How to Master the Art of Facebook Marketing

How to master facebookSo you’ve decided that Facebook is a vital channel for your company’s online marketing strategy and you’re just starting out. Or, you’re already using Facebook as a means of social media marketing but don’t exactly know if you’re doing it right. Sounds familiar? This list of resources and tools should help you master marketing in Facebook and even if you’ve been using Facebook for a while, there are bound to be resources you haven’t yet heard of.

1. Get to know the basics

Facebook page anatomy. A great post by HubSpot which visually explains the anatomy of a successful fan page. It’s a really great resource if you’re just starting with Facebook marketing.

Facebook Cheat Sheet. We have compiled all of the important measurements in Facebook into a pdf. You can find the exact pixel sizes to page profile pictures, ad visuals, thumbnails, custom applications, etc.


Facebook vanity url. You can set one for your page here. Make sure the vanity url is simple, easy to remember and most important of all – features an important keyword about your business.

Facebook important metrics and measuring results. All you need to know about Facebook metrics and measuring them.

What do Facebook users expect from brands. A study by eMarketer that gives insight into what are the expectations of someone who likes your brand.

Asking users to like gets 216% higher interaction rate. A study by Momentus Media that statistically proves a big difference between using a Call-To-Action and not using one.

How to add Facebook Insights for your website. Using Facebook Insights for your website will make you understand your fans better – you will gain access to all of the historical data Facebook has about your website.

Socialbakers gives you Facebook analytics and lets you benchmark your fan page against others similar to yours.

Google link builder.  For a better overview, read our article about how to tag social media links for Google Analytics url shortener makes your url’s nice and short. They also provide click analytics and you can customize your url’s. Use it whenever your url’s take up too much space and you want to provide an url that is easy to remember.

PageLever is like Facebook Insights only on steroids. PageLever provides in-depth Facebook analytics you need to know in order to improve your status quo.

2. Master posting

When to post on Facebook for best results. The art of timing is a tricky one on Facebook. You might be posting quality content but you’re doing at the wrong time which means you won’t be able to reach your true potential and that means lower engagement. Our post should help.

EdgeRank Checker measures your page’s EdgeRank which is an important number you need to know. The higher it is, the more likelier you are to appear on the news feed of your fans. Anything above 20 is considered good. The Pro version also measures your posts in-depth and gives you insight such as individual post grading, graphics Engagement Rate. EdgeRank Checker Pro also analyzes the best time, day and keywords for your fan page which means that in over time you should start seeing a trend from which you can make your conclusions. Oh and by the way, comments are 4x more valuable than likes.

EdgeRank Checker

Engage your Facebook fans by asking questions. Engaged fans are important, they are one step closer to becoming buyers if they already aren’t. You should try engaging them by asking questions.

Social timing insights research by Jay Baer and Argyle Social which covers a lot of interesting data about post timing on Facebook.

HootSuite is one of my favorite social media tools, probably because it can be useful and free at the same time. The free version allows you to schedule posts and handle your Facebook brand page from a centralized location.

HootSuite Facebook post scheduling

3. Interact and improve

Facebook Advertising Basics.  Facebook ads can be a gift or a curse – it depends on how well you know the basics and if you can use them to your own advantage. Our article explains all of the basics you need to know when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

Facebook pages checklist. A very useful resource by AllFacebook which gives you a simple checklist of a Facebook fan page. Tick them all.

What to do with your 25,000 fans? So you have a considerable amount of fans on your Facebook fan page. The most important question ringing in your mind should be what to do with them? Our article should help you steer in the right direction.

Facebook B2B – how to boost your fan page. A great slideshow that gives you some valuable tips about how to boost your fan page when your company is B2B.

Customer service through Facebook. Facebook can be a great tool for your customer service program. Just make sure you’re transparent. Dealing with customer service related problems shows how awesome your business is and that you actually care about your customers.

4. Use custom applications

Shortstack allows you to create Facebook landing pages without having to learn any new concepts. Minimum package costs $9 per month but you can sign up for free. ShortStack has a free plan with a fan allowance of 2000.

TabSite’s free version includes one content tab, two custom named sub-pages. Manage the pages with an easy to use content manager. Includes email form integration with (Constant Contact, MailChimp, Delivra).

How to create a wildly successful Facebook app. Two great case-study examples from Hubspot about how to create a viral and successful Facebook application or a campaign.

Facebook landing page examples. If you’re ever in a dire need for some inspiration about creating your own Facebook landing page, these examples of Facebook landing pages might help!

Pagemodo lets you to build your Facebook page’s welcome tab by uploading your own content. You can customize colors add images in the free version (1 tab per user). For the paid version, Pagemodo extends it’s opportunities – you can add more tabs and fan pages to your account.

I hope that this list has made you discover new ways you can improve your Facebook marketing activities. If you think there’s anything missing, please leave a comment!


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