not offer.
For CRM data, DejaOffice holds the following: journal, calendar, memos, contacts, tasks, categories, documents, and images.
Features such as organizing contacts, tasks, and calendar with colored categories are also available.

7. LogMeln


This is another app that enables managing your PC through smartphone or tablet. Anywhere where data connection is available to you, you can access and control your PC from your smartphone. The app offers features as file management, file sharing, file transfer, and remote printing. It also offers 24/7 app customer support which makes things even easy.

8. OmniFocus


This app enables managing tasks of mobile. The feature “Perspective” enables analyzing work and getting it done efficiently. Every perspective of OmniFocus is created to cater a certain reason. As a result it brings up the most important piece of information. The app is used for tracking a person, place, project, or a task by date. It ensures that balance is created in work and life. It lets people to stay on top of all tasks, goals, and projects.

For any business to succeed productivity is important. OmniFocus promises to keep professionals up to date and ahead of schedule. It lays down the tasks and enables managing of those tasks with ease.

9. Google AdWords

google adwords productivity app

A beautiful app that manages your PPC campaigns in a speedy and beautiful way. This app enables you to enable or disable ads, campaigns, ad groups and also lets you change keywords. The AdWord app acts quickly, handling small stuff, and acts as an alert system. It develops an understanding of the accounting areas that need your attention.

10. Facebook Ads Manager


If you are still not using Facebook for advertisement – you’re certainly missing a part of your marketing strategy. Just like Google, Facebook enables advertisers to manage accounts. Facebook Ads Manager enables you to respond to alerts, resume campaigns or pause them. Furthermore, edit schedules and budgets, and view insights.

You also have the feasibility of tracking the performance of ads, create ads and edit the existing ones. You can even receive push notifications on budget and ads expiration and performance.

11. Outlook Mobile


Outlook Mobile is an amazing creation of Microsoft. It enables you to connect to all your email accounts, files, and calendars in a beautiful and speedy way. Alert notifications, swipe options, and focused inbox are just few of the many great features available.

12. Salesforce1


To access data from anywhere, use the SalesForce1 app. Salesforce users can access data from tasks, reports, customers, dashboards, or even from leads. It also enables you to create or add custom apps and create custom actions.

13. GoToMeeting


GoToMeeting app enables you to attend meetings or let the others be a part of them by just downloading the app. There are times when you cannot physically be a part of the meeting due to any given reason. The app is the next virtual happening. It lets you join meeting from anywhere in the world. Video and sound quality is the addition to the features that doubles the scores of the app.

14. LinkedIn


Expanding your LinkedIn network is the other name for moving. It is the most famous app/social/professional network for connecting with people like you. It helps you to search for a job, share updates, and stay updated with news from around the world.


You must have worked hard running by yourself, let you smartphone run apps and help you produce. Desktop apps have been always a great way of doing work while sitting. But, there are certainly times when you cannot stay chained to your systems. You can let your Android smartphone act as a powerful computer for you. Just download the right apps that will help your maximize productivity at your work.

There are still apps that this list could have, but for now, we leave you with our chosen apps. Let these applications keep you on the track of production.

BIO: I lived and born in Los Angeles, California. I am kind of crazy about computer games and usually known as technology geek. I have done Masters of Business Administration from Eastern Illinois University.

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