Is Your Latest Social Networking App an iPhone Spy App?

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As people begin looking for more and more ways to interact through social networking, more and more bizarre apps are finding themselves into the market. The world of social espionage has just become more intriguing. Now instead of just stalking people you know or through one social forum or the other dub ‘friend’, you can stalk anyone. Two new apps which iPhone users can now avail themselves of are ‘Color’ and ‘Highlight’, and countless such others. These apps are honing in on different groups of people, the basic target group remains the same; strangers. Though not created as cell phone trackers, these apps do nothing but act as an iPhone spy app which can trace and track people and their activities. Difference is, this time you are aware of the app.

For some, this may be a dream come true

Now all those people that piqued your interest and wouldn’t let you near them simply need to start using one of these apps, and voila, instant access. For others, this may be just a way to peek into the neighbor’s window and rank their own standings in terms of how successful they may be in their immediate environments. But either way stalking is now a profession that comes with readymade tools, all for your choosing.

Color, perhaps an alternative to Highlight, gives you the option of stalking people who are right around you, in the most physical sense possible. Color emphasizes the sharing of photos more than other details, and bases itself on providing you with interesting photos of people in your vicinity, perhaps doing and enjoying the same things as you are.  The emphasis is not on who is on your friends list or who you may have subscribed to but rather where you are at any given moment in time. This way, wherever you go and whomever you see are available for you to access. Overcoming privacy settings is just not an issue since there are no privacy controls in this app, and surely the trajectory tells us that there won’t be any to come either.

Highlight your attempts

Highlight attempts to introduce you to people whom you’ve never met. And it prepares you for the eventual meeting by allowing you to access their photos and mutual details. Highlight was co-founded by Paul Davidson, who truly believes that this iPhone app is a ‘sixth sense’. It now allows us to start interacting with people around us sans any prior hesitation one might have had regarding approaching strangers, great for people with insecurities and confidence issues. The Highlight app automatically picks up on people you know and informs you of their proximity and details similar to a cell phone tracker. According to Davidson, this app gives us vision and allows us to not just see but know the people surrounding us. Applying this to stalking apps at large, there is truth in his statement. Before, using social tools to stalk someone has always been a one sided business. But now, using the tool can be an advantage for all those who consider themselves victims of stalkers. One can keep track of who bumps into them or lurks around them once too often for coincidence.

There are dozens of such apps out there, both for iPhone and Android users and can hardly all be mentioned. But the point remains that the age old game of cat and mouse has just gotten more interesting. As the object and subject divide breaks down, everyone is able to equip themselves, whether it is for active spying or safety.



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Jane Andrew is the author of mobile phone and computer technology. She provides tips and news about iPhone spy app and cell phone tracker technology. You can also follow her on Twitter @janeandrew01 to get the latest tips.

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