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content marketing assistant

Dreamgrow.com is looking to fill an unpaid position for content marketing assistant. It’s a junior level position to help grow the site through growth hacking, content marketing, and other techniques.

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The main goal is to build a global social media and content marketing resource that is one of the top sites in its field.

  • Grow the visitor number to 500k per month
  • Increase the newsletter signup conversion rate 3 times
  • Help to find ways to monetize the site


There will be a lot of writing in the content marketing assistant position. Writing 1000-words per day should be an easy task for you. You need to understand how websites work on the tech site and how content marketing leads to growth in traffic.

  • Excellent command of English language written and spoken
  • Daily writing habit proven by published posts
  • Experience in content marketing, growth hacking
  • Self-motivating, you work your own hours
  • Great WordPress skills
  • And, of course, everything else that is needed to get results

Content marketing assistant tasks

The work consists of following activities but is not limited to those. Your self-starting attitude will guide you to the most effective tasks.

  • Manage guest post authors and select material for publishing.
  • Edit and publish incoming guest posts.
  • Promote published content on social media and other channels.
  • Create and send regular newsletters every two weeks.
  • The initial workload is approximately 20 hours per week.

You can read about social media and content marketing manager roles.

What we offer

The content marketing assistant position is unpaid as we are looking for ways to monetize our website.

You will work at your location on the hours you find reasonable except for meetings over Skype that are at predetermined fixed times.

You will get an experience of working with a site that has 150k+ visitors per month. As you help with all the content marketing, promotion, and monetization projects, you will gain invaluable insight that you can show off to potential future employers.

The initial time-frame is for 6 months, but we are looking for a long-term relationship. After 6 months we evaluate the results, and this can become full-time paid position when you help us find our model and the site starts earning revenue.

Next step

Please send us your application where you highlight your previous experience in the areas that are described in the requirements section. Start with a paragraph or two where you summarize your motivation to work in this position. Why do you want to work for free? Then proceed to elaborate on each point of the requirements. Focus on the results you have delivered in previous positions or personal websites or blogs.

Please send us a PDF file (maximum length 2 pages) [email protected]

Photo credit: Max Perzon via Flickr

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