8 Hallmarks of Great Content [infographic]

great content infographics

Content marketing should be an important aspect of your overall marketing strategy. Actually, it should be an integral part of it as people are completely oblivious to paid ads today.

There are a lot of strategies that marketers use when approaching content marketing today but there is one that we’ve found to be particularly effective, time and again, so the team of Aussiessay created an efficient approach that focuses on 8 hallmarks of great content.

Audience for your content

audience for content

The most important thing is your audience. Everything you’re writing, you’re writing for them. The bulk of your time should be spent in getting to know them, know their fears, their aspirations, and their hopes. When you know who your audience members admire you will be able to glean a lot about them. Use that information to build a persona – a made up person who you’re talking to. Their name, family situation, employment, internet use, favorite bands; every bit of information you can get your hands on is valuable during this process.

Ideas for your content

After you know who you’re talking to try to find out what bugs them. Do they have problems that need solving? Or questions that need answering? Visit Quora and try to find out specific things that they are asking that revolve around your type of product or service.

ideas for content

Only then can you sit down and write up something that will be useful. And you need it to be useful. If your content is not actionable it’s not worth your reader’s time. What cuts back on the usability is not being on time. To counter this, you might want to reach out to your audience – newsletter, email, social media – and find out what’s bothering the right now! That way you’re content will be both actionable and in time – a perfect combination if you want it to be picked up and shared quickly.

Promoting your content

When you’re done creating your content don’t make the rookie mistake of publishing it and leaving it to dangle on the Internet. Consider the amount of time you’ve spent researching and creating it and invest an equal amount in promoting it and getting it out there. Guest post, answer Quora questions, push it on social media – do everything in your power to get the right people to see it.

promoting your content

Eventually, it will get a life of its own and you won’t have to do all that but until then it is a requirement. If you just click publish and leave it there it will drown in the clutter that washes over the Internet on a daily basis.

Great Content Infographic

great content infographic

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